Are you a fan of Club Cool, a place where guests can go to sample Coca-Cola products from countries around the world? If so, then the next time you visit this location in Epcot’s Future World, you’ll have a few new flavors of soda to try.

Seven new tastes are now offered. Beverly, the Italian aperitif that was previously found there, remains. (So will the popular game of getting unsuspecting people to drink this bitter tasting beverage.)

The new flavors are:

  • Fanta Pineapple – Fanta debuted in Europe in the 1940s and was introduced in the U.S.A. in 1960s. It’s now available in more than 90 flavors. This option is caffeine-free and has a sweet pineapple taste.
  • VegitaBeta (Japan) – combines apricot and passion fruit flavors
  • Fanta Melon Frosty (Thailand) – a melon-flavored soda that is the number one seller here
  • Bibo (South Africa) – a fruit-flavored juice drink
  • Sparberry (Africa) – raspberry cream-flavored soda
  • Guarana Kuat (Brazil) – flavored after the guarana berry
  • Inca Kola (Peru) – offers a sweet, almost bubblegum-like taste

It sounds like these are interesting flavors, so make sure to enjoy your complimentary cup of refreshing goodness on your next trip! You may just find a new favorite!


    • Kinley was from Israel, and I think more of a lemon/lime citrus flavor. Although I suppose our tastebuds might interpret the flavors differently. I absolutely savored Kinley when I was at Club Cool in December 2012. The last time I had a Kinley was in Israel 20 years before that.

  1. Honestly, this news excites me way more than it probably should. I adore Club Cool, but for a local with an annual pass, I’m ready for new flavors!

    I’ll miss some of the ones, though it cracks me up that Beverly stays. I may be the only person in the world that loves it.

  2. This explains why there were only 3-4 flavors available when we were there at the beginning of the month. It was disappointing to us. Hopefully they will not be in the middle of a flavor change next time we visit.

  3. You Guys – the new flavors are AWESOME!!! Total upgrade!! 🙂 You have to try them when you are in town!

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