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Disney veterans have been bombarded for months with information and speculation about Disney’s new FastPass+ program. We’ve covered most of the frequently asked questions about FastPass+ and those magical MagicBands, but what we haven’t done is walk you through EXACTLY how to go about making your FastPass+ reservations. New FastPass+ users, pull up a seat.

There are three primary ways to make FP+ reservations: in-advance at home on a computer, in-advance or same-day on your smartphone or tablet, or same-day at in-park kiosks. Currently, the in-advance options are primarily available to guests with both reservations at a Walt Disney World resort hotel AND tickets purchased prior to your arrival at the parks (some annual pass holders are in the mix and more AP holders will be added in the coming weeks). Again, please note that you will only be able to make FP+ reservations if you have park tickets of some sort. Unfortunately, guests without an annual pass and staying off-site cannot currently make advance FP+ reservations. If you fall into this category, you’re limited to making same FP+ reservations at in-park kiosks.


1. The first step in making FastPass+ reservations is to create an account with (If you already have an account, go ahead and log in, skipping this step.)

To make a FastPass+ reservation on a computer, you must have a Disney online account.

To make a FastPass+ reservation on a computer, you must have a Disney online account.

You’ll know you were successful in creating an account when “Sign In or Create an Account” changes to “Welcome, [Your Name].”

2. After you’ve logged in, hover over the “My Disney Experience” tab at the top of the page. This is your main portal for managing all aspects of FastPass+.

My Disney Experience is Your Key to FastPass+

My Disney Experience is Your Key to FastPass+


3. Before getting started, make sure you link your park tickets to your My Disney Experience account. If you’ve purchased a room/ticket package from Disney, this may have already been done for you. You can manually link tickets purchased from an outside vendor or previously purchased no-expire tickets. Link tickets via the My Reservations tab.

To link your park tickets. First click on My Reservations.

To link your park tickets. First click on My Reservations.


Then select Link Tickets.

Then select Link Tickets.


Note that Will Call ticket codes and older tickets can be added.

Note that Will Call ticket codes and older tickets can be added.


If Disney hasn’t linked your resort reservation for you, then do this now by selecting the Resort Reservation or Vacation Package button.

4. If you’ve purchased tickets for a party, you can add friends and family members to your account so that you can manage FP+ reservations for a group. Manage this through the “My Family & Friends” link.

Here's where you can add other members of your traveling party so that you can make FP+ reservations together.

Here’s where you can add other members of your traveling party so that you can make FP+ reservations together.


You add family members by clicking the Add A Guest button near the top right. Once you’ve added a guest, you can customize their profile with their birthday, a character icon and other information. To do this, click the Edit box next to their name.

You manage the FP+ selections for a group, but first you have to add them to your account with the Add Guest feature.

You manage the FP+ selections for a group, but first you have to add them to your account with the Add Guest feature.


5. Now you’re all set up and can start making FastPass+ selections! Scroll down until you get to the “FastPass+ tab in the “Plan and Manage” section.



6. Choose a date for which you want to make FP+ selections. You can scroll through the dates using the arrows, or you can move more quickly by clicking on the tiny calendar icon. Please note: You can only make FP+ selections up to the the number of ticket days you have linked to your account. For example, if you have a 5-day Park Hopper, you will only be allowed to make 5 days worth of FP+ selections. These do not have to be consecutive days. Annual pass holders can make FP+ reservations only until the expire date of the AP.



7. Select the members of your party for whom you want to make FP+ reservations. You’ll note that in the photo below, not all of my family members are eligible for MyMagic or FP+ reservations. That’s because they are not traveling with me during this particular trip and do not have currently have tickets in the system. This is a good check/balance area to make sure that you’ve properly entered everyone who is supposed to be entered. If you can’t select them, something is wrong.



Also note that you can elect to make your FP+ reservations for individual party members, for the entire group, or for a subset of the group. This allows mom to take big brother on Space Mountain while dad takes little sis on Small World. Choose Select All at the top right of the page if you want everyone to go on the same rides.


8. Choose a park for which you want to make FP+ selections. Remember, you can only get FP+ reservations at one park each day.



For demonstration purposes, I’m selecting Animal Kingdom (mostly because all the FP+ options fit in one screen shot).

9. Check out the list of attractions for which FP+ are available and make up to three selections. Remember, a key difference between the old FastPass system and FastPass+ is that at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios certain combinations of FP+ attractions are not available. You’ll see this during the selection process.



10. The system will give you four sample FP+ allocation profiles. Sometimes these are listed at Option A, B, C, D and sometimes as Option A, B, C and “Best Match.” “Best Match” groups your FP+ choices in a relatively short time period, which is often good, but it does not take many other factors into consideration, such as the time you’re planning to arrive at the park, rest/nap needs of your party, non-table-service lunch plans, touring plan optimization, etc. You can pretty much just pretend “Best Match” = Option D.

Option A

Option A


Option B

Option B


Option C

Option C


Best Match?

Best Match?


As a starting point, choose whichever of the sample profiles comes closest to making sense. Don’t worry if none of them come particularly close. You can do lots of tweaking later. I’ll choose Option A, because I’m planning a morning visit to the Animal Kingdom.

11. Fine tune your results. After you’ve selected one of the sample FP+ plans, you can make changes.



You can change either your attraction selection, or the time of your attraction.

Change the attraction or change the time.

Change the attraction or change the time.


Let’s say I want to change the time, because Kali River Rapids before lunch is just too much wet. You can choose to make the change for some or all of the members of your party.



You’re then presented with time alternatives, assuming that there are any available. Remember, at this point you’re still not locked into a change. If you don’t see a more favorable FP+ available, you can still stick with what you have by clicking Cancel.

Select an alternate time.

Select an alternate time.


Changes are not official until you click DONE on the Confirm Your Changes page.



12. WOOOO HOOOOO! You’ve confirmed your changes and you’re all set!

13. But … but … but … I want to change my FastPass+ selections AGAIN.

Hey, no worries, you can keep on making changes up to your arrival and even while you’re in the parks. One of the benefits of the FP+ system is that it’s amazingly flexible.

To make a change while you’re still home at your computer, go back to My Disney Experience and select My Itinerary.



Then select Modify FastPass+. Feel free to tweak as often as you like.



If you need to make changes to your FastPass+ reservations while you’re in the parks, you’ll probably be doing this at an in-park kiosk (they seem to keep popping up in random places, ask a cast member for locations) or on your portable smartphone or tablet. I’m an Apple girl, so I do this with my iPhone and iPad. I know there are versions of the below instructions for Android and other devices, which I assume are quite similar.

1. To make/change FP+ reservations on a personal device, first download the My Disney Experience app onto your phone or tablet. Here’s the app in the iTunes store. (Bear in mind that as above, you must have a Disney account and be logged in to make any of the magic happen.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.13.49 PM


2. Once you’ve got the app installed, open it up and you’ll see the welcoming map page. Click on the little menu stripes on the top left.


3. Select Manage and Plan FastPass+.


You may get a little warning screen. If you do, select Get started with FastPass+ service.


From there, select the date, the members of your party for whom you want to select/change FP+, then the attraction, time, and so on much like above. It’s quite easy to add or modify your FP+ selections while you’re on the go.

Disney new folks – Does it seem easy or intimidating to make your FastPass+ selections? Did you get the hang of it quickly? Did you run into any particular glitches or points of confusion? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted on January 28, 2014

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  • How far in advance can you make online Fastpass+ reservations. My resort and tickets are linked, Magicbands are linked and customized. I keep getting the message that someone in my party must have tickets for the time period selected.

  • Am not happy with only being able to get fast passes for one park per day or having some rides with a ‘premium’ selection. I feel they went a few steps too far with this.

    • And only 1/attraction. And only 3/day. Etc., etc. I hear you, Giovanni. I hope Disney hears you, too and that this “testing” is a true testing where they’ll make needed changes.

      • I agree that it is too restrictive and you can not make reservations for the attractions you want if they are both “premium” plus only being able to do one park a day is a slap to everyone who purchased a park hopper ticket. They should try what Universal does and that is everyone who stays on site is a “fastpass” for every ride that has fastpass, every park, every day….

  • If you book a Disney resort, but link park tickets bought from an outside vendor, will Disney still mail you a magicband prior to your trip? Or do you only get the magicband if you buy tickets directly through Disney?

    • It does not matter where you get your tickets from – as long as you are staying at a WDW resort you are eligible to receive MBs.

  • As a side note, many people have reported having an easier time making/modifying FPP reservations using the MDE app rather than on their PC. Far fewer errors and quicker performance for some reason.

    • I’m going to guess that MDE app traffic has priority over PCs. Even my own company within it’s network has what is called ‘gold car’ access to certain application transactions over the usual network traffic. They probably do this because the majority of people using their phone will be in the parks

    • FYI The iphone app does not work very well/fast…making changes online through MDE works great, especially on your iphone.

  • This is way too much effort. I feel they are making things overly complicated.

  • A couple of questions:
    1) I took a trip in March 2013 with just two of my children. (no Magicbands or FP+) Only our three names/profiles appeared in MDE. Traveling March 2014 with husband and additional two children. Clicked “add a Guest” to add additional family members. They are now listed as “friends”, not “family”. I cannot find a way to edit this. I know it won’t affect how I make reservations or FP+, but it really bugs me that only two of my children are “family”, while the other two and my husband are relegated to being “friends”!!

    2) I have old non-expiring tickets with remaining park days and water park visits. I plan to save the park days to use on a short visit or day trip, and use new MYW 7 day base tickets with some of the old water park allotments on my upcoming trip. If I link both (old and new) passes to the magic band, how will it “know” what day to deduct for park admission? I don’t want to use up my non-expiring days on this trip. Perhaps I shouldn’t bother linking old pass and just use physical ticket for water park entry?

  • For issue #1, try calling Disney and ask them to change it! or do this when you get to the parks. Should be an easy fix for someone with the right access.

    For issue #2, I’d hold off on linking two sets of tickets. The majority of situations I’ve seen with guest problems involve having two tickets linked and the system being unable to process which to prioritize.

    • Thanks Erin!! I also found it interesting that MDE was able to link and old 7 day Magic Kingdom Club Park Hopper Plus from 1999 on a KTTW card, (only one water park entitlement left on it — I thought I would give it a try in the name of “research” ;)) but cannot link a park hopper from 2004 or a MYW (non-expiry) ticket from 2010.

  • Thank you!!! This is super helpful as my 60 day window is in February and I wasn’t sure what I would encounter that day! I feel like I now know what to expect!

    • You can get ready for your 60-day window by doing many of these steps in advance. For example, you can add family/friends and link everyone’s tickets as soon as you have them. You just have to wait for the 60-day mark to actually make/change the FP+ reservations, everything else can happen earlier.

  • Does anyone know how to DELETE a fastpass reservation? I accidentally made an erroneous one for a family member that isnt going but I cant figure out how to delete the entry. I would like to delete it rather than leave it there because its clogging up the other entries on the MDE app for me and making it a little difficult to discern which one is the wrong one vs. the right one.

    • If you’re on the MDE app on an iPhone, open the menu at the top left. Under Plan & Manage, select FastPass+. If you see the “Get Started” screen, select “Get Started.” Select the date on the calendar that has FP+ reservations you want to cancel. The last of the four option for the date should be “Cancel Existing FP+ selections on this day.” Then select members of you party for whom you wish to make cancellations. And proceed from there. (I assume all this is similar on an Android.)

  • Will they ever get to the point where off site guests with pre purchased tickets get to make fp+ reservations in advance?

    • Possibly. Disney is still calling this the testing phase. They have been gradually expanding the scope of the project. First allowing some hotel guests access, then more hotel guests, then all hotel guests, then removing legacy FP from one park, then all parks, now they’re adding early access for some annual pass holders. My guess (only a guess) is that eventually most guests will be able to make at least some FP+ reservation in advance, but this is probably many months away.

  • Does anyone know if the Swan and Dolphin count as WDW resort hotels for the purpose of making advance FP+ reservations? (Similar to how guests of those hotels are included in Extra Magic Hours?)

    • The Swan and Dolphin do not currently count as WDW hotels for FP+ purposes. This may change in the future, but I don’t know when this might happen.

      • I spoke with the Dolphin last week and they do not have any plans to participate. Also, they are not able to issue Magic bands/cards or link your reservation to MDE.

  • I am part of a family of grizzled WDW vets. While trying to put a good face on FP+, I am feeling very resistant to having to learn to adapt to this system. I don’t see how it is going to do anything but have a negative effect on the way my family tours the parks. We will probably be going to WDW sometime this year and I dread having to learn how to use FP+. The program was in test mode when we were there most recently (not our resort, but saw others using it) and I thanked our lucky stars. So much to learn, and seemingly no benefit. For the first time I am very disappointed with Disney about this

  • Will “Be Our Guest” restaurant be on the FastPass+ system for lunch this summer?

  • by Claire Carrington on January 28, 2014, at 5:53 pm EST

    We are not staying on property but have set up the Disney My Experience on both and computer and phone. I had the same problem not being able to edit family info. I have a birthday for one of our travel party that is incorrect but can’t change, also everyone, with the exception of my husband is showing up as friends not family, and I haven’t been able to change. The biggest headache has been all of the server errors. We tried several times on several different days to make advance dining reservations and the web page would freeze or a server error would come up. We were able to call and make the reservations with no problem. Then linking up he reservation worked fine. We will just have to see how it works once in the parks since advance selections are not an option for us. At least at universal you have the option to buy fast passes, more expensive but not sure after all of this if it isn’t worth it.

  • We just got back from POP Century last week. My daughter, her two children and myself were there for 5 days. Our husbands joined us for 7 more days after that. We did not have any problems with MDE in making Fastpass+ choices for any of our days. We made our choices as soon as we could, and were able to tweek them until we arrived. We also were able to change a few while in the parks. We had a total of 8 days, the guys 4. Everything also went smoothly with our Magic Bands for opening our rooms, our dining, park entry. Not one person in our group had any issues. We did wonder why some Fastpass+ choices were even in place. We made fastpass+ choice for Fantasmic and that was a waste. We went earlier than stated on our time allotment, and was ushered to the far left of the stadium. We mistakenly thought that by making a Fastpass+ reservation would give us a specific viewing area. All in all, I think with testing and listening to their customers, Disney will get this all figured out.

  • If we stay one night at a Disney resort and the rest of the week off-site, is it possible to link our 5-day park hopper tickets (we already have)to MDE and make fastpass+ advance reservations for the full 5 days even though we are only staying one night at Disney?

    • Mary Beth, did you ever find out a definitive answer? This is my current situation for May

      • John,Yes! We decided to stay at Fort Wilderness for the first night of our vacation. We already had our tickets linked on MDE and I was able to make fastpass+ reservations for all 5 days. We are staying off-site the rest of the week because it is much less expensive for our family of 11 and we are driving so we will have our cars. We will be able to get parking passes for two days and also enjoy EMH for two days. We are going in 2 weeks and received our magic bands yesterday. We are looking forward to a fantastic trip….enjoy yours too!

  • I’m managing Fastpass+ reservations for my entire family for an upcoming trip. On one day of the trip, we’re splitting up with some going to Hollywood Studios and some to the Animal Kingdom. Will I be able to make reservations at both these parks?

  • Used FastPass+ at EPCOT on Monday 1/27. Not a Disney hotel guest. Had no problem finding kiosks and Disney cast members with tablets to help out. When making a change to our reservation (as a test really) I noticed that the cast member took my name and made a new reservation on a different attraction for all 5 in my party… but oddly, the old reservation was still active for the remaining 4 in our party.

    We used Fast Pass+ at Test Track and used baby swap option. No problems: the crew member at entrance gave us an old Fast Pass like ticket like before.

    We’ve been referring to the new system as Fast Pass Minus because it seems to limit our ability to get Fast Passes. We could get one from an A attraction — and we noticed other people complaining about this new “feature” too. No Soarin’ and Test Track in same day. We started our day by getting Test Track reservation at kiosk and then going straight to Soarin’. Then went over to Test Track for our reservation. Worked fine.

    And seriously, why add the word “plus”? It’s hard to say all three words fast and really unnecessary. Why not just call it a new version of Fast Pass? It doesn’t need a new name.

    We noticed one example of a positive change. A Spanish-speaking family next to us at Test Track tapped their card at places in Test Track line and boarding location — the computer immediately used Spanish language for all their instructions. I can see value to that type of feature. (but overall, we don’t like how it limits the number of FP+)

    My wife and I also agreed that we would like to get Magic Bands in future. It would be easier to use it to tap things rather than get our card tickets out regularly from our wallets. I was worried about dropping it.

    The entry process was different and improved. No more turnstiles. You just tap card or magic band to little light-up globe on top of 4 foot pole, wait for light, then go. The Disney crew members don’t touch anything, just supervise. This seems like a good improvement.

  • If Im not within my 60 days before arraival, I ca not make fast pass selections? I have been trying and it does not let me. My 60 days before will be Feb.3

    • That’s correct. Currently there is a 60 day window for making FP+ reservations. If your 60 days starts on Feb 3, then you won’t be able to make FP+ selections until then.

  • We visited Jan. 6-12th. When I created FP+ reservations, I initially only reserved one or two per day, thinking I could add a third later. Which you can, but first you have to delete all your existing FP+ reservations for that day. I would recommend always getting three reservations, even if one is just a placeholder, and then modifying them later rather than having to start all over.

    I liked FP+. We had an unexpectedly long travel day on Monday, so we let the kids sleep in on Tuesday. Which under the old system would have stressed me out–we have to be there at rope drop to get our fastpasses for Toy Story Mania! With FP+ we could sleep in, knowing that we already had our fastpasses for TSM.

  • This whole system is just not quite right, for me. On the iPhone app, I can only see four of my five days (I can see all five on the regular website). On the website, I can’t delete a third FP+ that I don’t want – I can change it, but there’s no option to delete it that I can find. I can’t delete it on the iPhone app because it’s on the missing 5th day. I think that since it seems to automatically book 3 FP+ for you no matter what you do, there are a lot of us with FP+ reservations we have no intention of using, and nothing we can do about it.

    Also, the iPhone app’s times are consistently displaying wrong – all of my reservations are showing EITHER an hour earlier OR an hour later than they really are. The whole system is just extremely frustrating to me!

  • Does anyone know if the horror stories I am hearing about having ADR’s will restrict me from making FP+ reservations? We were planning to do the DXDP but with ADRs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if what I am hearing is true, we could not fit in 3 FP+ one-hour blocks in our day! assume ADR at 9:30, 12:00 and 5:00. I am hearing no FP+ (if you use the manual change option, which, let’s face it, we ALL will have to do) one hour before or two hours after ADRs. so that leaves me 2:00-3:00 and 3:00-4:00 and that’s it since we go to bed early with our 7-year-old daughter. Please tell me this isn’t true. Thanks!!!

  • BIG update! It looks likes the tiers have been taken away and all rides are available for fastpass+. Just changed mine.

    • Can you please tell me which park and what dates you’ve had this happen for. I’m looking at my upcoming reservation and still have tiered selections for Epcot and DHS. (MK and AK never had them.)

      • I saw it on the touring plans chat that it had changed. Our trip is coming up next week. I went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios on the Disney website and was able to change a tier 2 to a tier 1 fastpass. For example at Hollywood Studios, I have Rockin Roller Coaster, Toy Story and Fantasmic.

  • Epcot and Hollywood Studios for Feb 18 and Feb 15. I read about it on touring plans chat and was able to go online and change my fastpass+ to include more than one tier one option.

  • That is good news that the restriction is gone, at least for now.

    Not to go off on a tangent, but why is Disney sending a second set of MB’s for our upcming trip if we already have a set from a previous trip? I thought the MB’s would be re-usable?! Oh well, another Disney item to collect!!!

  • May have been a glitch. Definitely would be a fan of the tiers going away.

  • Is there a certain time that we can start making FP+ reservations on that 60 day out date, like with dining reservations? Or can you start at midnight 60 days out?

  • Staying off site but will be making same day fastpass+ reservations using my iPhone. Does anyone know how soon I can make those reservations. Do I have to be physically in the park? Do I have to wait for exactly opening time to do it. I’m thinking I could log on the day of from my hotel and take care of it all before we get to the park but don’t know if that will work.

  • Just gonna ask Natalie’s question again, as I’m wondering myself…at what time of day can you start making the Fastpass+ reservations when you’re 60 days away?

  • I just made my reservations – I did it at 8am EST. They have changed the layout since this entry was posted – similar- but different in the way you change the times or attractions. I think the system is having major problems though. I’m booking for 10 people and when I check my itinerary- sometimes it says I made selections for 8 people or 7 people, when I hit “select all” everytime – but when I click on each individual person the selection is there – UGGGGG