PUSH the Talking Trash Can No Longer Appearing at Magic Kingdom

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PUSH in Tomorrowland
(photo credit Scott Sanders –
Disney Cruise Line Blog)

The question over the last week has been: “Will he be returning or won’t he?” We now know the answer. PUSH the Talking Trash Can will no longer appear in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. His last day working was Saturday, February 8.

PUSH was an animatronic trash can who interacted with guests by talking with them, joking with them, and dancing with them. He was absolutely a fan favorite attraction.

The rumors started late last week. First, we heard he was going away forever, then we heard from the Orlando Sentinel that he was reported to be staying, but it’s official now that the roving trash can is extinct.

It appears that the reason behind the removal is that the contract for the talking trash can act had expired. PUSH had been around for 19 years.

There are no current plans to introduce a similar show back into the park. Disney is advising guests to instead take part in the #INCREDIBLESsuperdanceparty at the Rockettower Plaza Stage.

Posted on February 10, 2014

14 Responses to “PUSH the Talking Trash Can No Longer Appearing at Magic Kingdom”

  • It’s such a disappointment. I got to see Push at work so much, and he really was very special to Tomorrowland. Hopefully he will make a return soon. There’s a facebook page devoted to saving Push here https://www.facebook.com/savePUSH

  • PUSH is my all time favorite Disney character. I’m heartbroken that I won’t get to see him next week!

  • This makes me so sad! My son was having a tough time one day in Tomorrowland, and Push came right up and talked to him – had him give Push a high five, “That’s my head!” – and my son has talked about it since. It was absolutely the very best moment of our whole vacation! We’ll miss you, Push! Thank you for the beautiful interaction!

  • by Florence Porter on February 10, 2014, at 11:41 am EST

    PUSH was not a “show”, he wads character. I have fond memories of the first time I saw him in Nov 2007. My son got the biggest kick out of him. I relived that memory with my son when we saw PUSH this last November. He leaves a hole in my Magic Kingdom visit.

  • This is very sad. Why can’t they renew a contract? Something else must be going on. Push was fun, spontaneous and interacting. A dance party…generic.

  • Disney is pushing so much for “interactive experiences”, yet they decide not to renew the contract of such a brilliantly simple character? Things do not look good over there. It’s more of a symptom of a larger problem for Disney Parks.

  • This is SO sad! I saw PUSH for the first time during our trip there just a couple weeks ago. It was a definite highlight of our week – one of those experiences that could only occur in that place and make it special. What a shame.

  • PUSH, you will be missed :'(

  • We are planning our second trip to Disney in October and I only hope PUSH is back by then. PUSH was the highlight of my daughter’s WDW experience in 2013 and she mentions him at least once a week. Just liked his return on Facebook. Hope it works!

  • We loved Push – one of the highlights of Tomorrowland. A Dance party is no substitute for personal interaction.

  • I am sad. Looked forward to the grandchildren seeing this on our upcoming trip.

  • Hate to hear this!! One of my daughter’s favorite memories from one of our first trips was the interaction with PUSH. She had a cap with her name on it and PUSH freaked her out when he started talking to her!!

  • Our guest surveys indicated that the highest-rated character experiences were ones that required a FastPass+ or an hour wait. As the PUSH interactions were not compatible with FastPass+, we decided to replace it with a FastPass+ kiosk.
    We have also responded to guest surveys indicating that wait times at FastPass+ kiosks are often too long. Therefore, we have enhanced the MyMagic+ system to allow guests to use their FastPass+ reservations on FastPass+ kiosk sessions.

    [Len adds: I’m leaving this obviously not-from-Bob-Iger comment because it’s funny.]