A Few Small Changes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Over the past week and a half or so, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has seen a few tweaks here and there. Don’t worry! These aren’t major. I just thought that you should be aware of them for your next trip!

It all started with the introduction of the Gardens Kiosk, the Nutritional Information booth that can be found on Discovery Island.

In addition, park opening has been changed up a little bit. As of August 9, 2013, the park allows guests in through the turnstiles about 15 minutes before official park opening. From there, three attractions will typically be open:Kilimanjaro Safaris in Africa, Expedition Everest in Asia, and TriceraTop Spin in DinoLand U.S.A. The remaining park attractions will remain closed until the official park opening. For more information about Animal Kingdom’s Rope Drop, click here.

Finally, the park is adding a new bit of entertainment. A movement character similar to Divine debuts on August 14. Known as Bamboo, this living statue performer will entertain in the Africa section of the park. Divine can now be found in The Oasis.

As I said, there are lots of little changes that will hopefully make your trip even better!

Posted on August 13, 2013

9 Responses to “A Few Small Changes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  • by Kristina Murphy on August 13, 2013, at 8:25 pm EST

    Oooh! I am very curious about Bamboo, I love Divine!!

  • Every day I find more and more I can’t wait to see/show the kids! Awesome!

  • Your AK rope drop link says “You should be able to obtain FASTPASS tickets immediately.” which doesn’t agree with what I’ve read elsewhere that FPs won’t be available until regular park opening.

  • Hey Greg – since this change was just made a few days ago I would bet that they are still running stats to optimize the plan for these changes.

    My gut feeling (read: not Touringplans.com endorsed) is that you should go right to Expedition Everest and ride standby then head to Kilimanjaro standby. If you are through the front gates at 8:45am you should be able to get on both with little or no wait. Then you can pull a fastpass for the one you enjoyed most. Or you could get a Kilimanjaro fastpass and plan to go single rider to see Everest again. Hope this helps and you have a great trip! 🙂

  • If they are opening 15 minutes before official opening, will they open at 7:45 on 8:00 extra magic hour mornings? Or does this just apply to regular park opening hours? Thanks!

  • Can you use the entrance through the Rain forest Cafe 15 minutes early? If so, my guess it would be empty right?

  • I tried to update my touring plan to arrive 15 minutes early and got an error. Will the plan software be updated for this change?

    • Hi Mary-

      Yes, we’re working on it. We’ve also got to extend our attraction predictions 15 minutes earlier. My guess is that this will probably take a couple of weeks to get done.

  • Great! Thanks