New Unofficial Guide Disney Dish Podcast: History of WDW’s Moderate Resorts

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Did you know that Dixie Landings was originally going to be built next to Downtown Disney? The idea was that Fulton’s Crab House would be one of the icons (as well as a snazzy restaurant) marking the entrance to this resort from DTD. Hear the whole story as Jim walks us through the history of Disney’s hotel development starting from Disneyland and going up through the Eisner era.

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Posted on June 17, 2013

7 Responses to “New Unofficial Guide Disney Dish Podcast: History of WDW’s Moderate Resorts”

  • I would like an Episode on the history of the Boardwalk area.

  • I enjoy this podcast, but would it be possible for someone to adjust Len’s audio? His volume is much higher than Jim’s and gets distorted, especially when he laughs. Thanks!

  • Just finished a marathon one month binge of listening to all of your past episodes! They were great company while driving around and getting excited about our upcoming trip to WDW. For a possible future topic area of WDW nobody ever talks about but that fascinates me is Celebration. Would love to know the history of how this came to be. I’ve heard more rumors about this place from the rules you have to live by etc. Disney-fied is it, and is it even close to what they hoped it would be. Thanx! ( Can us norms just drive through it to see what it is all about?) Chad

    • Yes, you can just drive up. It is beautiful. The little town center is a great place to check out, but be warned you will pay theme park prices or more in those shops.

  • Another great pod cast! I can’t wait to hear the second half. Thanks for all of your hard work on the podcasts. I look forward to each one that comes out.

  • I love these podcasts! What I wish you had for this and other podcasts is a timestamp guide where you change subjects in case we don’t have time to listen to the entire show.

  • Love the podcasts! I would be really interested in hearing about the history, planning, etc. of the town of Celebration.