FastPass+ Added To Personalized Disney World Touring Plans

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We’ve updated the desktop and Lines versions of our personalized touring plan software to support FastPass+ at Walt Disney World. We’ve also added Fastpass+ coverage to the site. And a new Lines updated allow you to specify a future date for touring plan optimization, instead of having Lines assume you’re in the park.

Disney has not yet released Fastpass+.  In fact, Disney hasn’t yet specified exactly how FastPass+ is going to work.  But the tests they’ve done in the past are a good guide. We’ll update our software if FastPass+ changes.

The new desktop UI looks like this:


For now, there’s a checkbox to indicate whether you’ve got the ability to use legacy FASTPASS and FastPass+ at the same time. This option is turned off by default, since we’ve been told that guests can participate only in one or the other. It may be possible during an upcoming test, though. If you’re invited to participate in the test, use this option.

The next section is where you enter any FastPass+ reservations you’ve already made. Let us know the attraction and start time of those reservations, and we’ll incorporate them into the touring plan.

The third section is the most interesting. One of the problems we anticipate with FastPass+ is having to choose which attractions you want to ride 60 days in advance. The problem, as we see it, is that most people won’t have enough information about attractions and wait times in order to make the best choices.

This section is designed to help with that. Tell the optimizer how many FastPass+ selections you have, and then choose all of the attractions you want to see. The optimizer will return a list of attractions sorted so that the best FastPass+ opportunities are nearer the top. In the example shown, Space Mountain and Peter Pan are the best choices in Group 1 and Pooh and Haunted Mansion are the best choices in Group 2. The touring plan details will tell you the time at which you should request those FASTPASSes. (And if you end up with FastPass+ reservations at different times, the software is able to handle that, too.)

Lines Mobile App Support

The Lines user interface also gets an update for FastPass+. Like the desktop version, you’ll be able to enter, update and delete any FastPass+ opportunities you’ve already got:



You can ask for FastPass+ recommendations:


… and get a list back with prioritized recommendations:


And you can now enter a future date for your touring plan in Lines. With this update, Lines no longer assumes you’re in the park while you’re optimizing a plan on your phone:


Thanks very much for our Lines chat community for suggesting the text we’re using for FastPass+. We’ve also made it easier for you to enter wait times from Lines’ touring plan screen: tap the “+ Wait Time” link to do that.

Finally, note that this release of FastPass+ code is a “beta” release, meaning we think we have all of the functionality ironed out, but there may still be bugs. If you see something unusual, post a description of the issue and the URL of the plan here and we’ll take a look.

Posted on June 4, 2013

26 Responses to “FastPass+ Added To Personalized Disney World Touring Plans”

  • Wow — more fun bells and whistles to play with! Yay!

    Does this addition mean that all this stuff is up and running for everyone? Or is it still in testing mode and only available to some?

    • Disney is still testing FP+ and it’s not available to the general public.

      There are some limited tests happening later this month, for a small number of guests at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

      • Thanks, Len, that’s actually a relief! I have all my plans and itinerary info in sheet protectors and stuff — all ready to go! We leave Friday!

        Thanks, too, for all you do — I wouldn’t consider a trip to Disney without you guys in my backpack (figuratively speaking, of course.)


  • This is great…thanks!

    Once the final details are released, it would be great if your team of crack statisticians could evaluate whether there are circumstances where opting out of FastPass+ is beneficial. I think we often do far more than 3 fast pass attractions in a day (the rumored limit), and if I could get more passes being anonymous in the parks, I’d happily do so.

    • We hear Fastpass+ will replace Fastpass, meaning once it has rolled out, the old system goes away. So far, the best use for it we’ve found is in park hopping: rope drop at one park, and get FP+ reservations for the park you’re hopping to.

  • It’s so cool that you guys are on top of this even before it’s needed. I was hoping you were going to do something like this. Any word on whether Fastpass+ is going to be basically a caste system based on which type of resort you are in? I suspect there will be some pretty unhappy people if that happens, and if there is no Fastpass, and Fastpass+ is only available to those staying on property, I expect some pretty unhappy locals/annual pass holders.

  • I don’t think all the bugs are worked out yet:

    Also, am I right that in order to set anything with FP+, you have to first create the plan, and then once it’s created, go back in an edit it? Seems like more work than is necessary – it should be possible to enter the FP+ information while creating the plan.

  • Once FP plus is rolled out, would it be better to do rope drop tour till 11-12, then park hop or just stay in one park.

  • I was in DCA today at rope drop trying to use Lines, and it completely failed. Would not load my personalized plans, wouldn’t optimize, couldn’t get help from chat. Still cannot access DLR app thru my phone. Eventually found a way to get in thru WDW Lines, but it was a pretty epic fail for us this morning when we needed it most. We got the subscription to DLR just for this trip, and it was very frustrating to be off the rails with rides going down and not being to use lines to help us. We are longtime Lines users, and have had good experiences with it, but today was a nightmare. We might have a redo Thursday, but really today was really supposed to be our 1 day to get it right. We will have to miss something else to fit this in. Really sad and disappointed. First time we have ever felt lack of support from Have heard this happened to others here today. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the error message I am getting on my phone, and wish there was someone who could help!

    • I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Generally, an email (, tweet (@touringplans) or Lines chat will get you a quick response. Let me know if you’re still seeing error messages in Lines, please.

      • I sent an email and am hoping for some help…

        • Can you cc me on that email, please? Thanks.

          • Cc’d you on the email string. Gerelyn has been very responsive and helpful. We are rested and ready to put the negative parts of yesterday behind us so that we can get on with vacation. Thank you for your assistance. We are focusing on how much Lines and tp have helped us over the years., And trying to keep it in perspective. Overall, much more positive experiences than negative. We just had really bad timing, of the 1 in 365 variety.

          • But please, for the love of Disney, do not mess with anything for the next 24hours or so. Tomorrow is our DCA do-over day and I need Line to work.

  • Thanks, Len! Have you been hearing anything to suggest when the official FASTPASS+ roll-out date will be? I’ve been enthusiastically using the Personalized Touring Plans software to build detailed plans for our visit in the last half of August, and I don’t relish the thought of completely re-doing our itinerary details at the last minute. Maybe I should assume Disney would announce its roll-out date at least 60 days in advance based on your expectation that that is how far in advance they will allow people to make FP+ selections – but I suppose that’s not guaranteed.

    There was one issue I had reported as what seemed like a bug but was told that it was working as intended – but in checking out today’s update either the software has changed or I just tried something different: the “Plan Preferences” item was something I thought should be saved with each individual plan, rather than being automatically re-set each time you use the “Evaluate” or “Optimize” functions. But it previously didn’t seem to be saving those preferences for me – and Gerelyn (who has been very responsive and helpful with my numerous questions) indicated that this automatic re-setting to the defaults was intentional. I’m not sure if something may have changed, but the UI as it appears today seems to confirm my earlier expectation, saying “Plan Preferences (optimize or evaluate to save settings)”. But assuming this is now the case, it may still not be working quite as intended – I’m finding that the walking speed and the walking vs. waiting balance sliders appear to get saved, the software will only keep them as specified the first time the Evaluate or Optimize buttons are clicked. The next time, the sliders are re-set to the default settings (“Average” speed and a balanced mix). AND – if you have checked the “Use FASTPASS runner” checkbox, none of the settings get saved, even the first time.

    I tend to use the “Evaluate” function far more than the “Optimize” button, so the “minimize waiting vs minimize walking” slider isn’t a real concern for me, but I use the walking speed slider and FASTPASS runner checkbox constantly, so having to always go back and specify those preferences each time I want to run the “Evaluate” function is a considerable annoyance.

    On a different note – curiously, while the software was very promptly updated to show the Jungle Cruise as being unavailable due to refurbishment in August/September, it doesn’t yet seem to make available a selection for the “Celebrate the Magic” castle projection show (though the previous show “The Magic, the Memories, and You” seems to have been recently removed – I was using this one as a placeholder for the newer show but now can’t do that either). And it’s unfortunate that there’s no option yet given for adding the “Treasures of the 7 Seas” game at Magic Kingdom or Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom.

    • by David Davies on June 5, 2013, at 8:18 am EST

      We’re aware of the issue with Celebrate the Magic not appearing as an option, and I apologize for that. We’re working on it.

      In addition, new minor attractions (Pirates Adventure and Wilderness Explorers as well as the Adventurers Outpost in AK) will be added. With new attractions, it often takes some time and research for us to devise and test reasonable wait time models.

      This all should be resolved well before your trip in late August.

  • Thanks for the response, Brad.

    Yes, I expect Disney to give everyone a 60-day notice as to when FP+ will be available in the parks. And I would not be surprised if they rolled out FP+ and non-FP attractions first, since it seems easier logistically.

    I’ll check on those settings not being saved – they should be. I’ll also check on the CTM show. We should have that.

  • I am trying to figure out what Disney is try to accomplish with FP+. I don’t see the benefit for the Park or the guests. I seems that it would make stand-by lines longer than they are already. But, I guess Disney knows better than I would. I am not returning until Oct of 2014. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out.

    • personally, I was really disappointed that Fastpass+ wasn’t up and running for our April trip. Here’s how it could have helped us: At Magic Kingdom day 1 we wanted to do Enchanted tales with Belle. We went right at rope drop to avoid a 40-60 minute wait for this, and ended up waiting 15 minutes, and the attraction was 20 long. In that amount of time I could have done Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, the haunted mansion, and maybe even Buzzlightyear Spin all within the first half hour of the park opening. Instead, we had to waste our fastpasses on these rides and were limited for the day. On Magic Kingdom day 2 we headed straight for Ariel’s Grotto with the same mindset. When we can reserve a spot for long attractions or popular character meets later in the day, and get the quicker popular ones done in the morning, it’ll be nice. Also, running across the park to get the fast pass you need is a pain and wastes time. My family can’t wait for fastpass+!

  • My trip is 9/8-9/15, and I just went to the WDW site on a whim and it’s now letting me pick Fastpass+ options. We’re at Port Orleans, so I doubt we’re in a test group. Could it be that this is up and running but just not yet announced?

  • I tried to create a personalized touring plan that includes my FP+ reservations, but I couldn’t figure out where to add them. Can you please walk me through the steps to include this information in my plan?

    • There’s a new section for Fastpass+ information, near the settings for walking speed. Click the green “+” symbol to open that section, and enter any Fastpass+ steps you have. It’ll look like the top of the blog post above. Let me know if this isn’t clear – we might be able to do a video.