Walt Disney World Ticket Prices to Increase June 2

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It’s that time of year again: time for the annual Walt Disney World ticket price increase!

New for this year, Disney will introduce tiered pricing levels. The Magic Kingdom will have a different one day ticket price from the other three parks. A one day Magic Kingdom ticket will now cost $95. Prices for the other three parks for a one day ticket will increase by just one dollar to $90.

According to Disney, this is how the new pricing will be structured:

One Day Theme Park Ticket Options
TicketAges 10-upAges 3-9
1-Day Magic Kingdom Ticket$95$89
1-Day Epcot or Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Ticket$90$84
1-Day Magic Your Way with Park Hopper Ticket$129$123
1-Day Magic Your Way with Water Park Fun & More Ticket$149$143
1-Day Magic Your Way with Park Hopper & Water Park Fun & More Ticket$174$168


Base Ticket: One Theme Park per day

Park Hopper: Can Hop between more than one Theme Park on each day

Water Park Fun and More: Allows guests a specific number of visits (between 2 and 10 depending on the number of days of your ticket) between the Disney Water Parks, DisneyQuest Interactive Theme Park, Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Disney’s Fantasia Gardens and Disney’s Winter Summerland.

No Expiration: Allows you to use your tickets at any time, with no expiration date. (Tickets are only good for 14 days after first day’s use, unless this option is purchased.)

If you are looking for a Magic Your Way Multi Day Ticket purchase, the pricing will be as follows:

Magic Your Way Ticket Options
Days On TicketBase TicketOptional Add-Ons
Ages 10-upAges 3-9Park Hopper®Water Park Fun & MorePark Hopper® & Water Park Fun & MoreNo Expiration
10 days$339
$59$59 (10 visits)$84 (10 visits)$325
9 days$329
$59$59 (9 visits)$84 (9 visits)$280
8 days$319
$59$59 (8 visits)$84 (8 visits)$245
7 days$309
$59$59 (7 visits)$84 (7 visits)$220
6 days$299
$59$59 (6 visits)$84 (6 visits)$190
5 days$289
$59$59 (5 visits)$84 (5 visits)$145
4 days$279
$59$59 (4 visits)$84 (4 visits)$95
3 days$262
$59$59 (3 visits)$84 (3 visits)$45
2 days$184
$59$59 (2 visits)$84 (2 visits)$35


For those who are looking to purchase your Annual Passes, the price has increased $35, to $609. This pass gets you into all four theme parks for 365 days. A Premium Annual Pass will cost $729. This pass gets you into all four theme parks, Disney’s two water parks, Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, DisneyQuest, and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Both adults and children will pay the same price for these tickets. There is no separation of pricing like the Magic Your Way ticket options.

For those looking to buy the Disney Premier Passport (which gets you access to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World), it will now cost $979.

In addition to ticket prices increasing, Disney will also increase the parking fee for each park. The cost will now be $15 (or $16 camper/trailer) per day.

Ticket prices are scheduled to increase on June 2, so if you are headed to Walt Disney World this summer, you should consider purchasing your tickets before then to get the cheaper cost.

Posted on June 1, 2013

27 Responses to “Walt Disney World Ticket Prices to Increase June 2”

  • Florida Resident costs? What about Tables in Wonderland?

  • Will the cost of packages already booked change?

    • by David Davies on June 1, 2013, at 2:20 pm EST

      If you already have a ticket-including package booked and make no changes on June 2 or later, your package price should not change.

  • Any idea if/what the single day water parks will increase to?

  • Cost breakout here: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/magic-your-way-facts-on-2013-walt-disney-world-resort-prices/

    Doesn’t list FR Weekday Select Pass or below options (already have my tickets. Want to pass on options to an FR friend, although encouraging purchasing tickets today, obviously.)

  • We booked our hotel months ago but we’re waiting to buy tickets until they announce resort discounts of free dining (we’re doing in October).
    If I buy tickets now in addition to my hotel am I locked into a package? Can I buy tickets independent of the hotel reservation? And if so, how does that impact my ability to convert to a package later if they announce free dining?
    Thanks as always for your advice!

    • If you are going for free dining, you have to have a package booked. Package meaning room AND tickets. If purchased separately, you will not get free dining if it’s released for October. If you booked a room/ticket package, you pay a deposit of $200. If you cancel 46 days prior, there is no penalty. 45 days prior, you will lose the deposit. Once/if free dining is released for October, a simple phone call to Disney and they will switch the package over so it includes the free dining.

  • I have room-only booked right now. If I can Disney right now and purchase tickets, will that automatically turn my reservation into a package? I meant time be able to pay for the room when we get there, not 45 days before

    • No. You have to book as a package to become a package. If you keep your room only ressie and order tickets, that is two separate things. So you will still be able to pay your room off when you get there. 🙂

  • Any change to the DVC annual pass price?

  • by Sarah Peterson on June 1, 2013, at 11:50 pm EST

    Do these prices include tax? If not, what will the % be. For example, I want 3 adult tickets and 1 child ticket. What would the total cost be including tax? Can you also tell me how much the total would be before June 2nd compared to after June 2nd?

    • by David Davies on June 2, 2013, at 4:42 pm EST

      Prices above do not include sales tax; sales tax on park tickets sold at Walt Disney World is 6.5%.

  • I must admit… these price increases aren’t as bad as I feared…. I wonder if their research has found they are getting close to a tipping point in prices (I imagine over $99 is a mental barrier they won’t want to get too too soon).

    I guess with the Magic Kingdom Fantasy Land upgrades in the last year or so they are trying to recoup some of that cost with the extra price and imagine feel people will be willing to pay the extra for it (And I think they are right).

    The big question for me and one I’ll have to do the math on is when does it make sense to go from 10 pay park hopper with Fun and More to the Premium Annual Pass….

  • Was at DHS yesterday. Was SHOCKED that the price of a balloon was still $10. I haven’t bought one in a few years, but my oldest (9) wanted one. I was fully expecting $15, but couldn’t believe the price was the same as it was 3 or 4 years ago.

  • by Tim Starnes on June 2, 2013, at 7:54 pm EST

    What about buying tickets through AAA?

    • AAA has not increased their ticket prices yet. It usually takes them about 2-3 weeks to updated their prices. So this is always a great option to get vouchers at the old prices, that you can keep and redeem anytime in the future.

      When they eliminated the children prices for annual passes last year, and went and bought 7 sears worth of child passes for my 3 year old daughter. I estimate I’ll save $600-$700 over the 7 years.

  • It appears that the Florida Resident Seasonal Pass (Renewal) price actually went down $4.00 Last year is was $269+ now it is $264+. So the renewal at the gate is cheaper than the renal at AAA who is charging 264.99+.

  • Any word on the FL Resident Weekday Select Annual Pass? I didn’t see it listed on the Disney ticketing site. Is this pass no longer available?