Pork Shank Available All Summer at Disneyland

by on June 13, 2013

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Ever since Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter proved by Butterbeer sales how insanely profitable themed snacks can be, Disney has been introducing its own specialty foods tied to different park areas. Many of these new offerings have met with mixed responses, with frozen fruit slushies topped by flavored foam proving less universally popular than their Potter equivalents.

But one snack that has gained some traction is the ginormous roasted pork shank served at Gaston’s Tavern in Walt Disney World’s New Fantasyland. This double-fisted chunk of pig leg is now coming to Disneyland’s Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree┬áin a tangy new form for the summer as a showcased snack at Woody’s All-American Roundup.

If you haven’t tried the shank yet, picture a porcine version of the beloved turkey leg, only with more gelatinous fatty goodness. The original Orlando version is seasoned simply with salt and pepper, but it arrives in Anaheim with a barbeque glaze that promises to give it an extra “kick.”

The shank is officially only availablagin Frontierland through the summer season, but since it’s already been stealthily added to the menu of Fantasyland’s Edelweiss snacks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it stick around permanently. Note that this is a vendor offering (priced at $9.99), not an addition to the Big Thunder all-you-can-eat barbeque menu.

A final word of warning: the USDA recommended adult portion of meat protein is 3oz (about the size of a bar of soap) while the shank weighs in around 22oz, so you may want to recruit six or so friends before sampling it.

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Posted on June 13, 2013
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