Food Trucks Coming To Downtown Disney At Walt Disney World

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It appears that Disney is finally getting in on the craze that has been blazing for the past few years…food trucks (I thought I was the last person to experience this unique way of dining just this past weekend)! This fall at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney you will be able to eat from four different trucks themed to match Disney’s four different Florida theme parks.

  • Enchanted Fare will serve up favorites from around the Magic Kingdom. Menu items will include croque monsieur, glass noodle salad, and corn dogs.
  • The World Showcase of Flavors is themed to serve up favorites from Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, like beef sliders, lobster rolls, and pierogies with kielbasa.
  • Over at Superstar Catering guests will dine on different meatball options, like a lamb meatball flatbread with tzatziki.
  • Finally, at the Animal Kingdom-themed Namaste Cafe, there will be items like butter chicken, slow cooked short beef ribs, and tandoori spiced shrimp.

It’s exciting that Walt Disney World is finally getting on the food truck wagon…yummy!

Posted on September 11, 2013

8 Responses to “Food Trucks Coming To Downtown Disney At Walt Disney World”

  • Will the trucks accept any of the dinning plans?

  • As a WDW fan and a food truck fan, I hope this is just the beginning. Food trucks that always serve the same food in the same spot are just a counter service restaurant in a different shaped box. I’m hoping that there will eventually be multiple food truck locations, and the trucks rotate around.

  • Trust me..The people that live in the middle of nowhere will start complaining about the food trucks..They won’t have anywhere to devour the extra large meal they order…Or the kids meals won’t be chicken nuggets and fries…ugh
    These are so awesome here in Chicago! Hopefully beers will be part of it!

  • Wow! Who would have ever thought “Roach Coaches” as we used to call them would have gained enough cache to be seen at Downtown Disney. I know, I know, there is a whole TV show about roach coaches now. Don’t get me wrong, I love roach coaches, but they are not exactly fine dining… regardless of what they serve. For one thing, you are eating in a parking lot. For another, the “restaurant” isn’t always in the same place 🙂 Just because roach coaches have a TV show devoted to them says less about the food and more about the fact that “reality shows” (many or most of which are flagrantly staged, and thus not really “reality”) are so prevalent these days.


    • I agree. I don’t eat food prepared in places so small there’s no restroom for the cook or adequate handwashing facilities. While I am sure Disney’s standards of cleanliness will be better than the roach coaches parked on grimy city streets, I’m going on vacation to get away from all that.