Magic Kingdom Crowd Report: September 11, 2013

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On this solemn day I decided to head to the most magical place on Earth to bring you all a crowd report – and boy was it magical!! Starting at the Transportation and Ticket Center I was a little amazed at the crowds! I am a girl, so if I’m going to Magic Kingdom I know to be there at rope drop or pay the price with valuable time. I arrived a little before lunch time wanting to show the real crowds for my report but as you can see by the image below there weren’t any crowds to be found.


Assuming this was a fluke I continued on to the Magic Kingdom where I figured the crowds were hiding. I actually got a seat on my monorail ride! After getting through bag check and the turnstiles with almost no wait I braced myself for the mass of people I expected on Main Street but when I emerged I found this:


I was amazed at the lack of people. It has been a very, very busy summer at the parks and I forgot what it was like to see Magic Kingdom without hordes of people coursing through. Beyond that the weather was beautiful! Of course, it was too hot but there was a nice breeze and it was cloudy giving a little relief from the sun. I could tell this was going to be a special day!


As I continued down Main Street the low crowds were just as great! I added the extra picture because I think the view looking all the way down towards the castle is just amazing! It was roughly 12:20pm when I took this photo. Taken a month earlier or later this photo would likely just be a sea of people. It is also worth noting on the right that they have started another project. September in the parks means you will see lots of projects as the parks do maintenance for busier seasons. In my opinion the small eye sores are worth the low crowds. From Main Street I headed to Adventureland with intentions of riding Pirates of the Caribbean. It ends up Pirates was experiencing some technical difficulties so I headed back towards Main Street. Here was my view heading back:



As I walked back I noted one of the few lines I had seen so far was at the Aloha Isle! Apparently people are willing to wait for a Dole Whip even when other options are available with no line. I did note that the line was shorter than normal but it was one of the few areas I saw people! From here I rounded the hub and headed to Liberty Square for a Nutella and fruit waffle sandwich. Those things really are addictive! After lunch it was roughly 2:30pm. (I had spent a while working on a project in Adventureland for you guys!) When I crossed the bridge here is what I saw:



The line at Haunted Mansion was dead! (haha :)) So I hopped in line for a ride. Though FastPass+ has somewhat ruined this line it was a breeze getting on with no waiting! I walked over to confirm the wait times of Splash (20 min) and Big Thunder Mountains (10 min). These lines would easily be over an hour in the summer! I checked on Pirates which was still down and headed towards Fantasyland. I decided to take the long way so I could check the crowds in front of the castle again.



Still amazingly empty in the hub! From here I walked back through the castle and over to Small World and Peter Pan noting along the way that Mickey’s PhilharMagic had no wait posted and the fastpass station for Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh showed 10 min waits for both. I hopped in line for Small World since the wait was only 5 min.When I exited the ride I noticed the only crowd I had seen all day was gathered at Peter Pan. I’ll never understand why this ride has such a draw! But even on this slow day it still had a 40 min wait. From here I walked over through Tomorrowland noting that all waits were under 15 min. From here I headed back to the hub. Here is the view looking back at the bridge into Tomorrowland:


Pretty amazing, right? At this point I decided to head out. It was just a little shy of 4:00pm and though the crowds were amazing I was a little hot and tired. On my way back up Main Street I stopped to take photos of the time boards:


Some of the wait times had increased but they were still great considering it was the middle of the day. This is traditionally when wait times max out so in theory this would be the longest the lines would be all day. As I was walking out I almost felt like I should stay. After all when do you get to see the parks so empty? I took this one last shot of the pumpkin photo area empty on my way out. There was nobody taking photos here which I almost never see.


Ultimately I did decide to leave since rain was in the forecast and I didn’t want to get caught in a downpour. When I got back to my car they were still parking in the same area of the parking lot as when I arrived! Overall it was an amazing day with the kind of crowds you don’t see often! If you are able to travel during the first couple weeks after Labor Day I highly recommend it. With all the kids back in school the crowds are very low but do be aware it certainly hasn’t cooled off yet!

I hope you enjoyed this crowd report. Is this something you’d like to see more often? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted on September 12, 2013

20 Responses to “Magic Kingdom Crowd Report: September 11, 2013”

  • Thank you for the amazing and detailed post. I was hoping to get to The World next week when free dining kicks in, but the boss won’t let me off. I do think that some of the ease on the crowds may be that people are scheduling their vacation for Free Dining time. It will be interesting to see if the times/crowds creep up once that kicks in.

  • I wondered if you could tell me where exactly those parasols are located? How much do they run? I know that my daughter would love one and I’d like to put it on our list of souvenirs to buy when we go in Dec!

    • Those parasols are in Liberty Square across from the Christmas Store.

    • Hi Janelle,

      Mark is correct on the location but I can’t quite remember exact pricing. I will be sure to get that information for you the next time I’m in the park and post to the comments here.

      If anyone else has questions feel free to ask away! I’m happy to get you info!

    • Hi Janelle – Just verified that parasols are $10.95 for the small ones and $16.95 for the larger ones. Each design put on is an additional $5. The ones shown have designs an every panel- which would be crazy expensive! I hope this helps! Have a great Xmas trip!! 🙂

  • Yes!! I LOVE the crowd updates! Anytime I can catch a glimpse of my “magical home” away from home, it makes the “pretending to be there” all that much easier! 🙂 More, please? Thanks!!

    • Thanks, Michelle!! I’ll have to get some fireworks in next time so you get extra pixie dust! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Daisy, great post. Had friends down at WDW last week and they said it was the same way then, low crowds, hot temps, but they had a great time. I love the Nutella and fruit waffle sandwiches, they’re delicious. Always love the crowd reports, keep them coming!

    • Hi Mark! I was worried it wouldn’t slow down this year with the crazy summer we had. I’m so glad to see the parks empty – at least until Food & Wine starts!! 😀

  • I too was wondering how much free dining will effect the crowds but then I realized that the free dining promotion started on September 2nd so wouldn’t the “free diners” already be there? If so, then could it be said that it won’t have too much of an impact on crowds?? hopefully!

  • I enjoy the photos and crowd reports. I am particularly hoping for low crowds like that when I arrive in 13 days.

  • Early to mid-September is my absolute favorite time of the year to go to WDW. The only serious wait times are at Peter Pan (as you mentioned) and the other biggies like Soarin and Toy Story Mania. Plus, it is still hot enough to enjoy the water parks. I’m guessing that with school beginning, most people are not willing to take their kids out during the first few weeks to go on vacation.

  • Boy, you aren’t kidding when you say it was busy this summer. We’re local AP holders and it felt worse than we remembered, even on “lower” crowd days.

    Definitely be aware of the weather. While we normally like to take advantage of the crowds this time of year, the high temps during the day are still stubbornly hovering between 90 and 95 degrees.

  • Really really love these crowd reports!!! Please keep them coming!!!! Especially when food and wine starts and during the Christmas season 🙂

  • Thanks for the post! We leave a week from today for our very first trip to WDW, and I have been very curious to see what the crowds look like. I hope it’s like this when we go next week, too! Given the low crowds, I wonder if we even need to worry about using the touring plans?

  • I’m heading to MK Wednesday afternoon with friends and am hoping for the same crowds or rather lack thereof! Great report.