Observations from Disneyland: September 18, 2013

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My buddy Scarlett has been doing these Walt Disney World “Observation” posts for while now, and they seem to be well received. So the other day I said, “How can I get in on that?” Today I am proud to bring you “Observations from Disneyland!”

IMG_5420When you’re blogging on the internet you should always start your posts out with a interesting picture. Here’s mine, an exciting construction wall! Ok, not the most interesting thing in the world but I’ll tell you why you should care about this construction wall. It means that Disney is doing refurbishment on the tram route again. For this week until Friday, and then again next Monday through Friday, the tram route will be used for one-way traffic only. This means that while one tram travels along the path, the others will have to wait. This will cause delays when traveling to and from Mickey & Friends Parking Structure.

IMG_5438Another interesting tram-related happening: the giant hedges at the Disneyland tram stop have been completely removed.  This is a pretty strange sight if you’ve been seeing it with the hedges for the last 13 years.

IMG_5421My main objective in the park today was to ride the Omnibus (one of the Main Street Vehicles). You see, the Omnibus is one of the greatest attractions ever built by Disney. It had been a solid 4 days without a ride, and I was starting to get withdrawals.

IMG_5422What a view! I could ride this thing all day. That is if I didn’t have to work (and if they didn’t make you get off the Omnibus; believe me I’ve tried). Also notice that there are not a lot of people on Main Street today. That’s because it’s a 1 on the crowd calendar. It certainly felt that empty!

IMG_5424Before getting started with recording wait times for this fine website, I needed to get some food in me. At this point I’ve tried every quick service dining entree at the Disneyland Resort, so whenever there is something new I jump on it. Rancho Del Zocalo added a couple of new menu items a few weeks ago, one of them being this carnitas burrito (called “Burrito Guadalajara” on the menu). This new burrito was good but not great. By default it is now the best burrito on the menu, but that’s not saying much. I grew up here in Southern California where there’s so much great authentic Mexican food, so a place  like Rancho does not appeal to me. It’s just a bit too bland for my taste.

IMG_5423Luckily the bland carnitas burrito didn’t keep me down for long. Disneyland went crazy with special Halloween-inspired food items this year. This one specifically is the Pumpkin Flan, which is available for a limited time at Rancho Del Zocalo. I loved it! It had milky smooth pumpkin taste that was delicious. It’s a bit expensive at $5.19, but it was well worth it.

IMG_5427Later in the day I saw Alice walking by the entrance of Tomorrowland. Check out the lady on the left, she was more excited to see Alice than her kid was. But that’s okay, I get the same way when I see Mulan.

IMG_5428With my stomach full of burrito and flan I decided it was the perfect time to jump on Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. The posted wait time was only 15 minutes! After timing it using our Lines app, it ended up being only a 9 minute wait!

IMG_5430I do have a complaint about Space Mountain. Do you see this screen? It’s a video monitor that loops the safety video about every 15 seconds. This means that on a day with any sort of crowds you will see and hear this video dozens of times. The Space Mountain exterior queue went decades without this monitor and without this safety video, so why the change now? Previously this video was only seen in the interior portion of the queue.

IMG_5432Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy has a love/hate relationship with Disney fans on the internet. Some enjoy the scary-but-not-too-scary nature of the ride, and others think the ghost effects look ridiculous. I enjoy it, but I admit that the whole thing does come off as a bit silly looking. Luckily it only stays around for a couple months a year.

IMG_5437Between rides as I wander around the park I always stop to enjoy the antics of Disneyland’s wildlife. They mostly just scream at each other or eat people’s popcorn. This is some of the best free entertainment I’ve ever seen.

IMG_5436At some point last year Disneyland got in to the nice habit of attaching historical information to construction walls when attractions are down for refurbishment. I think things like this look great! The most recent attraction to go down for refurbishment is King Arthur Carrousel.

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