FastPass+ Tips for Annual Pass Vouchers and Frozen Meet and Greet

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As I’ve detailed in my recent blog posts, navigating Walt Disney World now that FastPass+ has fully rolled out for Annual Passholders is a whole new adventure that seems to evolve on a daily basis. Here are some updated FastPass+ tips on two of the hottest topics among users of My Disney Experience and the associated MyMagic+ programs: Annual Pass vouchers and the new Frozen meet and greet.

FastPass+ Tips for Annual Pass Vouchers

New FastPass+ tips for Annual Pass vouchers and Frozen meet and greet (photos by Seth Kubersky)

New FastPass+ tips for Annual Pass vouchers and Frozen meet and greet (photos by Seth Kubersky)

One of the most frequently asked questions in the comments to my recent blog posts has been if Annual Pass vouchers that have not yet been activated can be tied to a My Disney Experience account for FastPass+ access. This is important to guests who wish to purchase an annual pass in advance of their visit to make FastPass+ reservations without having the 365-day timer on their ticket start ticking until their arrival. Multiple readers have reported inputing their voucher number as a linked admission pass in My Disney Experience, and being unsuccessful in attempts to then make FastPass+ reservations.

When I inquired about this exact situation at the Magic Kingdom over the weekend, I was emphatically told by a senior cast member in Guest Relations that this could not be done at the current time. I was advised that a guest’s best option would be to book an onsite hotel with a standard ticket, then upgrade to an annual pass during their vist. However, according to Touring Plans reader, that isn’t necessarily so.

Reader K L Fredricks posted on March 24:

I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with Disney World Internet Support (407) 939-7765 and they were able to link my vouchers to MyDisneyExperience account allowing me to make Fastpass+ reservations even though I have not activated them at a park yet. I double checked and it appears that I can make Fastpass+ reservations for up to 30 days out now. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well when making my Fastpass+ reservations in a couple weeks for my trip in June that includes a resort reservation!

We offer the preceeding comment with the caution that this may not yet be official policy, and your mileage may vary; we can’t be held responisble if you purchase an annual pass voucher and are unable to use this method to properly link it. If you try, please share your experiences in the comments below.

FastPass+ Tips for Frozen Meet and Greet

Since it was announced that Anna and Elsa were moving on April 20 from Epcot’s Norway pavilion to Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall, FastPass+ reservations for the new Frozen meet and greet have been a hot commodity. But it turns out they might not be quite as scarce as it seems.

Here is the FastPass+ availability for April 23 as of mid-day on March 24, according to the MyDisneyExperience iOS app. Note that “Meet Anna And Elsa” does not appear as an option.


Here is the exact same info simultaneously displayed on the website. Anna and Elsa are available!


Success! My date with the Frozen sisters is secured. (I didn’t intend that to sound as creepy as it did…)


The app is also now showing my reservation correctly.


I even have the option now of choosing from several different time slots through the app.

I’m assuming that this issue is a temporary bug, and not an attempt to artificially limit access to FastPass+ for Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet, which is certain to be in strong demand for some time to come. For now, be sure to book through the website and not the app if you are looking for face time with the Frozen ladies.

Posted on March 25, 2014

39 Responses to “FastPass+ Tips for Annual Pass Vouchers and Frozen Meet and Greet”

  • Thank you – thank you – thank you for the ‘Frozen’ Meet-and-Greet FPP info! I have been waiting for that. We are so excited to meet these lovely ladies this summer! 😀

  • We purchased DVC AP vouchers last year for our trip in Dec 2013 and were able to link them using the MDE app and make fp+ reservations and everything worked out fine during our trip. The only thing is now MDE shows that AP expires in Oct (when it was added to MDE) but our actual pass shows a Dec expiration. So, I’m not sure how that impacts things. We don’t have any trips planned between Oct and Dec this year so I’m not too concerned. But proceed with caution!

    • Thanks Tracie! It’s possible that DVC AP vouchers work differently than standard ones. You should double-check your AP account online to make sure your pass expires in Dec not April. Maybe they activated your pass early? I really appreciate the info!

    • I would call – I had a 6-day ticket I upgrade to an annual pass on 11/30/13 and it showed online it expired on 1/30/14 vs 11/30/14 – the system “Picked” the wrong date is what they told me. The annoying part is they won’t fix it on the phone instead I have to do it in park meaning I can’t make any FP+ reservations. I may call again to see what they can do.

  • I would like to book a fastpass for Anna & Elsa for the first week in May via the website and I’m not given that option. Could there be no availability for May even though securing one at the end of April is feasible? Or do you think it will become available in the coming weeks? Is there rhyme or reason to this?

    • Good question. I’m an annual passholder, so I can only book 30 days out and can’t see May yet. If you have a hotel reservation you should be able to book 60 days out. I have noticed that Wishes and the parades don’t appear in FP+ beyond the end of March, so maybe it is just an issue with their internal schedule not being updated yet?
      And no, I can’t tell you if there is rhyme or reason to any of this, especially when things seem to change almost daily! 😉

    • I was able to pick up a FP+ for Anna and Elsa for May 13th and May 17th on the day they were released.

  • Tracie did you have to go to ticket window to activate the voucher once you got to WDW? I was able to link my AP voucher to my acct the same way you did.

    • What kind of AP voucher did you have, and how did you link it to your MDE account — app, website, phone? Did you have an active hotel reservation at the time? Thanks in advance for any details!

  • My wife and I were successful at adding out AP Vouchers from the website last week. We did call and ask about getting magic bands. If yous not going to be a resort guest and only use the pass as a day guest, you will not be able to order the AP Magic Bands till you convert your Vouchers into real tickets. Then you will get the option to order AP Magic Bands.

    • Thanks Chad! Did you do it through the webpage or app? What type of AP voucher? And are you now able to make FP+ for the next 30 days?

      • I added them via the webpage. They are regular annual passes. I did, however, get them via a friend from Company D (the cast member store.) Finally, YES, I have my Fastpass+ reservations made for my trip in April. I am able to make reservations up to 30 days.

  • I’ve been trying to book a fastpass for Anna & Elsa for the first week of May (via the website) with no luck. Do you think they have all been snagged already? Why would it be fairly easy to get one for the last week of April, but not May?

    • ugh–nevermind! Double post!

    • I was not able to get a FP for Elsa & Anna for the 2nd week in May – it looked like they were all booked. But then I saw a comment somewhere that said to try selecting only 1 or 2 of your party at a time – and that worked for me. I think there were no time slots available for the whole party at once, but when I selected 2 people at a time, I could book it. I was not able to get the exact time for the other members in my party, but I was able to pretty easily get overlapping times. The time slots appear to be in 5 minute increments and I wonder if they are limiting it to only a handful of people for each increment. Also, I have noticed that the website is a little unstable. There was one point when I saw availability, I selected it and then the site froze. I had to close out of the site and then when I went back in, there was no availability. But then the next day, there was availability again – briefly. It took me a couple of days before I was finally able to book Anna & Elsa. So, I would suggest checking back a few times every day, in addition to only selecting 1 or 2 people at a time. Good luck!

    • I was able to get one for the first week of May the day they started letting you book them but I could only book two people at a time. I did get overlapping times but barely as even when I booked there were only two times to choose from for the whole day. I would keep checking but they could be gone.

  • Thanks for the info! I thought it was just me, but I’ve always had better luck using the website rather than the app. And I was able to get FP+ about 10 days ago for Anna & Elsa on May 19 (although May 16, 17 & 18 weren’t available)

  • My mom and I both bought APs a few weeks ago for our upcoming trip (staying on property @ Riverside) in April. We tried entering in the confirmation number in the email provided, but despite numerous attempts, it wouldn’t let us add it to MDE. One quick phone call to some magical Cast Members on the phone quickly solved that problem and they were able to link our APs no problem. After that, we had no trouble making our FP+. I’m just crossing my fingers that everything stays this easy to use once we get to the World and get the actual passes!

  • I bought 3 DVC PAPs through the WDW website a week or so ago, and was able to link all 3 into MDE using my laptop. The 30 day booking for FP+ popped up immediately, and I was able to play with it and then delete the FPs. My concern is whether I will be able to book my ACTUAL FPs at 60 days out. We have a reservation at the Grand Floridian Villas, followed by a reservation at Boardwalk Villas. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Since the special pricing on the DVC PAPs ends before our trip, there wasn’t a way to take advantage of the savings by upgrading after we get there.

  • When will the Anna & Elsa FP+ be available to add to personalized touring plans?

    • Next week. Say, before April 5. In the meantime, feel free to use the Fairytale Hall Rapunzel greeting as a substitute in your plan.

  • I have a resort MB for a stay on-property next week. My AP MB just arrived today. I understand that the resort MB gives you access to everything — park entry, FP+, charging to room, and room key. The AP MB doesn’t have room charging/room key associated with it because it can be used when not staying on-property. What about when you do stay on-site? Can the MB be used for charging then? If not, then I guess I would put away the AP MB for anytime staying at a Disney resort and use any one of resort MBs I may have.

    • Aside from the box they come in, one MagicBand is not different from any other in terms of capabilities. Each band is just a band with a chip inside, and Disney’s computers need to be told what to do when they see that chip.

      If you associate both your MagicBands with your profile in My Disney Experience, and if you add your Disney Resort Hotel stay in My Disney Experience, you should be able to use either of them for all purposes during your resort stay. You should be able to test whatever MagicBand(s) you want to use during check-in.

      If you’re not staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, you will not have charging privileges on your MagicBand. Maybe Disney will allow Passholders to link a credit card or something in the future outside of a resort stay, but that’s not possible today.

      • We have Florida Annual Passes w/MB and I had the option to link a credit card from the MDE website and set a PIN for charging. We’re headed for a day trip next week to test it out.

  • My family of 4 will be traveling to WDW in December. There are rides that I won’t go on, that my kids will go on. Do all four of us have to book our three allotted FP’s together on the same rides or am I able to book the rides that I enjoy on my own?

    • Each person with park admission can have separate FastPass+ reservations. So you could book 3 completely different attractions than your husband, even if you’re staying in the same room, because you have different park tickets.

      My Disney Experience does, however, facilitate booking reservations for your whole family group, if that’s what you want. Many families do like to ride together, so booking for, say, party of 4 is a commonly used feature.

  • Well I just tried for the Frozen meet and greet in the first week of May. I was thinking this should be ok, since it’s lower crowds and during the week. Of the 3 days I tried (May 6 – 8) I could only get an option for May 6. 2 of the 4 time options came up as not available so substituted enchanted tales with Belle, instead. I think it will be harder as time goes on and more people try to get this fast pass.

  • I was able to link my voucher to MDE after 3 phone calls, 3 different CM’s and about 2 hours of trying! I was able to book my FP+ 60 days out but I am also staying onsite! I’ve just been curious about my magic bands bc I’ll be spending a weekend at WDW then going to Tampa for a few days then back to WDW offsite… I have my FP’s booked but will it be on the same bands as the weekend before even though I’ll no longer be onsite?!? I’m so confused…

  • Wonder if that will work for parades. I have never had them show up and with younger kids we don’t end any of the mountains and they really want to see the new parade at MK. Will have to try.

  • This Frozen M&G seems like it is the new BoG.

  • I had to call twice to get my AP exchange certificates linked. My mother got them linked in one call. When I would scan them with the app, it said they were assignees to a different ID (even though we bought them logged in as that same ID.) We do have hotel reservations in the system, which may have helped. At least it’s sorted now.

  • I called 3 times and was told all 3 times that the system recognized my voucher but I can not make Fastpass+ reservations until the passes are activated, and they were even renewals! I am not staying on property so that is probably why. The CM did say on my last call that this complaint is a common one but is not aware of any plan to fix it. He was also a manager as I had been escalated during the call. So unless you are staying on site (and not swan and dolphin as I am) then I wouldn’t count on getting fastpass+ until you have your actual pass. Also, you can not order a magic band until it is activated either.

  • Here’s an update that others may not know about – it was certainly news to me. O.K., so I called Disney (just got off the phone now) saying I was unable to link my AP voucher. They tried and tried with no luck. The CM asked if I rec’d a confirmation email when I originally ordered the pass, I told him yes. Then he asked what was the confirmation number in the email. I told him it was totally different from the numbers on the back of the voucher. We’ll he tried the confirmation number in the email and that worked. So, long story short – if anyone is having a problem linking their voucher to MDX, try the confirmation number of their order email instead of the numbers on the back of their voucher.

  • I am planning a trip for June and want to input Anna/Elsa in my personalized plans but it isn’t an option. Do you know when you will add those? My fastpass window opens in a few days and want to use your site to help me select the best time.

  • Any thoughts on how to visit Anna and Elsa now (March) while they are still in Epcot? I have read that the lines are ridiculously long, and it does not look like FASTPASS+ is available. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

    • You’ll need to wait in a long line. People actually schedule pre-opening breakfasts at Akershus and then have one member of their party stand in the Frozen line instead of eating. That lucky person then needs to wait “only” an hour until the park opens and the greeting begins. Word on the street is that having only one adult wait in line (being joined by his family when he’s near the front) is not frowned upon here as much as it might be at other attractions.

    • I observed two Moms do this on our visit in January. One left her family and waited and one stood in line instead of breakfast with her toddler. The meet and greet didn’t open until 11 am and our breakfast reservations were at 8am. I believe they have changed the time of the meet and greet to now match park opening, but know that by the time we got in to eat there were at least 15 folks in line for that meet and greet and willing to wait 3 hours before it even opened to be the first ones in line. At the time it wasn’t starting until world showcase opening time.