Ask Jim Hill Ep 16 – What Is Disney’s Justification For Next Gen?

by on November 26, 2013 1 Comment

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Jim answers a viewer question about Disney’s justification for investing, designing, and implementing “Next Gen.” Hotel bookings? Crowd control? Find out what Jim thinks on this week’s episode.

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Posted on November 26, 2013

One Response to “Ask Jim Hill Ep 16 – What Is Disney’s Justification For Next Gen?”

  • Interesting idea that the big driver behind Next Gen is staffing, but I don’t thinks that this is the case. Disney already has a lot of data at its disposal, including resort reservations and ADRs. Given that Len and crew are able to make pretty good predictions of wait times for attractions without access to that data, I don’t think that Next Gen would be adding anything to staffing predictions that would justify its price tag. If they really wanted to improve their predictions they could have hired Len or bought the rights to his algorithms for slightly less than $1 billion.