Changes Are Coming To Walt Disney World Feature Pools

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According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, quite a few changes will be taking place at Walt Disney World’s most popular pools.

The first of the major changes is that lifeguards will now be on site all day. Previously, lifeguards were only around for part of the day, with the rest of the day being swim-at-your-own-risk. (Signs were up indicating this.)

The other very large change is that guests will no longer be allowed to swim after posted pool hours. To enforce this, the installation of fences and gates is planned at resorts that don’t currently have them. Feature pools will now open at either 7 a.m. or 9 a.m. (depending on the season) and will close at 11 p.m. nightly.

As of now, the smaller, quiet pools will remain accessible at all hours, with no lifeguards in place.

All pools will be changed over by November 2013.

Posted on September 26, 2013

10 Responses to “Changes Are Coming To Walt Disney World Feature Pools”

  • I guess I get to be the first to say that I don’t like this at all and plan on voicing my displeasure to WDW Guest Communications ASAP.

    When we go in the summer, one of our treats is to come back after park closing and take a late-night swim. Very sad they’re taking away yet another late-night perk of staying onsite. (See monorails and Evening EMH reduction, among others.)

    DW and I also like to get up occasionally at sunrise and take an early-morning dip in the pool or soak in the hot tub. I guess if there’s not a lifeguard on duty yet that will be taken away, too.

    Re: quiet pools–my guess is they’ll become “not-so-quiet” pools after the regular pools close. Or more likely, resort security will start running off people from those, too.

    I’m very sorry that child died earlier this year, but how many millions of people have swam in WDW pools and didn’t die? At some point parental responsibility has to carry the day. Taking away yet another perk from resort guests (all the while raising prices) shouldn’t be the answer.

    Offsite looks better and better. I can swim at that condo or town home when I want.

    • I don’t see how this stops you from having your midnight swim as the quiet pools will still be accessible. Perhaps the drowning of the boy at Pop Century and the pending law suit made them change their view on this?

  • I personally think this is a good idea, 11:00pm afterall, is a late hour. I personally experienced, with my young family, a late night “free for all” in the quite pool below our room on site. They woke us all up out of a dead sleep and it was after midnight. Talking and yelling louding, running around the pool, doing cannon balls. It sounded like there were a lot of people and it sounded like they had too much to drink. It wasn’t funny and was a huge inconvience. We wanted to get up early for the extra magic hours but the late night show, put a wrench in that.

    • Susan, I hear ya about those who break the rules and annoy others. But there are 2 main problems with that approach:

      1. It punishes rule-followers and rule-breakers alike by denying the rule-followers access to the main pool. What should happen in the situation you describe is security should eject the rule-breakers. Something about babies and bath water comes to mind.

      2. It doesn’t solve the problem of those who are breaking the rules. They’ll just move to the quiet pools, where they’ll annoy those who have rooms there. In which case security will do what they should’ve done in the 1st place (eject the rule-breakers), or WDW will end up closing quiet pools, too, thereby denying those who follow the rules and just want an evening swim the chance to do so.

    • That’s unfortunate and I would feel the same way you do. You should have called the front desk and complained. You can have an experience like that though no matter where you are staying with noisy people either in the hall or in the next room carrying on into the wee hours. Also, if this happened in the quiet pool then once the main pools close this may be happening more often.

  • America is “sue happy”. Punish the majority for the stupidity of the minority. I am also very sorry for the death of the child earlier this year, however the resort was not to blame. I am a Florida resident within an hours drive of Disney. They are taking away most of the perks that enticed us to spend the money and stay at the resorts.

  • I am glad they are doing this. People swimming at night never think they are bothering others, but they often are. And the pool hopping situation is so bad at places like the Poly that it is unfair to paying guests. The fences will cut down on that problem.

  • I’m not happy about the change. I remember going to the hot tub at CSR at midnight after the park close. I gurantee you that the quiet conversation my boyfriend and I were having didn’t disturb anyone. Yet they are taking this perk away from me.

    I get why they need to fence in the pools and have people use a key card to enter, but I don’t understand why they still can’t stay open for a late night swim.

  • I don’t see that this is really all about the recent drowning, although this will address that only at the main pools. The Disneyland Hotel already was gated and required a room key access when I visited last year, and I think I remember seeing this feature already in place at the Art of Animation Resort (although I haven’t stayed there, so I might wrong). I think it’s really about keeping non-resort guests out, and maintaining quiet hours.

  • It’s great that Disney is taking away another reason to stay at their resorts. If it’s to keep non resort guests out, then all they have to do is require key access. It’s only a matter of time until they also close off the quiet pools. After midnight, besides DTD, there’s not much to do for an adult.