Disney has added new lighting and sound effects to the beginning of Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland. The effects are achieved using the projection mapping technology Disney has used on a number of attractions and shows recently (such as Celebrate the Magic at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland’s Snow White’s Scary Adventures after last year’s refurbishment). The effect looks great, but I have to admit that Mara’s new voice will take some getting used to. Overall, this is a fantastic upgrade to the attraction.




  1. Until all the flames come back, it doesn’t matter what they do. Orange/red glow doesn’t cut it. Now this attraction just makes me sad.

  2. Wait, why didn’t they use that money to fix all the original effects on the ride that are broken? Were we really all clamoring for a new Mara effect…?

  3. We were certainly NOT clamoring for a new voice… Woof. That’s got to be one of the worst decisions… Hoping it’s VERY temporary while they remaster the old one. It sounds like they plucked a 20-year old part timer from his shift to quickly record it.

  4. Awesome Effects, but the voice …. uh bit flamboyant but still ok. Keep on going Disney imagineers!!!!!!

    • In the scene where the evil queen is facing the mirror then turns around as is the witch. Same thing with the projected texture mapping, so the dungeon looks clean, then as the witch turns around a layer of dust sweeps across the room, the mirrors gold frame turns gray, and it just looks darker and creepier.

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