Tangled Bathrooms Officially Open

by on March 11, 2013 9 Comments

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This weekend, the Tangled themed bathrooms officially opened in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. These restrooms are located in the area where the old Fantasyland Skyway Station was, across from Peter Pan’s Flight.

This new area features great details like the lanterns and flags from the movie, posters with art of some of the characters, hidden Pascals, a waterfall, music that is themed around the film, and of course, Rapunzel’s Tower. The area also features stroller parking, as well as benches and tables.

In addition, a new pathway was opened up from Fantasyland to Liberty Square that opens up right near The Haunted Mansion.

Here are some photos of the area:

(Photos courtesy of Erin Daniels)

Posted on March 11, 2013

9 Responses to “Tangled Bathrooms Officially Open”

  • Will they be setting up an autograph area for Rapunzel and Flynn there?

    • by Patrick Watts on March 11, 2013, at 10:06 am EST

      Mermaid: rides on both coats
      Nemo: at least four major attractions
      Tangled: “You get a bathroom! And you get a bathroom!”

      • I too am disappointed that Rapunzel only gets “a bathroom”. When I was at WDW in early December, I saw the tower and was very excited for what it might be. Never expected a bathroom. Rapunzel deserves more than that! Who comes up with some of these ideas!?!

  • Hey anyone! On EMH mornings, will this new pathway be where you go to get to Liberty Square for regular time rope drop? Thanks!

  • What am I missing? There is already a path from Fantasyland to Liberty Square, that goes past Columbia Harbour House.

    Is that path being replaced? How far apart are these two paths?

    • This is a second pathway that opens up RIGHT in front of the Haunted Mansion. The other pathway will still exist too.

      This path is there to ease the congestion that is often found in this area.

      • Greatly needed! My last few visits have been marred by cast members hanging out in this area screaming repeatedly for people to “stay to your right.” Not that it does any good.

  • I’d love to see photos at night, with the lanterns lit!