Fall Arrives at the Magic Kingdom

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IMG_2969Well, it’s August, so it must be time to roll out the pumpkins at Magic Kingdom! While it’s funny to see the decorations come out earlier and earlier every year, I can understand why. Fall in the Magic Kingdom is absolutely beautiful and – I must admit – my favorite time of the year. Here are a few of the reasons why!

IMG_2662Mickey pumpkin wreaths line the booths in the parking lot and along Main Street. I’ve never understood why they don’t sell these in miniature. I’d love to add one to my collection, and I can’t be the only one! While these are beautiful during the day, they have a little extra pixie dust hidden in them. Once the sun goes down these little beauties light up and shine bright orange. Even though it’s just barely September, it feels like Halloween when I pull up to the parking booths and see these!

IMG_2956Another highlight when entering the Magic Kingdom is found just past the train station at the flag pole. In the flower beds there are what I lovingly call the pumpkin people. These are what appear to be scarecrows with pumpkins for heads dressed up as different characters. I’ve included a photo of the mayor, but there is also a baseball player, a southern belle, and more! These are great photo opportunities for families visiting during this time.

Beyond the flag pole there is much more to see along Main Street. Cute pumpkins are hidden on rooftops and windowsills, fall garland and fabric draping line the buildings, and Halloween goodies are on display in store windows. It’s worth grabbing a snack and taking a very slow stroll to take in all the scenery. I find that even when I visit over and over, I still find something new when I take the time to look.

IMG_2959The above are all things you can see in August – but waiting for September means even more added fun. The Main Street Trolley Show rolls out its new costumes and starts singing about fall beginning September 1. The statues of classic Disney characters dressed in costumes also start appearing in the hub around this time. New for this year, the villains invade Celebrate the Magic (the castle projection show that takes place nightly). I’m personally very excited about this addition! I’ll take more villains any way I can get them, and I’m thrilled to see us get something new for 2013.

DEon’t forget that Tuesday, September 10, is the first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween PartyThe party is absolutely excellent and worth attending. During the event you can see everything above and so much more! Will you be attending this year? What are your favorite Halloween things at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below, and, as always, thanks for reading!


Posted on September 2, 2013

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