In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of March 28, 2014

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In Case You Missed It!

Have you been dreaming, maybe fantasizing, about all the magic and wonder that would take place while you plan your itinerary for a potential Disney Cruise? With the announcement of the Summer 2015 dates, it’s certainly easy to do! (I am!) So, while you were busy yearning about sitting on the beach somewhere, I thought I’d share some other news and fun you may have missed. Enjoy!

In Case You Missed It – Disney News and Rumors

Have you wondered what old school Frontierland used to look like at Disneyland? These photos give us all a glimpse!

Are you ready for a good laugh? Watch as comic Greg Benson cell phone crashes other guests at Disneyland.

We know that Disney Springs (Downtown Disney’s new name when the refurbishment is all over) will house quite a few new shops and restaurants. According to the Orlando Business Journal, one new restaurant appears to be from the Patina Restaurant Group, which is also behind the best pizza in all of Walt Disney World at Via Napoli. It will be interesting to see what they come up with!

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you may have noticed that there are some impostor Facebook pages going around, masquerading as real companies. This video report shows people how to become more aware. (I know I’ve come quite close to falling for these scams before.)

You have to love technology, because thanks to it, Disney has released a new Smart TV app that will let potential guests use their remote controls in order to research vacations at Disney theme parks and hotels and on Disney Cruise Line and Adventures By Disney. Read on to learn more about how it will work.

An interesting acquisition occurred for Disney this week, when it purchased the YouTube network Maker Studios. The deal will make Disney a major online video distributor. This article shares more. It’s fascinating to watch all the acquisitions that Disney has made ever since Bob Iger took over as CEO.

Speaking of Iger and his legacy, it’s general knowledge that he’s set to step down in June of 2016. But the question is: who exactly will take his place? Anyone who takes over will have certainly have big shoes to fill. This is a great article from Time that I think we all should read. It will be intriguing to see who ends up taking the coveted position in the company.

I love Samantha Brown. Have ever since her Travel Channel days! Because of her previous hosting duties, she obviously is a pro at traveling around airports. She recently shared her “Airport Survival Guide.” I have to tell you, as someone who also loves airports and has been in a few of the situations she’s mentioned, these tips are great. (That first one, leave plenty of time, seems so simple, but I learned it the hard way a few months back, when I checked-in less than 45 minutes prior to my flight and just made it on the plane! Panic ensued the whole time!)

In Case We Missed It

What did we miss? Send your idea attached to this Minnie Mouse Swim Bag (I’m getting ready for my cruise!) and send both to with the words “In Case You Missed It” in the subject line.

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  • I am really sad “Team Mickey” is gone at Downtown Disney.

    A staple of every WDW Disney trip I have taken in the past was to buy a different mini football helmet at that store. I also loved their “Run Disney” merchandise there as well.