Disney’s Hollywood Studios Testing New Fastpass+ Configuration

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It was recently rolled out at Epcot, but now it appears that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is testing a new FastPass+ configuration that features two “groups” of attractions.

The trial will work like Epcot’s version, where guests still have the opportunity to reserve three FastPass+ options for the day. However, with the new FastPass+ method, guests are able to choose ONE attraction from Column A (mostly headliners) and TWO attractions from Column B (mostly secondary attractions).

The attractions are as follows:

Column A (Choose ONE option)

Column B (Choose TWO options)

Keep in mind, if you have already made your FastPass+ reservations, DO NOT change them. Otherwise, you will have to use this new method for choosing your attraction options. And please keep in mind that this is currently only a test.

For more information about the new FastPass+ system, make sure to read Erin Foster’s fantastic article explaining everything you’ll need to know about how the process works.

Posted on November 17, 2013

16 Responses to “Disney’s Hollywood Studios Testing New Fastpass+ Configuration”

  • Well, this is a better balance than the Epcot set-up. ToT in Group 2 is major, and Star Tours can have a moderate wait at times.

  • Epcot has 2 FP-worthy attractions. DHS has 1 more. That means DHS tiering is not as egregious as Epcot tiering, but still sucks.

  • I don’t understand why Disney is going away from the paper fast passes,isn’t this new system just going to create bigger regular lines.I was there in august and reg fast pass worked just fine.So instead of a 1 hour wait for toy story mania,it will be 2hours and 2 hour wait for rock coaster also

    • It is supposed to create longer lines by drawing more people to the parks. otherwise it should have little impact. only so many people can ride per day and this won’t change that number.

  • What “sucks” is that we are staying off property for the first time this year and won’t be able to use fastpass+

  • We were there in October. It was very busy but most of the options in tier two would not have needed a FP at all. Aside from ToT and possibly Star Tours. We used FP + on Toy Story, Tower of Terror and Beauty and the Beast Live. What I liked was that we were able to arrive at the Studios at 10am and still got in the best rides.

  • Seems Disney should rename this is FastPass-. Plus it seems would denote something more. Having the opportunity for fewer fast passes is a minus in my book.

  • Just happy to have a toy story set time. Was nice yesterday to arrive at noon and do everything. Heads up though, don’t waste a FP+ selection on Fantasmic! I thought I read it got you reserved seats in a good spot but no, you are reserved a seat. Period. What a waste.

  • This is why this site and the staff at touringplans rules! After reading how they updated Epcot, I quickly went in and did all my reservations for the other parks for my Dec trip, so I’ll get both the coaster and mania on fast pass – Rikki – thanks so much for keeping us informed!

  • I understand that there is a tremendous demand for the attractions in group A and so that must be what is behind this move. But limiting to just one of these choices is painful. If it was possible to choose *two* attractions from Column A it would be much better. Thank goodness Tower of Terror is in Column B or it would be even worse.

  • For those of you that have tested the new system, do you know how this will work when family members have to choose different Fastpass+ options? This is our scenerio: we will be traveling with a 7, 6 and 3 year old, the 3 year old will not be tall enough for the big ticket rides, and I will also be about 4 months pregnant. If the 3 year old and I use our FP for a character greeting, will the other 3 members of the family be able to join us, even though they’ve used their FPs on other rides? There are so many new FP options now that I am curious how this will work.
    Thanks for any input!!

  • @Liz, you can select different FPP options for each member of your party. For example you and your 3 y/o can obtain FPP for TSM, Muppet3D & Disney JR, and the others can get them for TSM, ToT & Star Tours. However, you will not be able to have the others join you and your 3 y/o at Muppets or Dis Jr because each person needs their own FPP reservation. If you want to experience these attractions together my recommendation would be to schedule FPP for everyone for the attractions you and your little one want to do as a family, then have the older kids go with your husband (i assume) at rope drop to experience larger attractions like ToT & RR in the standby lines. In my experience those lines do not get long until at least 1 hour after park opening (most rush for TSM & Jedi Training & since those are on the opposite side of the park you are good to go for ToT and RR). You and your 3 y/o can then have a leisurely morning enjoying a treat from Staring Rolls as you wait for the bigger kids to finish their rides, then enjoy your FPP’s together later in the day.

    • Thank you, Andy! That’s what I thought. Part of our plan at HS has always been that one of us stands in line with the older two for Jedi Training while the other ran for TSM fastpasses. When the legacy system goes away, this won’t be possible, and we’re not going until October 2014, so a lot could/will change. We will just have to work things out as we get closer. This new system sounds like it will waste a lot of time for us – my older two want to meet the characters too, and still enjoy many of the rides that the youngest and I can ride, so we will be standing in more lines b/c we’re only allowed 3 fastpasses and we can’t share as they’d be on the bands. I will withhold complete judgement until October, but I’m not liking the sounds of this as it currently works.
      Thanks again!!

  • I just got back from a Disney World and LOVED the fastpass+ We were able to really enjoy the park and not have walk back and forth to get the paper fast passes. The My Disney Experience App was a great tool too… easy to use and we made use of being able to change our fast pass selections. I was nervous hearing some negative feedback but I really enjoyed my stay!