A standout among the other Fast Food Boulevard tenants, the news that Moe’s Tavern would become a physical reality in the new Springfield had many excited, especially when it was announced that the venue would act as an actual bar selling Duff Beer and the infamous Flaming Moe.

DSC06985  DSC06982-001

The bar, itself, is faithful to the one seen in The Simpsons, and even features a seemingly drunk Barney contemplating the beer he has in his mug, or lack thereof.

DSC06978  DSC06989

The seating area is spacious and can serve as overflow seating for the rest of the Springfield food options in the former International Food and Film Festival complex. Universal Creative has shown a special attention to detail by including thematic elements from Moe’s as seen in the show, such as the still out-of-order jukebox, a working (free to use) Love Tester game, and a pool table that is cleverly designed to be used as a special dining table.

DSC06983  DSC06979-001

Moe’s Tavern is a solid addition to Universal Studios Florida and will likely attract a steady following of guests seeking out the signature Duff Beers and the Flaming Moe, much like the fandom surrounding Butterbeer at the Hog’s Head Pub in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

In our next post, we’ll share our review of the Flaming Moe drink, Buzz Cola, and Cletus’ Chicken and Waffle Sandwich!


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