Crowd Calendar Update – July 4, Late Fall & Early 2015

by on March 13, 2014

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Today we are publishing an update to our Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar. These updates are in reaction to changes to park hours, FastPass+, and improvements to our attraction wait time models.

The majority of days on the calendar remain unchanged or adjusted by one index level (up or down). We consider these changes to be minor – no need to adjust your travel plans. In some cases the new number is an adjustment of two index levels (up or down). Even then, it may not be worth it to alter your plans, especially if you already made dining reservations in a particular park.

The more significant changes are as follows:

  • For July 4, 2014, we increased the resort-wide crowd level back up to a ‘9’
  • Some park-level increases around dates in late October and early November 2014
  • Bumps in crowd levels at Magic Kingdom during late July and Christmas 2014
  • Higher levels at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during mid-April and late May
  • Some changes to resort-wide numbers in early 2015

As always, we stress that the use of a touring plan is the single best way to beat the crowds, no matter how crowded it is. Use the calendar to pick between two dates or to choose which park to visit on a particular day. The crowd calendar is subject to change, and the estimates are accurate within 2 index points 95% of the time.

For more information n what to do if the calendar has changes during your travel dates, check out our Crowd Calendar FAQ

Posted on March 13, 2014
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