Have a little one who loves to sing and perform?

This week, from August 12 – 18, it will be the children’s chance to shine on the American Idol Experience Stage! The American Idol Experience: Juniors Edition will invite guests ages 6-13 to audition for a chance to perform on the big stage at this Disney’s Hollywood Studios attraction.

The audition process will take place just like it would for any other participant. Young guests will start out with an a capella version of a song. If they make it to the next round, they will then get to take part in a karaoke style performance. From there, those who move onto the final round will get the opportunity to appear on stage and sing in front of actual park guests during the live shows.

Auditions will take place each day from park open until 4 pm. The Juniors version of the show will take place at 6 pm. Only 3 participants will be selected each day. No Dream Ticket will be handed out for these performances.

For more information about the audition process, click here.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to see if they have what it takes or just has pop star fantasies! Break a leg to all who audition!


Over at Disneyland, from August 12 – 16, guests will get to take part in the Main Street Windows Tour.

Here, a select number of guests will get to take a tour with Jon Storbeck, Vice President of Disneyland, as well as a 30 year Cast Member, for a walk along Main Street U.S.A., where he will share stories behind the windows, as well as tales of the people who helped to create the magnificent Disneyland Park.

The tour, which will take place each morning, will allow for 20 guests, selected at random.  Guests may sign up today (Until 2 p.m. Pacific).

It is sure to be an enlightening tour.


  1. You have got to be kidding me. Just when I thought Limited Time Magic could not be any more of an insubstantial joke…

  2. What a disappointment. 20 people selected at random for the main steet tour? And they offer it only 5 times? And to even get a chance you had to check the website and apply by 2:00 today? I thought the return of the cupcake and the return of the dapper dans singing boy bands song was lame, but this really is weak. The only thing worse would be listening to 6-12 year olds sing badly at American Idol Experience… now when will they have the Long Lost Friends week?

  3. My 12 year old son is actually really excited about auditioning for AIE. I’m excited for him too since I did the show 4 years ago on our first trip to Disney. There are some really talented young people out there so I think it will be a good show. I can understand that it is disappointing to park guests who don’t have aspiring singers in their families. 😉 Sounds like Disney is running out of ideas. I think bringing back older characters in the park again would be awesome and something everyone would enjoy. 🙂

    • That’s great, but it would be nice if they would let more kids participate if they are going to do that. Only the 6PM show is juniors, with only 3 singers in that show. Over the 7 days, only 21 kids will get the chance to sing for the show – and they aren’t eligible to win a dream ticket. Much like with the DL event, its just that very few will get to actually do this…

  4. Limited Time magic events are topping each other for kitchy and tacky. Simply slapping this new label on old events or tossing a bone…half a bone to some sliver of the guests is just…well, until now, beneath Disney. What a letdown from Year of a Million Dreams. I just saw Disney’s Planes and I was just as disappointed. Same idea: take a great idea and trim it down to nothing save a brief nod to the original theme.
    I am usually Disney’s first defender and last to complain…but this just gets worse. Embarrassingly worse.

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