Kosher Restaurants and Food at Walt Disney World

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Being an Orthodox Jew is not always easy, especially while traveling. Knowing your dining options can make your Walt Disney World vacation less stressful. The purpose of this blog series is to get some information out there and hopefully make your life somewhat easier. Let’s begin with kosher counter service options on property.

There are several resorts on property that  have counter service kosher food on demand. These include the three All-Star resorts, Pop Century, both Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter, Mara at Animal Kingdom LodgeGasparilla Island Grill at the Grand Floridian, and Roaring Fork at Wilderness Lodge. At these resorts you will, on average, have the options of pizza, hamburgers, chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and – of course – salads. It’s also important to note that not all cast members are aware that kosher meals are available as they are not posted on the menus. The best thing to do is ask to speak to a chef or manager if you get a blank stare from the cast member behind the counter.

In addition, all four parks have at least one kosher counter service location. In the Magic Kingdom you can find kosher food at Cosmic Ray’s in Tomorrowland. In Epcot, you have two options, the Liberty Inn in the American pavilion and the Electric Umbrella in Future World. You will find your kosher quick service meals at the ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios and Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom. You “should” have your choice of bagel burger (think bagel dogs with burgers), potato croquets, corned beef, bagel dogs and chicken nuggets at all of these counter service locations with the exception of Pizzafari, which serves pizza, as well.

All of these meals are Glatt kosher and prepared under the supervision of the Organized Kashrut (OK). Prices vary upon location, and no advance reservations are necessary. If you are planning to stay at one of the resorts that offer kosher meals at their quick service locations, I recommend calling the resort a few weeks before your stay and letting them know that you’re coming so they can stock up. That way you won’t be disappointed when your little one desperately wants mac and cheese and all they have are hot dogs. At the theme park counter locations your options will vary. The cast members will let you know what they have available when you order.

Finally, all Disney owned sit down restaurants offer Kosher meals, but only when reservations are made 24 to 48 hours in advance. In addition, there are also some off-site Kosher options, one of which will actually deliver to Disney Resort guests. There are even minyonim (prayer services with at least ten men) you can get to. More information will be covered in a future article. As always all reservations and requests can be made by calling 1-800-WDW-DINE or you can call the Disney Special Diet line at 1-407-824-5967.

Posted on October 8, 2013

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  • Thanks for this wonderful resource. It would be equally wonderful sometime for a similar post to cover Disneyland Resort kosher options. I do want to note that following kashrut (following the Jewish dietary laws) and being an Orthodox Jew are not exclusively linked. Keeping kosher is open to all Jews regardless of denomination, and many Jews beyond the Orthodox movements observe them as well, as they may wish or consider themselves so commanded. This is clearly a useful resource for all Jews.

    • by Jonathan Shar on October 8, 2013, at 5:26 pm EST


      Excellent point and I in know way meant to imply otherwise. I happen to be orthodox but to each his own. Whoever this blog can help, I’m happy to do so. Labels are not really my thing.


  • So great that Disney provides kosher meals. Great help for those of us that keep kosher. Thanks for all the information. Can’t wait to book our next trip.

  • Thank you very much for this article. In 2009 I was trying to find a caterer from which I could purchases a Passover seder meal, as I was there on vacation with my wife’s family, whom are not Jewish. I didn’t try too hard, and just did my best in the restaurant we went to. I also called Disney dining to see if any of their sit-down restaurants would be having a seder style meal, and no agents I spoke to knew if there was one, let alone know what I was talking about. While I don’t keep kosher, it’s never too late to start keeping kosher, and I’m glad to know there are options.

    • by Jonathan Shar on October 9, 2013, at 2:03 pm EST

      I’m pretty sure you are out of luck when it comes to Passover meals. There are way to many food restrictions and religious rules for Disney to possibly follow. I know the Orlando Chabad organization rents out Disney area houses and caters sedar meals and I know the Waldorf did as well at some point but I have never heard of anything in a Disney World restaurant.

      • Thanks for the suggestion on Chabad and considering finer hotels. I’m comfortable with Chabad, and if was ever in the situation again, I would look them up.

  • Very interesting! Good to know…

  • Going for my first time in a few weeks and I’m so glad I came across this post! Thanks for the info!

  • Nice Post about Kosher food a la Disney. Keep’m coming. Here’s a question for the ages– were there any Jewish Mouseketeers?

  • Hi,
    This is a great article thanks. I have been trying to confirm with disney that their hotels with kitchenettes (suites) have on demand, counter service, kosher food and get a menu and I have yet to get anyone even remotely helpful. They either tell me it has to be ordered in advance or else they name locations that are IN the parks…not the hotels. Do you have a direct line to someone who can verify that in fact Disney has Kosher food available to buy (without preordering) in a Disney hotel and what the menu is?

    • As of right now, only the hotels I mentioned above have food on demand. I have had luck staying at some of the others but it’s kind of a hit or miss. Your best bet to is call the hotel directly and ask to speak to a chef,let them know when you are coming and ask what meals they can provide. I would make the initial call in advance and confirm a few days before you head down. Disney is not perfect when it comes to their Kosher menu but they are a lot better then they used to be.

  • When I stayed last year at Animal Kingdom Lodge, the head chef wanted 24 hour notification so he could thaw out the meal before microwaving. The choices were better than at the parks, but were the same price. I had brisket for $12, and it was quite good. Wrapped, O-U certified metal utensils were provided.

  • My daughter and I just destroyed the most super tasty poppy seed strip at this kosher bakery in brooklyn!!!