Observations from Magic Kingdom: May 16, 2013

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006After a morning at Disney’s Animal Kingdom checking out the new Adventurers Outpost meet and greet, I went to spend the day at Magic Kingdom.

First thing we saw upon arriving was that the Citizens of Main Street were out and about, and I wanted to get my picture with the Mayor. He was just wandering around chatting with people and had no problem stopping for a quick picture…he even commented on how much he loved standing next to a gorgeous red head…that mayor is quite the charmer! Even though they aren’t a major attraction, I really enjoy the Citizens of Main Street. They add so much to the ambiance and theming of the land and make it seem more authentic.

008I was anxious to get to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor because I heard they added in a few things from the upcoming Monsters University movie. The queue and pre-show were completely unchanged. Even the actual show had very little done. The Marty Wazowski set had a Monsters University backdrop, and he made a comment about wanting to grow up to attend Monsters University, but that was all. The only other significant thing I noticed was that we got Buddy Boyle’s box trick instead of his mind-reading act. The box trick set he does has always been an option for the show but is rarely used since it is much more complicated for the actors than the mind reading. I’ve heard a few other people mention they have gotten this set recently, so it may be used more often now that Disney made some adjustments.

011Next I headed back to Adventureland to see if A Pirate’s Adventure Treasures of the Seven Seas was testing. I had played 2 of the 5 maps before and wanted to try the rest. Luckily they were open, and I got to play. Last time I reviewed the game I was really disappointed and wasn’t a huge fan. I quickly learned that when I played before I got the two raids with the least exciting effects. The new maps I played were very impressive! Many times I gasped or laughed out loud at things that were happening, and I had a wonderful time. I even re-played the two I had done before and discovered that some of the effects hadn’t been working before and that’s why they weren’t as good. They were still the 2 least interesting, but I enjoyed the game much more this time around.

018While playing the game I stopped to get a drink in Tortuga Tavern and noticed they had a new collectible mug. It is the same brown mug with stickers used at Gaston’s Tavern, Pinocchio Village Haus, and Sleepy Hollow, but this one has Pirates of the Caribbean stickers on it. Instead of having its own fancy signature drink topped with foam, this mug is available with a beverage of your choice. I asked the Cast Member if it was possible to get the beloved non-alcoholic Sangria in the mug, and she looked at me like I was crazy. She finally said, “Um, we don’t serve Sangria.” Much to my surprise, Tortuga Tavern got rid of this fan-favorite and now only has regular fountain beverages.

025It had been awhile since I had seen the new interactive queue at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, so I headed over. The posted wait was only 20 minutes, but I still had time to walk past and get a quick look at things. There were a few signs and details that were new since the last time I had been there about a month ago. Many of these included hidden Disney references, including some to other attractions, old movies, and Imagineers. I almost wished the line had been longer so that we could have spent more time looking at everything. Not only is this queue now full of things to blow up and play with, but there are tons of interesting things to read and look at. I really love this queue, which used to be one of the most unbearable in the park.

By this time I was getting hungry and stopped in to Pecos Bill’s for dinner. First thing I noticed there was that they got rid of the self-serve touch-screen ordering kiosks. I really enjoyed ordering at these stations and was surprised to see them gone. There were also several menu changes. The Chilled Chicken Wrap was removed and replaced with a Deluxe Chicken Sandwich. There is also a new Southwest Chicken Salad replacing the regular Chicken Caesar Salad. You can see a full updated menu with prices here.

041I ordered the Steak and Pork Platter since I still hadn’t tried it (it’s been there for several months now) and the new Deluxe Chicken Sandwich. I was nervous about the Steak and Pork since this is a Disney World Counter Service…I mean, how good can counter service steak be? The answer to that question is, “not very.” The steak was mediocre, and the chimichurri on top didn’t do anything to help it. However, everything else on the plate was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful the pork was, and the corn was fresh and well cooked. My favorite part of the meal was the gigantic piece of cornbread. It was moist and sweet and closer to cake than bread…I loved it! Even though the steak was just okay, I would order this meal again just for everything else that came with it.

042The Deluxe Chicken Sandwich I didn’t like quite as much. All of the individual pieces of this dish were fresh and very good, but somehow it just didn’t work as a whole. Chicken, Bacon, Arugula, Bruschetta, and Chipotle Ranch all on Ciabatta Bread is a lot. I tried to figure out which topping I would delete to make everything go together better, but I just couldn’t decide. Overall my decision would just be to order something else despite nothing being really wrong with the sandwich.

As I walked around I noticed the fly problem wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been the Saturday before. There were still more flies than usual, but they weren’t nearly as annoying. Cast Members seemed much more aware of the problem, as well. Liberty Tree Tavern had its doors closed, and the Cast Member actually told us it was because they had received so many complaints from guests about flies in the restaurant. Luckily this awareness seems to have led to some action being taken since the problem is getting better. Hopefully we will see them all go soon, but at least they won’t be nearly as bothersome in the meantime.

While walking past Mad Tea Party I struck up a conversation with a Cast Member about the refurbishment currently being done. Apparently the turntable and cups have all been repainted. They also redid the queue and added a FastPass+ entrance and some switchbacks to hold more people. There will also now be a teacup out front for guests to try out and use to pose for pictures with like they have at Disneyland’s attraction. Mad Tea Party is scheduled to reopen later this month.

061In Tomorrowland I took a quick spin on the PeopleMover, and when I passed over the Club 626 Dance Party I noticed that Chip and Dale were in different outfits. Normally they wear green space vests, but today they had on blue outfits. It’s a small difference that probably doesn’t matter to many people, but they new costumes looked great, and it was good to see an update.

After a few more rides and a showing of Celebrate the Magic, I headed out of the park and ended another great day in Magic Kingdom.

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  • Last week at Peco Bills they wouldn’t let you find a seat until you had your food, is this new? Although I can understand the thought behind it, it made the lobby where you order and the toppings bar very overcrowded with all of the extra people and kids waiting.

    • by Scarlett Litton on May 17, 2013, at 10:40 am EST

      They do that when it is very crowded usually. That way there aren’t issues with people buying food and not having any where to sit.

  • Thanks Scarlett, love these observations, it helps to know what’s new and what we can expect. Any idea what limited time magic might be available for the week of May 26th? Drives me nuts they announce some of these so late…

  • We were at MK yesterday, 17th, and had the mind reading in Laugh Floor. We loved it even though we’ve seen it before.

  • Excellent post. Thanks for the little details that I miss when I cant get back to DW myself.