Pictures: Market House Reopens As Disneyland’s Starbucks Location

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Disneyland’s Market House has been transformed in to the park’s first Starbucks location after a multi-month refurbishment. The menu has been significantly expanded and now offers a full selection of Starbucks drinks and food items. You can view the menu here. A seating area has also been added to the location, replacing the former Disneyana shop.

DSC00841 (Large)The facade of the building remains mostly the same. Starbucks signage has been added to the windows.

Many more images can be found below.

DSC00818 (Large)The inside of the Market House has been significantly expanded.

DSC00843 (Large)The queue takes up most of the main room. This location also has much larger areas for people waiting to receive their drinks. That was one of the flaws of the Starbucks location at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe in Disney California Adventure.

DSC00827 (Large)A look at the menu.

DSC00825 (Large)Starbucks and Disney baked goods on display.

DSC00822 (Large)The drink and snack station.

DSC00826 (Large) DSC00828 (Large) DSC00821 (Large)

DSC00834 (Large)

The stove from thde original Market House. It is now located in the attached seating area, which is known as “The Book Rest”

DSC00832 (Large)

Yes, you can still sit in Market House and play a game of checkers.
DSC00842 (Large)There are several other nice props and details throughout Market House.

DSC00837 (Large)

The seating area of Market House, now called “The Book Rest.”

DSC00836 (Large)

This area is nicely themed, but there are only a handful of tables available. Obtaining a place to sit may be tough on busy days.

DSC00835 (Large)But at least it looks nice!


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