More Details About Memory Maker at Walt Disney World

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Yesterday, I told you about a brand new photo package that will be available at Walt Disney World called Memory Maker. With it, guests will be able to enjoy unlimited downloads of digital photos that were taken during their stay at the Walt Disney World Resort.

We now have a few more details that we wanted to pass along to you.

First, if you decide to pre-purchase the Memory Maker, it will cost you $149.00, which is a savings of $50. (If you purchase the new service at select merchandise locations at Walt Disney World, it will cost $199.00) Once you purchase Memory Maker, you will be able to obtain any photos taken by PhotoPass photographers. Also included will be some candid shots, dining location photos, and attraction photos.

Here is a look at the video that explains in detail what Memory Maker offers.

The process of how it will work seems to be quite easy:

  1. Link Memory Maker to your My Disney Experience account. If you did pre-purchase it online, keep in mind it may have been linked automatically.
  2. Add people to your Family & Friends list, which will enable you to view and download any of their photos.
  3. Take photos at any of the of Disney PhotoPass locations, as well as at select attraction and dining locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort. Each photo will need to be linked to your My Disney Experience account through your MagicBand, Memory Maker card, park admission ticket, or Disney PhotoPass card.
  4. View and download your photos. Guests will be able to download any photos they want as soon as they are available in their My Disney Experience account, and photos can be downloaded as many times as you would like. Once you download the first photo, thereby redeeming your Memory Maker purchase, you will have 30 days in which to capture more photos. (This window includes adding any photos you would like from the Friends and Family you are connected with via My Disney Experience.) Photos remain in your account for 45 days after they are taken. An extension can be purchased on the Disney PhotoPass website.

One thing to note is that if you do in fact pre-purchase, any photos taken within a three day window from the date Memory Maker is purchased will not be included. Therefore, any photo taken outside your Memory Maker window must be purchased separately. Also, keep in mind that the purchase of Memory Maker is non-refundable.

What if you don’t want your family or friends you are connected with to be able to have access to your photos? You can restrict the access. Photo sharing is set one person at a time, so you will be able to control who is able to view the images linked to your My Disney Experience account. Keep in mind that anyone you allow to be able to view your photos will also be able to purchase any of the products offered by Disney PhotoPass using your Disney PhotoPass photos. To restrict others from viewing the photos in your account, you can set photo sharing permissions using the Family & Friends page that’s located in your profile.

As stated yesterday, this new system replaces the Disney’s PhotoPass+ system. If you have already purchased PhotoPass+ you can choose to keep it, or return it and purchase Memory Maker instead.


Posted on December 6, 2013

26 Responses to “More Details About Memory Maker at Walt Disney World”

  • Thanks Rikki.

    I just pre-purchased PhotoPass+ for our upcoming trip. I’m excited for the ability to see and download pictures electronically. However, I’m concerned how this will work for our extended family. My parents, Sister and her kids will be there along with my family. In the past, one could simply add any photopass cards to their account and include them in their purchase. Will this new system also allow us to all take pictures under one purchase?

    • It does appear that you can download photos from other guests that you are friends with in MDX. However, only the guest that is officially assigned the entitlement can add attraction photos, dining photos, and do the actual download. Anyone can have the old basic photos (original photopass type locations) linked to band. As long as you are friends and give permission to one another to view photos, you can view each others photos and the person with the entitlement can actually download them. Once the owner has downloaded they can distribute copies. (As I understand it from reading the terms and conditions fine print on the website all day)

  • There is no gallery images included. You need to purchase that for $30 extra which makes MM more expensive then PP+.

  • I have scoured the terms and conditions as well as the website and have not seen anything about editing photos after downloading. It looks like the ability to add borders, signatures, stickers, etc may be gone. Has anyone been able to confirm?

    • Wondered this myself… could not find anything on the FAQ page, but enquiry to Guest Relations eventually returned the answer that YES, the editing/border option remains. Reply from them as follows:

      “I was able to look into this question for you. Yes you will be able to add the boarder to the photo if you like. Once you click on the photo it will give you the option to add on the board of your choose.
      When you click on the photo the boarder selection will appear on the right side of the screen.”

      Hope this helps. NB Disney spelling of border not mine!!

  • So do you need to purchase this on top of a a Photo CD? I am going in August and one of the things I would like to be able to do is create a DVD with all of the pictures and also be able to print out any select pictures at a Walmart or something like that. What should I be trying to purchase? And do I need to purchase two separate things for that?

  • One bummer of a change that seems to have slipped under the radar: with the introduction of Memory Maker, Disney discontinued the long-running $50 advance purchase discount for the photo CD. Now the only advance-purchase offer is Memory Maker – if you only want the disc, you have to pay the full $169, which is (no surprise) $20 more than the Memory Maker pre-offer.

  • We are leaving Sunday for WDW. There are 5 people in our party. We are linked in Family & Friends list but I am the only one who purchased Memory Maker. My cousin and her two children are in a separate room but we have dining reservations together (party of 5) that my cousin booked. I just want to make sure that if my daughter and her two children are standing together for one picture, or all 5 of us are together, will I still be able to download those? We are just wondering if she has to purchase MM too?

    • Good morning,

      I asked the same question this morning on the Disney website chat feature and was assured that as long as you “link” everyone in your friends & family to the Memory Maker account, they will be able to take pictures separate even when they are not with the person who paid for the service.

  • My question is with the Memory Maker, is this giving me the rights to print my pictures at some place like Walmart?

    • Yes. This should give you the copyright to those photos to print at Walmart or anywhere else you would like to have them printed. Having not used it, I’m not quite sure in what format you’ll be receiving it, but you’ll get the release.

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  • Do you know how long it is good for? There is a package right now for 3N/2D with free MM. DT Disney is include in photos according

  • Do you know how long it is good for? There is a package right now for 3N/2D with free MM. DT Disney is include in photographers according to Disney website. But it also stated that valid Park entry is required.
    I’m visiting a cast member one day and using the package the other days, do we know how it would work being escorted in for free with my cast member?

  • I’ve downloaded the Memory Maker photos to my hard drive, and now want to import them into LightRoom4 or Picasa. But neither LR4 or Picasa is able to find these photos, even after I unzipped the package [extracted them]. Can you tell me if I can import downloaded Memory Maker photos into LightRoom or Picasa?

    • I was able to edit my Disney downloaded photos in AE12. Once I downloaded and extracted, I dragged the photos to the folder where I had put the photos I took with my camera on the trip and was able to open them in Adobe.

  • Do you think this is a good value? I can’t recall how much it costs to purchase a single digital photo so it’s hard for me to estimate its worth. I like the idea of not having to lug around a camera but I fear this is just another way Disney is capitalizing on my laziness!

    • I thought it was a great value if you want a number of good photos in standard Disney settings (including rides and characters) AND want some select Disney branding on some. I was able to take the photos I received, copy them in MyDisneyExperience, and make multiple copies. I then cropped in multiple ways then added borders and stickers to some of the copies – always being sure to retain the original intact. Once I got all the variations I wanted for multiple projects, I then did the final download. I got quite a few variations on the photos with all the Disney branding. You can also ask photographers for magic pics and they add a Disney character into your photo. This was my family’s first Disney trip so all was new to us. I took a few candids with my Dslr but not many. I loved this so much I purchased one for my nephew to take on his last high school band trip to WDW to get pics with his friends.

    • Oh – each pic at Disney without the pass is $15. May be more for ride and character pics.

  • I wanted to purchase this Memory Maker Advance. The terms and conditions indicate that for the advance purchase discount it’s only good for 30 days after purchase. If you pay full price $199, it good from the first use. I’m still confused on the thing about not getting the pix from the first 3 days after purchase. However, I was told by wdw chat that I can get extra MM cards for my familty to use.

    • The way I understood the disclaimer is that you can add photos to the memory maker but not greater than 30 days from the date of the first photo taken. (Like if your 1st photo is taken on. May 1st, anything added after May 31st won’t be included). If you order memory maker within 3 days of your trip, those photos taken may not be included. Is that right?

  • If I buy the memory maker is there any additional charge to download the pictures? Or any other additional charges. Please advice

  • Thanks for the article. Just to be sure, we are a party of six with only one disney profile/account. We assign the memory maker to one magic band? And then only that person can add ride pictures? We have two kids in the group so we will split for the big rides.

  • I’ve downloaded my pictures. One family pic I wanted to upload to Facebook, but it doesn’t recognize the pictures. Is there some kind of trick to make this work? I also found I couldn’t rename the pictures, unless I copied and pasted the picture into a different file. Still couldn’t upload.

  • If you purchased Memory Maker before going to Disney at the online price of $150 and end up going a day earlier and taking pics so that your first day of pictures is not in the 3 day advance window – can you pay the extra $50 at a later time so that those pictures not in the 3 day window can also be available for download?