My Response to the Starbucks on Main Street Nay-Sayers

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020I remember first hearing that every domestic Disney Park was getting a Starbucks and being over-joyed. There had been countless mornings spent opening a dozen tiny creamer packets (and even more sugars) in an attempt to make cheap Nescafe drinkable. Every one of these mornings I remember asking out loud, “Why isn’t there Starbucks at Disney?” No, Starbucks isn’t the best coffee, nor is it my favorite. But it’s accessible and drinkable and no coffee drinker is ever going to tell you that it is worse than Nescafe.

Slowly I started to hear and read comments from people who weren’t happy about the change. Those opposed to Starbucks taking over Main Street bakery have been especially vocal the last few days during the soft (and now official) opening of the location. There are many reasons: they don’t want to see corporate logos on Main Street, they miss the old Main Street Bakery, the Bakery was a family tradition, they miss the seating area, and they just don’t like Starbucks. All of those are absolutely valid reasons to dislike something. I totally get it. But many commenters (not all, but a lot we’ve seen) are incredibly angry…even threatening to not come back to Disney. I just want to offer a counter-argument to those opposed to the new bakery.

129Corporate Logos

At first I too was put off a bit about Starbucks being on Main Street. It seemed to not quite fit. But then I really thought about it. Looking around Main Street there are several corporate logos. Edy’s at Plaza Ice Cream, Kodak at Town Square Theatre, Coca-Cola…everywhere. Suddenly that mermaid didn’t seem so out of place. Corporate logos have always been a part of Disney, even when Walt was around. Even one of the most iconic Disney treats, Dole Whip, actually has the sponsor’s name right there in the name. I remember being a kid and actually being able to get entire McDonald’s meals in McDonald’s packaging in Disneyland. Those locations would probably still be serving McDonald’s today were it not for the backlash against McDonald’s for serving unhealthy food.

Missing the Old Bakery

I’ve seen several comments the last few days about how Starbucks isn’t a real bakery and therefore Main Street Bakery is no longer a real bakery. Honestly…I don’t think the old Bakery was really a bakery either. There weren’t bakers in the back making fresh croissants and muffins. To my knowledge all of those were brought in from an outside location and heated up. Yes, even the Cinnamon Rolls.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard is about the Cinnamon Rolls being gone from the bakery. Trust me, I understand the hearbreak of a favorite menu item being taken away. The thing is…they are still available in the park…they’re served at Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland. Is it weird to get a favorite food item at a different location? Sure. But when I think of the Sunday Roast from Rose & Crown at Epcot or the Prime Rib French Dip from Turf Club at Saratoga Springs or any other beloved meal that has been taken away…I would give anything for someone to say, “We don’t serve that here anymore, but here is a location where you can get it.” The Cinnamon Rolls aren’t gone, and they could have been. I would think fans would be happy that they are still available and didn’t go the way of Figaro Fries.

Also a quick touring tip…if you really want a Cinnamon Roll for breakfast they are now in a perfect location. At rope drop you can run and hit the extremely popular New Fantasyland attractions and then eat all without backtracking or wasting precious early morning moments on Main Street.

Family Tradition

Every time someone tells me about their family tradition I get a bit choked up. Seriously. Growing up I had so many traditions with my parents, many that I have passed on to my kids. Unfortunately, some traditions were taken away from us. As a kid we always rode Submarine Voyage (at Disneyland) as the last ride of the night. I have so many happy memories with my parents, often as the only family in the last sub of the night, reciting the narration and giggling at the ridiculous sea serpent. I have never cried harder in a theme park than I did when a Cast Member told me the ride was closed permanently. It was devastating. Like they had taken all those wonderful memories away from me. Except they didn’t. I still had those memories. And my parents and I made a new last ride tradition.

There are many things I have lost over the years…making scary faces while going through the Matterhorn on the Skyway, singing along to California Bears in Country Bear Vacation Hoedown, eating a hot dog in a pretzel bun while waiting for the parade…they were all traditions Disney took away. But I love all the new traditions, too. If they hadn’t closed Submarine Voyage I may never have realized the beauty of riding Mad Tea Party at night while fireworks burst overhead. I would never have seen my mom pretend to blow away every time we go through the Blustery Day scene on Winnie the Pooh. It is absolutely awful when Disney takes traditions away…but it is also wonderful to try different things and create new traditions.

106Seating Area

In the new Main Street Bakery the seating area has been removed to create space for a second queue to double capacity to meet demand. A lot of people are upset that there is no place for them to sit now. Honestly, I don’t think I ever found a place to sit in the old bakery. There weren’t that many tables, and it was always crowded. I often sat outside with a gorgeous castle view or went over to the Casey’s Corner indoor seating area (which is open even when the restaurant isn’t and not crowded at all in the morning) to watch cartoons while I ate. The seating area in addition to being crowded was noisy and not very comfortable. I had no problem today getting my drink and heading off to my next Magic Kingdom destination. I didn’t notice the seating area was gone at all except that I got my beverage twice as fast as I would have otherwise.

Just Don’t Like It

Again, I completely understand that people may not care for Starbucks. However, I don’t think that’s enough of a reason for a lot of the hate I have seen from people on the internet for the new bakery. There are plenty of things at Disney that I don’t like. I’m a regular iced tea drinker…but I hate Gold Peak. When I’m in the parks I either settle for it and drink it anyway, or I have something else. No one is forced to go to Main Street Bakery. If you don’t like it, don’t go. Is that disappointing if you loved the old bakery but hate Starbucks? Absolutely. But that’s no reason to start a petition against Starbucks or comment on blog posts saying the world is going to end. There will still be locations in Magic Kingdom serving other coffee and it’s only a short monorail ride to resorts offering coffee, pastries, and other breakfast options.


In conclusion, change is always tough. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes it’s not, but it’s inevitable. There are always multiple sides to everything and there will always be someone who likes the changes (I guarantee there is someone out there who says Stitch’s Great Escape is his favorite ride). To everyone who hates the new Starbucks, I feel for you, I’ve been there. But, please, don’t let it ruin your day or your vacation. Create a new tradition, find a new seat, visit a new breakfast location…it’s not the end of the world.


Posted on June 18, 2013

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  • Scarlett – correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s is a different recipe and maple flavored, which is not the same as the MSB one. So truly, the MSB cinnamon roll is gone.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 18, 2013, at 4:51 pm EST

      As far as I know they are the same. They tasted the same to me, but I’m no cinnamon roll expert. I know others have said they’re the same as well.

      • Apparently it’s all in the frosting -

  • I can see where you are coming from but I heard that the cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s Tavern aren’t really the same ones that used to be at Main Street Bakery. Can anyone comment on this?

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 18, 2013, at 4:51 pm EST

      I believe they’re the same.

    • The Cinnamon Roll at the Main Street Bakery was made there on premise, at least the roll had that ‘fresh form the oven’ taste and texture. I believe the Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s tastes like it has been held in a warning drawer. It may be the same recipe (plus or minus a different frosting)but the current Cinnamon Roll seems not be be held in the same manner.

  • Very well said! Btw, my family LOVES Stitch’s great escape!

  • by A Disney Dad on June 18, 2013, at 4:51 pm EST

    Whether or not I disagree with Scarlett my point is I am so grateful for a wel-meaning, well-written response to the inevitable changes that happens at our beloved Disney Parks. She did not need to name-call or invoke WWWD? She simply made her case and is not threatening to “Never visit again!” Or any other such hyperbole. And even if I disagree with her, which I really really want to…she’s right about every point: logos, lack of seating anyway, and it was never actually a bakery to begin with.
    I don’t even like coffee. But no one who does likes Nescafe, based on what I’ve heard. 🙂
    Thank you for another excellent post. It’s why I return to this website even when I’m not planning my next trip!

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:33 am EST

      Thank you. That was my intention with this post. So many of the arguments on both sides have been so ugly and hateful. I wanted to say what I felt calmly and (hopefully) reasonably. Your comment means so much to me. Thank you. And you’re right…no one likes Nescafe.

    • I remember going to Disneyland in the early 60’s. Most of the shops and restaurants (and rides)were sponsored by various companies (Swift Meats, Upjohn Pharmacy, Hallmark Cards, Wurlitzer Music, Starkist Tuna, and on and on.) I haven’t been to Disneyland since the end of the 60’s, but I enjoyed the variety, especially on Main Street, Courvoisier cels in the Emporium for 10-15$? When I first went to Walt Disney World in 2011 I was a bit disappointed that Main Street felt like a very large, very well stocked Disney Store. I recall the unique shops on New Orleans Square, the Parfumerie, the Silver Shop, the One of a Kind Shop. there is some unique shopping @ Downtown Disney esp @ Hoi Polloi, but nothing like my memories. I have rambled, but my point is that commercial logos have been part of Disney Parks from day one, and that, in at least some cases, they were a positive force. I guess I just miss the jars of live leeches in the Upjohn Pharmacy.

  • Wow, they got rid of the seating that i could never find seating at so I can be served faster! Those Corporate tyrants!

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:34 am EST

      Lol. That’s pretty much how I felt…although others have reported being able to find seats there often so maybe I just had bad luck?

  • Absolutely 100% agree. Been trying to tell people this since it was all announced. My favorite was people saying how horrible the Starbucks coffee is and recommending all these private label foreign brands. Yeah, have fun paying $37.95 for a cup o’ joe in the morning guys.

    You nailed it perfectly. Is it perfect or ideal? Probably not. Is it the end of the world? In no way.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:36 am EST

      If they are going to put in an outside coffee house I really agree with the decision to pick one that is so accessible. They don’t have the strongest or freshest coffee, but it seems to appeal to the widest array of people which is important when you’re in a theme park. Some of those private label brands are too…fancy for me.

  • Great blog post on Disney food blog on the topic of Gaston’s versus Main Street Bakery cinnamon rolls. There conclusion is that they are basically the same. Frosting – which is done at Gaston’s – is slightly different.

  • Great post, Scarlett. You nailed it on the nostalgia component. I do get the fear of big brand takeovers with the world becoming one big mall, but I don’t think I would have survived another Nescafé fueled Disney trip!

    That all said, I love what you said about making new memories. I wasn’t a Disney kid, sadly, but I am now! All our memories are new ones!

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:37 am EST

      All memories and traditions are new ones at some point…I’m glad that you are part of our Disney family now even if you didn’t grow up with it.

  • Well said about the nostalgia component. I miss Delta Dreamflight, World of Motion, the original Journey Into Imagination, The Timekeeper, ect (and most of them… corporate sponsors with logos prominently displayed). Disney changes. Has been that way since 1955. And, as you pointed out, for the most part this was a change for the better.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:38 am EST

      Thank you. I still get teary when I think about some of my favorite rides that have left but it isn’t the end of the world. I also know I would hate to visit a park that never changed in 40 years.

  • Amen! Completely agree with everything in this post!

  • I like Starbucks, and I’m happy to see them on Main Street. Then again, I’m from Seattle, so I might be a wee bit biased. 😉

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:39 am EST

      Lol. It’s okay to be biased. I’m not from Seattle and I’m happy to see Starbucks on Main Street too.

  • A thoughtful and well-reasoned argument. Thank you. I’m personally thrilled to see Starbucks on Main Street. I used to buy the Necafe because I needed a caffeine hit, but then I’d then throw it out after 1/4 cup because it was so awful. Now I can be awake to enjoy the morning attractions!

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:39 am EST

      Thank you! Now that you mention it I don’t think I ever finished my Nescafe either. Good riddance.

  • The difference in the cinnamon roll actually occurred just before they started working on changing the bakery over to Starbucks. It was mainly the icing, with it now having a slight maple flavor. So, for those that say it is such a big loss, it would have ended up being the same thing at the bakery, regardless, even if the roll didn’t get moved further into the park.

  • While I think the vitriol against Disney for this move is absurd, I understand where people are coming from.

    The Coke, Edy’s, Nescafe, and Dole logos are on the menu boards and are appropriate since they are the brands of the product served. But with Starbucks, this isn’t a coffee stand that is serving Starbucks brand coffee as it was with Nescafe. Disney has transformed something into a Starbucks and there is a giant Starbucks sign. The only thing that makes it not a traditional Starbucks is the fact that they have decorated it in the theme of Main Street.

    Certainly this will be a successful venture for Disney Parks and Starbucks. But I wonder how all the people would feel if other portions of Disney Parks are replaced to this level with other corporate brands. How would you feel if the counter service restaurant in Mexico looked exactly the same, but they served Taco Bell and the branding on all the napkins/cups etc had the Taco Bell logo on them and there was a big Taco Bell sign on the building? I’ve heard people say “That’s not the same thing!” but of course it is exactly the same thing.

    I think it’s nuts to say you won’t go to Disney over this. The rides are all still there, and the resorts are all still very nice. Plus, for now, it’s just one or two locations. I also think this isn’t likely to spread past dining, since I don’t really see where else they can incorporate this business model.

    But try to imagine every basic bakery/snack place being a Starbucks. Would you be okay with it then if the pastry shop in France were a Starbucks AND Main Street Bakery AND Starring Rolls AND The Writer’s Stop etc.? Maybe you would. But then extend that line of thought—all the places that are primarily burgers are turned into Burger Kings—ABC Commissary and the place in the American Adventure and Pecos Bill’s; all the steakhouses are now Outback; Narcoossee’s and Cape May Cafe are Red Lobsters; etc. Maybe that SOUNDS absurd, but if Burger King is willing to pay more for rent than Disney is making profit on those places, they will swap in a heartbeat … especially if there is a precedent of this being successful. Isn’t that basically what Starbucks did? They offered Disney more money for the space than they were making off the Main Street Bakery. That’s why it’s there. Disney is a corporation and I can’t really fault them for taking the money.

    Again, I have no problem with replacing Nescafe with another brand of coffee – but that’s not what happened, and the people who are ‘for’ this don’t seem to want to admit that this wasn’t just a Nescafe replacement.

    • You can’t base this Starbuck installation on the fear of complete corporate take-over. If we start using our imaginations, we can envision all sorts of apocalyptic scenarios

    • All of your scenarios are examples of removing something and adding a product that is significantly worse. Taco Bell is the worst example and as some would indicate, Nescafe might be the Taco Bell of coffee.

      • Well, that is definitely your opinion. I do not like the food at Starbucks; I preferred the Main Street Bakery’s food options.

        You and I may not like Taco Bell, but it has thousands of locations and they always seem busy to me. And personally, I did not enjoy the Mexico counter service (though I don’t think Taco Bell would be an improvement). The same could be applied to any chain—they are called chains for a reason and you don’t get that many locations unless you are very popular.

        Let’s face it: after a long day in the park a large number of people would look at a map of World Showcase and go “Screw it. There’s a Chili’s in Mexico. Let’s just go there.” You know they would. The question is would that Chili’s pay more for the space than Disney’s profit off La Hacienda?

        Frankly, I think there are many Disney fans that would admit to liking PF Chang’s food a lot more than Nine Dragons.

        But again, your argument is Starbucks is better than Nescafe. I think 99.9% of people agree with that. But they could have just swapped the brand of coffee that they sell without replacing the whole establishment. And there is now one place that sells Starbucks coffee in WDW. The rest still serve Nescafe (though I’m sure that will change soon).

        Most Disney fans really hated that McDonald’s was in the parks but I remember that fry stand on Sunset Blvd in DHS was always very busy.

    • I completely agree. Of course it’s ridiculous to get THAT upset about this, but this seems to me to be a mistake. I thought this would still be Main Street Bakery, but with good coffee. Instead it’s a Starbucks, with Starbuck’s unfortunate food. I’m not going to get angry or anything, and I’ll certainly just walk on by and get breakfast somewhere else, but that doesn’t change that this appears to be a bad idea.

      • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:49 am EST

        I actually like the Starbucks food much more than what was served at Main Street Bakery. I thought the pastries were often dry and the sandwiches soggy. I’m much happier than if they kept the Main Street Bakery food…but that’s all just down to personal taste.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:46 am EST

      I can definitely see your side of things and understand the concern about other locations going corporate. However I just don’t think one location becoming Starbucks means that everywhere is going to go corporate. The parks are all getting one Starbucks location. Gaston’s Tavern, Boulengerie Patisserie, and other places that serve pastries are going to remain the same. They just recently signed a deal with Joffreys to provide coffee all throughout the parks so we know Starbucks isn’t going beyond where they are planned now.

      Disney seems to be trying to make dining venues in World Showcase more authentic as evidenced by things like the menu at San Angel Inn and the new Monsieur Paul. I don’t think we need to worry about a Taco Bell (or any fast food) going in anytime soon, especially since the McDonald’s venture ended due to health concerns.

      Most of all, you are absolutely correct about this not being a reason to stop going to Disney. I get why some people are unhappy with this change…but I don’t understand the incredibly strong emotions that are coming with it.

  • What a refreshing change to the whole heap of comments I’ve seen the past week. Arguments and points made perfectly clear and I agree 100%. I really can’t believe people are getting sooo upset about a cinnamon roll. A cinnamon roll. Say it slowly and you’ll realise the single food item really doesn’t weigh anything when what really matters is walking down main st in pure awe. Take old memories of the bakery or the cinnamon roll if its sooo important, cherish them but move forward and make new memories! And anyway, the only thing we should ever mourn in MK is figaro fries!!!! 😉

    • OMG. Figaro Fries. SOOOO GOOOOD. I also miss the French Toast Loaf from Main Street Bakery, but that was gone long before Starbucks was even a thought.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:50 am EST

      Thank you. That’s exactly what I was trying for. While I do understand being upset about a food item (seriously, as any of my friends, I mourn Sunday Roast at least once a week) I will never stop going because of it.

    • I am still mourning the beaver tails from Canada! Those were so good! And I loved Figaro Fries!

      I really dislike coffee, but I don’t see the big deal with the Starbucks. I will just go to Gaston’s for my cinnamon roll. I will, however, miss eatting it at the end of Main Street watching people enter the park for the day, but if I miss it too much I can take my Fantasyland cinnamon roll to Main Street and enjoy it.

      I hope people get upset enough to stop coming! I think the parks are getting too crowded so if they could stay home it would make my trip much more enjoyable. ;o)

  • Very well said, Scarlett. Disney has partnered with corporate sponsors from day one. Without these partnerships, DisneyParks would be a fraction of how we know them now, if they existed at all. This backlash against Starbucks is as unreasonable as saying ” I drive a Ford, so I won’t go to EPCOT”.

    Besides, Starbucks started as a single coffee shop, by one man with a dream, and is now an international corporation. Regardless if you like the product, the story does sound familiar…

  • Change is good. They need to make updates! Im all for getting a mocha frap on a hot day 🙂

  • I think Disneyland has made the right move to bring in Starbucks.. I grew up a Disney Kid, Now i’m a Disney Adult, and I’ve said it for years, The one thing they are missing is “Good Coffee”
    I think some are looking to far into it and going a bit extreme , change is good… maybe they should bring the old smoke shop back.. I don’t see anyone complaining about that change ,if it’s nostalgic your seeking just bring in a can of Nescafe and mix up a cup

  • I think all of this outrage is really silly. If the flavor of a cinnamon roll is your biggest concern in life you’re doing really well and should count your blessings. I understand the nostalgia and how it may be special to your family but it would be extreme denial to say that we’re worse off. Corporate sponsorship IS the Disney way. Look back to the original Main Street in Disneyland. The Carnation Cafe, the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, and the Wizard of Bras were all outside companies that Walt brought in.

  • Thank you Scarlett for a well thought out and rational blog post about a change that in my mind doesn’t take anything away from a park that has given me amazing memories as a child and now a mother with her own family. And now I can make memories well refreshed and caffeinated and not having to drink that atrocious Nescafé !

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:55 am EST

      Lol. You’re welcome. In the long run I won’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I will remember the way my kids faces looked when they saw the castle or met Mickey or rode the Carousel.

  • While I understand what you are saying, I still have to say that Starbucks is nasty. I really prefer other coffees. I only drink coffee in the morning, so I bring my own. Problem solved. However, I have seen nasty arguements on both sides of the coin, not only the nay-sayers.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:57 am EST

      You’re absolutely right. People on both sides have been very nasty. That’s why I wanted to write this, to explain my side in a non-nasty way.

  • I would have preferred that they put dunkin over starbucks..I am disappointed to see corporate logos but oh well…the only thing constant in life is change…adapt or die as they say.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 10:57 am EST

      That’s a good attitude to have about it. There will always be things we don’t like but it’s not the end of the world.

  • Great article! My husband I were just saying that the argument of people saying it brings “real life into Disney” doesn’t hold water as I can get a Coke or Edy’s in real life too.
    I know people hate change by nature, but we real Disney lovers know they didn’t do this lightly and they strive to do new things in the best way possible.
    I worked for Starbucks for over 7 years and they are a wonderful company that is concerned about treating their employees and customers fairly. They should blend in with Disney very well.
    And I won’t have a caffeine headache on Peter Pan anymore.:)

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:03 am EST

      I’m sure Disney thought long and hard about this decision and knew that some people would be upset. Starbucks is good to their employees and customers…it’s why so many people are so loyal to them…kind of like how we are all loyal to Disney as well.

  • The fact is that the coffee that was being served in the parks was horrid. Everyone always complained about how awful the coffee was. So Disney (after a very successful launch in DCA) decided to partner with the worlds most successful coffee brand to bring their product into the parks. People love Starbucks (not me – I’m caffeine free since 2004), nothing wrong with that.
    This is a simple matter of aces in their places. Why not partner with the most popular coffee brand in the United States?
    I think in the end we will find that most people are happy with this change. It’s just that complainers are much more vocal.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:04 am EST

      I think you’re correct that most people are happy with this change. Even the responses I’ve seen on this post indicate that.

      Kudos for being caffeine free for almost 10 years! Wow. That’s a huge accomplishment.

  • I completely agree with JP about the branding issue. I don’t think most people have an issue with Starbucks-branded products being served in the parks. Even if Main Street bakery had a Starbucks sign – that’s fine. The issue here is not that Starbucks is being served in a Disney establishment, the issue is that there is a full-on Starbucks establishment itself in the park. I think Disney went about this all the wrong way. It could have been a really great thing to have good Starbucks coffee AND the Main Street Bakery that we knew and loved. I was so excited about the news when it initially broke. Instead, they turned the bakery into any old neighborhood Starbucks. Along with the disgusting food. That was the real loss here. I’m sorry, but I can’t find one item on the Starbucks menu palatable. None of it is fresh or even remotely good. I think there would be a lot less backlash about this change if they had kept Disney food at the bakery and just served Starbucks coffee. That’s all SB is good for anyway.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:07 am EST

      I feel exactly the opposite about the food. I thought the items in the old bakery were not “fresh or even remotely good.” I feel like they considered keeping some of the old menu (they even said they were going to) and then felt what Starbucks offered was higher quality and just went with that instead. As I said in a previous comment, it’s all down to personal taste.

      • Starbucks having “higher quality” food (than almost anything but possibly a gas station) is a joke to me, so I guess we will agree to disagree!
        I do have to say I’m excited for Christmas on Main Street with a peppermint mocha 🙂 Just wish they would have left the food and the so-Starbucks-like set-up behind.

      • Btw I thought your post was great, even though I didn’t agree with some of it. Very calm and reasonable!!

  • I just have to say that I find it FASCINATING that people are so passionate about this topic. Is it because of coffee? Is it more that it’s a Disney thing? When you say it out loud — a Disney bakery is now a Starbuck’s — it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal… and yet it really is, obviously, for many!

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:09 am EST

      I was just telling someone that I feel like this is the most divisive topic I’ve seen in this community. The passion and anger is overwhelming.

  • Sorry. Another disagree. We stay on property and probably twice during our week we would go to MK early and we we always were able to find seating inside at the bakery and enjoy breakfast. The unique items like the ham, egg and cheese croisssant, cheese danish, chocolate croissant and for a late snack the banana bread pudding were favorites. I dislike handling a tray of food down Main Street to find seating. I can get Starbucks pastries a couple blocks from home and don’t. Where can we go to enjoy an afternoon coffee, treat and A/C at MK now? Suggestions welcome.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:13 am EST

      The ham, egg, and cheese croissants weren’t terribly unique. They are available in many resort counter service locations. Maybe I just got unlucky with seating in never finding a place in there, but I also didn’t go very often at all.

      For afternoon coffee, treats, and A/C you could go to Gastons Tavern (they even have the chocolate croissant you mentioned). Any indoor counter service has sweet items and coffee…so Cosmic Rays, Pecos Bill, Be Our Guest (before dinner time). Or as I mentioned it’s only a short monorail or boat ride to a resort where there are even more options.

      • The breakfast sandwich is not available where we stay so it was nice to get one at MK. The other indoor locations have dismally few choices compared to the Bakery. Gastons has even less seating than the Bakery.
        Sadly it was a place we often grabbed a table and stopped.
        It’s just an epic fail to us.

        • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 8:19 am EST

          Based on a quick google image search and counting seats Gaston’s actually has about the same number of indoor seats as the bakery did.

          I still think trying the bakery counter in the MK resort quick service might be a good thing to try. I’ve found they have decent selection similar to the variety previously found on Main Street.

  • by Katherine F. on June 19, 2013, at 10:13 am EST

    I have to say that the most disappointing part of the whole thing for me is replacing (some of) the MSB pastries with the Starbucks version. Starbucks pastries are truly god awful. That being said, a bigger concern for me was that it would break the theme of Main Street. I’m very glad that it looks so seamless. Would I have preferred a rehab that didn’t involve Starbucks? Probably. Do I feel like this has “ruined” anything? Not at all.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:14 am EST

      I also like the look and think it fits in very well. As I said in previous comments I prefer the Starbucks pastries to the old bakery ones and am happy with the change.

    • by Katherine (different one ;) on June 26, 2013, at 4:43 pm EST

      I have to agree about the food- I tried a Starbucks lemon loaf a couple of weeks ago and all I could think was “this must be what lemon Mr. Clean tastes like” lol- tried a couple more bites then threw the rest out. It’s the baked goods I’m disappointed about. Like Starbucks beverages.

  • Amen, Scarlett! I definitely couldn’t have said it any better. And yes people…it’s a CINNAMON ROLL! Like someone else said, please step back and think about it a little bit. It’s not the end of the world. And would it kill you to walk the extra 1/4 mile (IF THAT) to the new Fantasyland? Maybe it’ll help burn off the 1500 calories you’re about to consume when you eat the said cinnamon roll. *sigh* And for all the naysayers that complain about Starbucks pastries…there are still Main Street pastries for sale such as cupcakes, etc.

  • I’m just glad I wont have to make what my man calls “Ghetto Mochas” using the “Expresso” from the resort food court + ice and creamer. Being away from frappuccino’s for a couple weeks is always a hard transition when at WDW so I’m happy its there.

    I always think of it this way: if I wasnt in WDW would this food at the bakery really be that good?

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:16 am EST

      I basically used to do the same kind of thing to attempt a latte…but it was really just adding an insane amount of cream and sugar.

      I really disliked the food at the bakery previously and think many other people would have agreed if they weren’t comparing it to typical “theme park food.”

  • J.P. hit the nail on the head with his comments. And I don’t think his words can be stressed enough.

    Like most, I thought the coffee on property was terrible, and I welcome Starbucks coffee as it is a significantly better alternative. However, using a company’s products is one thing, essentially taking a chain restaurant and putting it in the park is completely different. That is why Scarlett’s argument is moot, as branding and product use is not that same as what happened with MSB. I think most people would have welcomed SB coffee in the old MSB and been fine with logos to promote it, b/c the bakery would have essentially been the same. The ice cream shop has Edy’s ice cream – it isn’t an Edy’s restaurant (i don’t even think those exist), same with Coke, Dole, etc.

    In my opinion, the closest comparison is the Rain Forest café in AK. That is a chain restaurant put right next to the park, with park access from – but it still isn’t IN the park.

    I’m not going to run assuming the end of the world, and that every other restaurant will become a chain, however J.P. makes a fair comparison with Taco Bell taking over in Mexico but I understand the comment of quality not being better. SO how about if they took out O’Hana and put in a Fogo de Chao – which most people would agree is far superior in food quality. Would everyone be ok with that? It’s the same thing. Or how about replace Columbia harbor house with Boston Market or Long John Silvers? I appreciate unique things at Disney not something I see/have 4-5 days a week. I just hope the success of this doesn’t result in the company exploring similar options elsewhere.

    They could have easily brought in the coffee and not the other chain food SB offers that you can get anywhere. This not the Main Street Bakery w/ Starbucks coffee, it’s the Main Street Coffee House sponsored by Starbucks. I’m not going to stop going to the parks b/c of it, but I will voice my concern and I will speak with my wallet.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:28 am EST

      The Dole Whip stand at Disneyland is completely a Dole location with no Disney items, as were the old McDonalds locations. Disneyland also has Coca-Cola corner which used to be completely run by Coke. Also, Edy’s does have ice cream parlors. They are on the West Coast and therefore operate under they name “Dreyer’s” but they essentially have the same menu as the in-park location (except with many more options). This isn’t the first time an outside chain has been inside the park.

      So actually, the closest comparison is the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. It is essentially the same as the chain stores outside of the park but with a limited menu and operated by Disney and staffed by Cast Members.

      I personally would love to see Fogo de Chao take over ‘Ohana, you’re right the quality is much higher. I do appreciate unique things at Disney…but I also appreciate high quality things like Starbucks, Earl of Sandwich, Edy’s Ice Cream, Jamba Juice, etc.

      As stated in other comments I think they let Starbucks take over the whole store including pastries because they felt Starbucks provided a superior product. I agree…I know some do not. As with anything you absolutely should voice your concern with your wallet…I would do the same.

      • Appreciate the reply. I was unaware of the “Edy’s/Dreyer’s” stores as i have never seen one in the north east, but based on your comment I guess that is the best comparison. Though it isn’t a national chain that exists in every Starbucks and airport in america – which carry the same exact thing.

        Regarding Dole, yes that was all Dole, but outside of Hawaii i don’t think you can get the dole whips, so those are unique. And as for Coke, i haven’t seen a Coke Corner restaurant in my days, but again it may be a regional thing.

        I just wish they would have went the route of DCA and included items that were specific for that location rather than typical, run of the mill, Starbucks goods. And if they end of doing that, i will change my tune.

        • You can get Dole soft serve at the St. Louis zoo. I am sure other place have it as well.

        • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 8:15 am EST

          I agree I wish they would have included some of the delicious sandwiches that have in DCA. I’m hoping that since they don’t currently have a lunch menu that is something being worked on.

    • Chris – I agree 100% with everything you wrote!! You said it perfectly. It was exactly what I was thinking, but couldn’t put into intelligible words on my iPhone 🙂 I would change my tune as well if they replaced the run-of-the-mill (and let’s face it, pretty gross) Starbucks food choices, and brought in other unique Disney offerings.
      I also hope this doesn’t start a wave of stand-alone “real world” chains in the Parks.
      Thank you for your great post!

  • I just don’t really see it as that big of a deal. I was there the other week and saw the new sign – they did a good job with blending it in – and don’t people want better options? Honestly, corporatization and sponsorship is everywhere (including Disney, always has been). It’s how they get better deals with their vendors. By doing so, they’re able to bring in higher quality options than they would otherwise have budgeted.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 19, 2013, at 11:29 am EST

      I agree that it just isn’t a big deal. I think it blends beautifully on Main Street and people who don’t like it will have no problem ignoring it.

  • I don’t understand the drama! Coffee is coffee and starbucks is one of the better ones. I wonder why nobody except me is bitchin’ that you can’t get water with gas in the parks at all. I mean am i the only person in the world you prefers water with gas? Srsly, you may have luck in a seated restaurant to get a bottle of St.Pellegrino. But that’s not a disney related phenomena, it’s actually the same problem throughout every U.S. Park.

  • I am pretty much indifferent to the change. I am most sad about the change in pasteries, because I have Starbuck’s pasteries at least once a week so I find them boring, and feel like the MSB ones were a change of pace. I will probably go to buy coffee, but buy breakfast somewhere else (Gaston’s).

    I think they key is, rather than complaining or arguing, to vote with your pocketbooks. Don’t like the change, don’t shop there. Like it, then spend your money there. If people don’t spend lots of money there, it will make future corporate stores less likely.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 8:14 am EST

      Absolutely agree about voting with your pocketbooks. That’s how they really know what people want.

  • What!! They’re serving Nescafe at the Main Street Bakery? OMG. This has got to stop. We have to boycott. I don’t think I’ll ever go to WDW again. Putting a product on Main Street from a company like Nestle that’s been involved in so many controversies: price fixing, infant formula, demanding payment from Ethiopian farmers during a famine and on and on. This is an outrage!

    Oh, wait. What? They’re replacing Nescafe with Starbucks, an american company? Sure, they have their own controversies, but at least the coffee is much better. Never mind.

    Now, I hope they don’t ruin my beloved Test Track with all sorts of GM logos and displaying GM cars like a cheap suburban show room. At least that will never happen at WDW!

    Wait, what?

  • by Disneydadben on June 19, 2013, at 2:53 pm EST

    Here is a link (if its allowed) with interesting info in Starbucks plans to revamp menu. Maybe their food will change for the better?

  • Ah. First World problems. Keep Moving Forward, people.

  • Reading through here i think i may be one of the few who would pick nescafe over starbucks any day of the week. I think there are better coffee brands than both (much better!!) But at least nescafe never tasted like 2 day old burnt coffee.

    I am worried that Disney will let starbucks take over favorite spots in all of the parks and then i will never be able to enjoy a cup of coffee just watching the world go by…a favorite non activity!

    And i have to add that i never had a problem getting a seat in Main St. Bakery to enjoy my cinnamon bun & coffee.

    Would it stop me from going to Disney World? HECK NO but it still frustrates me.

    • You are NOT alone! Starbucks is NASTY! Your 2 day old analogy is spot on! I drink coffee black, so the swill they serve at Starbucks just doesn’t cut it for me. If I have to add sugar, syrup, cream, etc. to make it drinkable, I will pass. The Nescafe was nowhere near what I would call “good coffee” but it at least tasted like it was made within the last day!

      • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 8:25 am EST

        I feel exactly the opposite. I felt like Nescafé tasted old and I had to add all kinds of stuff to it for it to be drinkable. Again it’s all down to different tastes I guess.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 8:22 am EST

      As I said in a previous comment Starbucks is not taking over all the coffee. Disney recently signed a deal with Joffreys and their coffee is just starting to pop up in some places in place if Nescafé. While I hated Nescafé I do enjoy Joffreys.

      • Scarlett – I didn’t see your previous comment & am glad to here that there is a new coffee brand without having starbucks all over the place. I”m not familiar with Joffreys but will try anything once 🙂

        • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 12:54 pm EST

          Joffreys is the coffee served at the individual coffee carts at the parks (like the one by Tower of Terror and at the TTC).

  • I am very excited about the change. I am a passholder who visits at least once a month and have had many a breakfast at the bakery and while it fed me and my family, it was far from wonderful or unique. And I do not understand the outcry about the cinnamon roll at all. I guess different folks have different tastes, but I can name about a dozen places where I have had better cinnamon rolls off the top of my head. As for seating, that is a total non-issue for my family. We are always at the park as soon as it opens and we have managed to find seating for breakfast exactly once.

    I would welcome all kinds of corporate brands in Disney if they did a better job than the establishments they were replacing. Someone mentioned the restaurants in Mexico in the World Showcase. Hands down the worst, most flavorless “Mexican” food I have ever had. If they could bring in a company that made better food, it wouldn’t bother me one bit to have their logo on the restaurant.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 8:24 am EST

      Absolutely agree with everything you said. I didn’t think the old bakery was very good at all.

  • Very well said, and I agree completely. It’s also nice to see reasoned and well-thought counterpoints in the comments, which are (unfortunately) atypical of the vitriol being spouted elsewhere.

    • by Scarlett Litton on June 20, 2013, at 12:56 pm EST

      Thank you. I have been pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the rational back and forth that has gone on in the comments.

  • While I am not crazy about Starbucks replacing Main Street Bakery (Family Tradition!! Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches!!! Actually, I really don’t care if it is a Starbucks or not, if they still sold the Ice Cream Sandwiches), I have a photo from 1981 of my dad standing outside MSB with a very prominent Sara Lee logo above the door.

  • This is too funny. Maybe this entire “controversy” is a signal that we’re all consuming way too much caffeine. Chillax, folks. You’re on vacation, for chrissakes.

  • I think there are a lot of us happy to finally have the choice of a real coffee. My thoughts when I found out were, now it really is the perfect place! Focus on the reason you are there, to relax and spend quality time with family.

  • This all reminds me very, very much of the clamor from the WDW fandom when it was announced they’d be selling McDonald’s french fries in the parks. We all managed to survive that one.

    As for me, I like coffee but not Nescafe or Starbucks. Too bad it couldn’t have been Gevalia instead. 🙂

  • Ok…I haven’t read all the comments so I MAY have missed it, but it is something that I think MANY have forgotten about, but as someone who worked at Starbucks and had to sell at one point, I know with certainty they offer…

    Starbucks offers a cinnamon roll. If they knew the cinnamon roll at the Main Street Bakery was going to be an issue, why not offer up Starbucks’ version. It is quite delicious and even more so when warmed up. (Which they will do in their ovens if asked). It would make so much sense though to offer it. I mean…sure…less people may head back to Gaston’s Tavern for one, but if people don’t like them anyway (even though they just have a different glaze to them, maybe) then why not offer up a classic type cinnamon bun for those who want it? Not as much money in Disney’s pockets, maybe, but potentially happier guests who MAY order more at the Bakery if they have the option of some kind of cinnamon roll, even if it isn’t “exactly” the same as before.

    Just a thought. 🙂

    • Been to WDW 2 or 3 times and have to say never really noticed the bakery on main street so not at all sad that it has gone,( must have been to busy looking at the castle and gardens) and starbucks do very nice cold coffee drinks, all the caffeine but none of the heat, perfect on a sweltering day. As for the cinnamon roll, the starbucks one ( well in the uk anyhow) is delicious although very sweet. my daughter and I usually share one and as we are coming over in September, will probably enjoy sharing one on main street. This has been a really interesting topic to read about with some really well made, and polite, differences of opinion. If only all blogs could be so calm!

  • Love the article! Starbucks isn’t my #1 favorite coffee, but i must say i’m pretty excited to have drinkable coffee for a change. and even more excited for soy options!!!!! I honestly had never eaten in the main street bakery. the crowds were enough to drive me crazy. I would step in, get confused and annoyed, and head right back out to continue my morning elsewhere. Now I will plan to add it to every trip (and being a passholder i go frequently).

  • Wow – this way too much controversy over coffee. There are a lot of people out there that seriously need to look around while at Disney and take a change management course. Epcot for example you can shop for GM cars in the show room (The prior post made me crack up) and in Honey I shrunk the audience you had to sit through a Kodak commercial (Granted I may have been known to shed few tears every time the boy found his lost dog) and there are many more out there. Walk down Main Street – want to meet Mickey – that is sponsored by Kodak. I have actually never been in the main street bakery in all my visits – I am normally heading for the castle or an attraction 1st thing in the morning. I am not a coffee drinker – but do like Starbuck’s Carmel Apple Spice Cider and Tazo teas, so going in December will probably pop in for a hot beverage to enjoy during the fireworks.

    If your vacation is dependent on a pastry that you take 15 min to eat (which you can still buy) – which say you are on vacation 6 days makes up about 0.26% of your time (15 min out of 96 hours – 6 days x 16 hours awake) or 5% of your food intake (1 meal / 18 meals) then something is wrong. Maybe people should step back and think about what is more important – the joy in your child’s eyes seeing their favorite character or a re-heated mass produced cinnamon roll.

    FYI – Cinnamon rolls are not that hard to make – maybe instead start a new memory and make them with your family at home.

    Every time someone is upset about a company making a change – the solution is simple – don’t go there or spend your money. Life if full of changes – time to embrace them.

  • AMEN crystal! I second everything you said!

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