Fantasmic! to Have FASTPASS Test This Week

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Starting tomorrow, April 22, through April 27, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will hold a test of FASTPASS for Fantasmic!.

During the test, Cast Members will be found at the Hollywood Studios Tip Board (at the intersection of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards) distributing tickets beginning at noon until they run out each day.

These FASTPASS tickets will not be tied to the regular FASTPASS system, so if a guest obtains a ticket for Fantasmic!, he will still be able to obtain another ticket for a different attraction.

Fantasmic! is expected to be a part of the new FastPass+ system when it officially rolls out.

Posted on April 21, 2013

8 Responses to “Fantasmic! to Have FASTPASS Test This Week”

  • I get it, but unless they’re tied to designated sections like World of Colors, then what’s the point? It’ll still be a massive, massive crowd descending on the amphitheater. The only difference is, there won’t be more people than seats (in theory), but it’ll still just be disorganized chaos, but now with the added need to surrender Fastpass tickets… Hm. We’ll see.

  • I re-read that and I look like an idiot who thinks the show is called “World of Colors.” I meant, unless the tickets are tied to designated sections like World of Color’s tickets are. Just felt the need to clarify haha!

  • Do you know if this will change the dining/Fantasmic package that’s been offered?

    • i was wondering the same thing. I booked a fantasmic dinner package for October. Will that still be happening?

      • This is just a one week test right now. No idea what will happen when My Magic+ rolls out with Fastpass+ parkwide.

        If I had to take a very educated guess…the Fantasmic dinner package isn’t going anywhere, even with the Fastpass+ system. Disney likes to make extra money on their nightly spectaculars, so I would assume that this package would stay in tact, at least in some way, shape, or form.

  • We are on a plan that includes reserved seating for Fantasmic in Oct. I wonder how (or if) this will impact us? I expect FastPass Plus will be operational by then.

  • 4 families with Fantasmic Dinner package in October, hopefully nothing changes with fast pass, 12 people will be disappointed if this impacts or vacation.