Observations From Disneyland and DCA: May 19, 2014

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IMG_0662The big news this week at Disneyland Resort was the sudden price increases for all park tickets and annual passes. Unlike last year, there was no warning before the prices went up. Disneyland simply closed one day with the old prices, and opened the next day with new prices. I won’t go into much here, but the price increases have had a negative reaction. Also like clockwork, the local media has picked up on it again.

IMG_0601It’s been almost 2 weeks since Little Mermaid ~Ariel’s Undersea Adventure reopened with its improvements. I went into detail about the changes on this post, but now I’ve had some time to really soak in all the details. It really blows my mind that something as simple as a new paint job can make the ride so much better. In my opinion these changes took the Little Mermaid attraction from a simple dark ride, and made it into a future classic. I think people would consider it a must-do if this ride would have opened in the heyday of the Little Mermaid craze in the early 90s.

More pictures and observations after the jump.

IMG_0604A simple effect that I enjoy is how Ariel’s hair is “wet” looking during the underwater portions of the ride…
IMG_0642And “dry” during the sections of the ride where she’s in her human form.


My coworker David is in town right now, so we met for lunch at Cocina Cucamonga in DCA. I’m not going to sugar coat this one: Cocina Cucamonga is one of my least favorite Disney restaurants. But it had been a while since I’d eaten there, and I do like to keep looping around the restaurants to see if they’ve changed for the better or worse.

IMG_0589I had the soft tacos, which were about the same quality as you’d find at Taco Bell. That’s not a bad thing, but Disney’s tacos cost $10.

IMG_0658Memorial Day and 4th of July decorations have started to appear on Buena Vista Street.
IMG_0659The patriotic decorations fit in really well on the Buena Vista Street buildings.
IMG_0665Moving on to Disneyland, good news for you attraction poster fans! Disneyland Paris attraction posters have been added to the Art on Demand kiosks in Disneyana. More classic Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction posters have also been added.

IMG_0680Before I got to work I decided to take a ride on the Greatest Disney Attraction of All Time. You see, I’m finally able climb the Omnibus stairs to get to the second level after suffering from a dislocated kneecap earlier this year. My knee injury kept me away from the parks and off my feet for almost 3 months. After I started walking again it was difficult for me to climb stairs, so the Omnibus’ upper level was off limits to me.

IMG_0681But now I’m back at full speed and able to enjoy some of the best views of the entire park. You should, too, if you have a chance!


IMG_0684If you’re ever in need of a snack go ahead and grab yourself some fresh artichoke near the Tomorrowland entrance.

(Note: Please don’t actually do this)

IMG_0686The Matterhorn originally opened on June 14, 1959. But in 1978 the attraction received its first major refurbishment. Before this refurbishment the center of the mountain was mostly hollow, and there was no abominable snowman. This footprint cast commemorates the additions of the current ice caves and abominable snowman, which has an anniversary coming up.
IMG_0687Quite a bit of progress has been made on Alice in Wonderland’s exterior track since last week. Once it’s done, it looks like there will be plenty of room for people to evacuate from the cars, if needed.

Disneyland’s 24 hour day is this week! If you plan on attending be sure to stop by our morning breakfast meet at 8 AM on Friday. See you there!

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