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You can ask any questions about the Disney company, Disney theme parks, or Universal past, present, or future. Submit your questions now, and Jim may answer them on a future episode!

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  1. On a past podcast, you mentioned that Disney and Universal were both in negotiations to acquire the theme park rights for Lord of the Rings. I read recently that Universal was close to closing a deal. Do you have the updated details of this?

    Thank you for hard work and research. The podcast is great!

  2. Hey Jim

    I haven’t heard you talk about Starbucks at the parks now. How long was this in the making behind the scenes at Disney? Could we see Starbucks at the resorts also?

    Keep up the great work

  3. What can you tell us about Disney security and keeping guests safe in our post 9/11 and post Sandy Hook society? I hope you have reassuring words.

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