First Aid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Nobody wants to think that about ending up ill or injured while at the happiest place on Earth. I know I didn’t anticipate it when it happened to me several years ago. Even though I wasn’t the one on a stretcher, it didn’t make the situation any less frightening. While at first aid I realized that I’d never set foot in the building until I urgently needed help. I imagine most people don’t even think about first aid in the parks until they are in a similar circumstance. Since that first visit I’ve made sure that I’m familiar with Disney World’s first aid locations and the services they offer. Today I thought I’d share a little information with everyone in the hope that you never need to use it!

So what is offered at first aid? The honest answer is that very little is offered medically at first aid stations in the parks. What you can expect are over the counter drugs and remedies. This might be a common request like a band-aid, or something less common like contact lens solution or a contact lens case. If you find yourself needing something, it’s a fair bet they might have it at first aid. Even better, anything offered there is given free of charge. I’m certainly not suggesting that you should use first aid as your personal convenience shop! But if you’ve forgotten something you really need to enjoy your time at the parks, you should stop by and see if they can help.

But I’m hurt – what good is first aid? First aid also has a nurse on staff who can begin the triage process if needed and call for emergency assistance. Since Disney has its own Reedy Creek Fire Department respond, an ambulance normally arrives in less than seven minutes. If your situation isn’t quite this urgent, first aid can assist with setting up an appointment with local urgent care clinics. Disney provides complimentary transportation to and from these appointments. These clinics offer common services you’d normally find at an emergency room. Think broken bones and cuts requiring stitches. But they can also help with a case of the sniffles, bug bites, and just about anything else. Even better, they are able to fill prescriptions on-site so you can get back to your vacation.

Here’s where you can find first aid in each park.

  • Magic Kingdom: Between Casey’s Corner and The Crystal Palace just off Main Street in the direction of Adventureland
  • Epcot: Odyssey Center, which is the building with restrooms between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Between Guest Services and Sid Cahuenga’s, near the entrance
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Behind the MyMagic+ Service Center in Discovery Island, near the bridge to Africa
  • Typhoon Lagoon: Just behind Leaning Palms
  • Blizzard Beach: Beside Lottawatta Lodge
Waiting Room at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

How about help coming to you? If you’re staying on property at a Disney resort, an in-room medical visit can be arranged by calling the front desk at any time, day or night.

Any cast member can help. If you’re seriously ill, remember you don’t need to make it all the way to first aid. Any cast member can get you the medical help that you need. Don’t be shy asking for assistance! 

I hope this information is helpful for anyone visiting Disney World. Do you have any tips here that I’ve missed? Do you have a story about visiting first aid and how they were able to help you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Thanks so much for reading, and stay safe out there!


  1. I had to visit the first aid station at Epcot several years ago. My mother passed out while riding Test Track. It was awful. She couldn’t get out of the seat; we caused a ride delay. I was FREAKING out. However, cast members were absolutely BRILLIANT. They calmed me down and helped Mom get backstage. They called their EMTs. I don’t know if they were on site or had to come from Reedy Creek, but they were FAST. They immediately checked her out (still backstage). When they determined it was nothing serious, they gave us the option of going to the Urgent Care Clinic or going to gift aid. Mom chose the latter. They wheeled Mom over in a wheelchair and the nurse on staff was excellent. The facilities were comfortable, clean, and afforded a decent amount of privacy. They let mom rest and gave her some Gatorade after checking get blood pressure. We stayed there about an hour and were checked on every 15 minutes or so. It was a very stressful experience, but the staff handled it with the usually Disney grace, calm, and ease. I was so impressed and thankful.

    I hope others don’t have to have the same experience, but if you do, I hope you find the services just as helpful and comfortable.

    • Hi Mary – thanks for sharing! Aren’t the just the best? I’m glad your mom was okay. I would have been scared to death!

  2. First aid can also keep your medication refrigerated. If you have a child who isn’t “sick” any more, but finishing up on that 10 day antibiotic regimen, some of those liquids need to refrigerated.

    Some antibiotics do not need refrigeration.

    But basically, there’s no need to take hours out of the day to get back to a fridge if everyone feels up to park touring. But you definitely are supposed to finish all the days of a course of antibiotics.

    I think they keep insulin refrigerated too, but I wouldn’t know first hand.

    • As an add-on to this, there are also a lot of medications that are fine at room temperature, but not so fine for 8 hours in a Florida summer. First-aid can keep things out of the heat without refrigeration as well.

      • Hi Guys – that is a really good point. I didn’t even think about that. I’m sure they would help with insulin. Thanks for commenting, great information!

  3. The time we needed help was at River Country (remember that?). My wife needed treatment of a delayed injury from a traffic accident we had while driving to Disney World – not life threatening but painful. We talked to a cast member and were taken to a first aid station there and then were provided transport to and from an urgent care clinic

    • Hi Len – I’m glad your wife was okay and that they took such good care of her! Thanks for sharing. (And I do remember River Country! :))

  4. Last summer, my daughter ended up doubling over in pain during the fireworks. My wife thought it was really serious – appendicitis. I had a different belief. A week of fried foods and cheese sauces had put my daughter into serious constipation. We went in, and the cast member delivered some Immodium. She felt better leaving, and the problem was solved shortly thereafter. They were great!

  5. Well, how shall I tell this story without being too gross? My husband has rather sensitive intestines. After almost a week of theme park food, our tummies were taxed. The final straw was the drunken donuts from the Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge. Before heading over to snag seats for the EL parade at MK, we stopped at the lounge and indulged in these yummy little bites of greasy goodness. Fried, then dunked in a sauce of Grand Marnier and melted butter. So good — but so bad. At MK, we sat some towels on the curb in front of the Kodak place and prepared for a long wait of people watching. My younger son wanted to check out a couple of shops, so I left my husband and older son to save our spot. When we returned, about a half hour later, my husband was frantically scanning the crowd for a sight of us. When he glimpsed me coming, he waved, jumped up, and left. Bathroom Attack. He came back, pale, sweaty. The donuts had done it. He knew that would not be the last “event.” I asked a CM if there was a store that might have some Immodium. She said no, but directed me to the first aid center by the hub. I told my husband he could go there, and he very pointedly said “I wouldn’t make it there.” “Oh dear.” So…. young son and I took off on a mission. The parade would be starting fairly soon, and the area was getting packed with people. Like ninjas, we wove in and out of the crowd, making it to the first aid center in record time. I signed us in, a little worried that they might not give me meds for someone other than myself. There were a few people in the waiting area. When the first aid CM came out and called our name, I was nervous, and blurted out “I’m here for my husband who can’t make it here. It’s not for me.” I just decided to forego any delicate euphemisms. When he asked what was wrong, I told him I’d left my poor husband on the curb. He was having diarrhea attacks due to too much greasy food and he was afraid he’d have another one right in the middle of the parade. The CM was very professional, but I saw a tiny smile before he collected himself and got down to the business of giving me some medicine. What was REALLY funny was the input from nearly ALL the people in the waiting room. I heard about 5 different D.D. (Disney Diarrhea) stories before I made it out of there. Everyone knew someone who’d had a similar tale to tell. Son and I got back through the crowd to my husband just in time. One CM tried to stop us from going back through, since the area was packed. A crazed response along the lines of: “myhusbandishavingdiarrheaandI’mbringinghimImmodium” did the trick. They let me through. The day was saved, thanks to the help of the First Aid folks. I can’t imagine what the rest of our evening would have been like without them.

      • Haha – Chris your story had me laughing out loud. What a rough night for your hubby! I’m sure you’ll have fun with that story for many years to come. Thanks for sharing!!

        And “HI” DisneyDad – good to see you! 🙂

  6. Don’t ask me how, but my boyfriend managaged to sprain his ankle REALLY badly stepping into the sand of the Beach Club pool. After helping him to a beach chair, I went and got the life guard and asked about getting him an ace bandage to get him back to the room. He gave us several cold packs, but didn’t have an ace bandage. He offered to call for a wheel chair or the EMTs but my boyfriend was too embarressed for them to do that.

    He hobbled back to the room, and I had to take a cab to Walgreen’s to get 1st aid supplies. Suprisingly the gift shop didn’t carry Ace bandages either. Most expensive ankle brace ever when you include the $50 cab ride!

    • Aw, Sarah, I wish I would have written this sooner. They could have given you an ACE bandage for free at the parks. It would have been a much cheaper ride and lot more fun! Regardless I’m glad he was okay! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Our daughter was stung by an unknown bug while walking through the “Tree of LIfe” in animal kingdom. Her finger swelled, she was screaming, and I was aggravated because we had to leave the line! We were directed to First Aid, and it was amazing. super clean and sterile. Nurses that used common sense. I was so impressed. However, nothing could talk my 4 year old into continuing back into that tree. We didn’t get to experience that attraction till our next visit.

    • Paige — if you were wanting to return to the tree to do the bug’s life show, it’s probably all for the best that you didn’t. That attraction traumatized my kids for years after — I can only imagine what it would have been like after having actually been stung! Ow!

      • Hi Paige – I’m sorry you’re little girl was stung! That can be so painful. 🙁 And I agree with Chris, I’ve seen adults traumatized by that show!

  8. My daughter had a cold when we arrived at Disney. In the morning before we left for HS I gave her some Tylenol. But I forgot to pack some along for later that day. Around lunch she was starting to not feel well again so I ran to First Aid. They gave me a little cup of Tylenol and she was back to normal in no time!

    • Hi Karen – thanks for sharing. That is exactly the type of thing they can do at first aid. No reason to leave or take a cab to a local market. They have everything you need free of charge! 🙂

  9. At 48 I am in nursing school. When I grow up I want to be a nurse at Disney World. Hopefully I won’t be too old 🙂

    • Hey Sharon! I’ve seen lots of folks working there that are well over 48… or maybe even over 68! I think it’s all about treating everyone that walks in the door like family. Sounds like you’d be perfect! (And don’t grow up – it’s over rated! ;))

  10. Thanks for that helpfully, little article. Fantastic to hear, they offer so an amazing service with their First Aid locations. I really hope, I never need to use it, but I’m diabetic and so it’s always reassuring to know! 🙂

    • It’s my girl, Vanessa!! Thanks for reading and commenting – always good to see you. I hope you never have to visit first aid too! 🙂

      • Awww Daisy! You make me blush. So kind and lovely from you. :)I hope it isn’t a bad thing, that I love your stuff and keep commenting. Do you have any own social media sites or are you just here over Touringplans?

        • No way – I love it! I don’t do anything on my own. I’ve thought about it. I’m just so thrilled to get a chance to write here. Have you ever watched Fresh Baked Disney on Youtube? I’ve thought about asking to be their east coast reporter. I love their stuff. (Bet you will too! :))

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