52 Disney World Souvenirs Under $5

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Sometimes you’re at Disney World and you treat yourself to that awesome Dooney & Bourke bag, diamond Mickey pendant, or custom Disney artwork. Huzzah and glad tidings to your good fortune!

But there will also be times when those big budget items are just not in the cards. There may be many situations where you need to buy something at Disney World, but don’t want to break the bank. A few of these reasons might include:

  • You need to placate a child. Don’t judge, we’ve all resorted to the occasional bribe.
  • You need to bring a token gift to someone at home. For example, the neighbor kid who watered your plants merits just a little something.
  • You’ve have to bring a bunch of small somethings to a group. For example, everyone in your child’s preschool class gets a small gift. Or you’re getting favors for a party.
  • You’re on an extremely strict budget, but you want just a little something to commenorate your trip.
  • You’re participating in a Secret Santa or similar gift exchange or game with a small expenditure limit.

It’s all too easy to find expensive Disney souvenirs at the parks, but finding little trinkets can often be a challenge. Here’s a photo tour of some ideas for small purchases in the Disney parks. Each of the 52 items pictured below has been available for less than $5.00 during the past six months.

Merchandise items and pricing can obviously change, but some guidelines to consider when looking for cheap treats include:

  • Consider getting consumables for the folks at home. Your dog walker might not want a Mickey key chain (especially if she’s never been to Disney World), but she might enjoy some Mickey cookies. Eating is better than trashing.
  • The “impulse buy” bins near the registers are a good source of cheap swag.
  • Small kids are often enticed by quantity rather than quality. A few small things might be as good, or better, than one large thing for a child in collector mode.
  • A child who wants to spend just a few dollars of his own money on a souvenir may need to be pointed to items in the correct price range.
  • The stores in the Epcot World Showcase countries often have unique trinkets. If you don’t need your souvenir to say “Disney,” this is a great place to look. The Japan pavilion has some particularly wacky items.
  • Some small purchases can double as an activity as well as a souvenir. For example, pressed pennies and photo booth shots are things to do AND things to take home.
  • Remember that not everything you take home has to cost money. There are many items available for free at Disney World which can function as great souvenirs. Celebration buttons and coloring pages are just two of the many examples of this.

And onto the photo tour of souvenirs costing under $5.00:

Image copy

So folks, what’s your favorite tiny treat or trinket? Do you often have a need to buy just a little something in the parks? Do you typically have buyers remorse on small purchases? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted on June 5, 2014

30 Responses to “52 Disney World Souvenirs Under $5”

  • by Belinda (EthicalAddict on Lines) on June 5, 2014, at 12:33 pm EST

    I could go on forever about all the fun little trinkets I’ve found at Disney but I’ll just recount one. As apart of a gift, I recently received one of Disney’s fun air freshener’s (Mickey Waffle). I absolutely love it! When I go back in January I’m def going to buy some to give to friends and family 🙂

    • by Erin foster on June 5, 2014, at 6:16 pm EST

      I agree that those air fresheners are amazing. But they cost more like $8.00, which is why they didn’t make this $5.00 and under post.

  • I think this was a great post! You highlighted some of my favorite inexpensive souvenirs – I love going to the Japan store at Epcot (they have such cute stuff!), novelty magnets & keychains, the small buttons, and Pressed Pennies!

  • by Marie Rossiter on June 5, 2014, at 2:23 pm EST

    I love this post! Lots of great ideas that I plan on using for the next trip. I have to know, what is the monorail souvenir pictured? I must have one when I go down next time!

    • by Erin foster on June 5, 2014, at 6:14 pm EST

      The monorail is just a little plastic toy w wheels. It rolls. That one was at Epcot in the shop at the Imagination ride exit, but I’ve seen it in other stores as well.

  • Where do you find the bath bombs? I love bath bombs. Are they all over the World, or just in one special shop?

  • To help keep our souvenir costs down my husband and I stock up on Disney toys at the dollar store and Walmart before our trip. We carry them in our backpack and pull them out as needed ( waiting for parades, in line, or those moments when our kids simply need to be distracted). Dollar stores in particular are full of Disney toys, and it’s no big deal if they get lost or broken.

    Thanks for the great post!

  • by Angela from Ohio on June 5, 2014, at 7:06 pm EST

    I love the little square wash clothes. That once you put in water they expand. Not sure of price but my neighbor” s kids loved them. They had cars and princesses too.

  • Where did you find the small bags of werther’s caramel popcorn? I have only seen the big ones.

  • When I was there a few weeks ago they had some super cute mini-postit notes shaped like Mickey’s shoes, glove, pans and the iconic Mickey head. They were 3 for $5. They also had Minnie pieces too.

  • I always get a hello kitty pen at the Japan pavilion. Makes me smile every time I use it once I return to the “real world”

  • Where are those beads located?

    • That particular bin of beads was in the gift shop in the Wilderness Lodge, but many of the resort gift shops have them. I’ve also seen similar in the Emporium in the MK and at Mouse Gear at Epcot.

  • The first thing I do when we get to Disney is buy a pack of the Mickey or Winnie the Pooh lollipops. They come in handy on long days in the park and your child needs a little sugar boost to make it through the day. I love the long sticks on them, I don’t have to worry about my 2 year old chocking on it. They are tantrum killers!

  • Great Article! I want at least one of each, even if a lot of them I don’t understand what they are. What’s inside the Star Wars collector pack? Where is it available?

    • The Star Wars collectors packs contain about half a dozen small toy figurines, about one inch tall. There are also theme park character and park vehicle versions of the packs. They carry them in most of the larger theme park stores. Definitely in the MK Emporium and at Mouse Gear at Epcot. That photos was taken at the main merchandise store at Hollywood Studios.

      • Great! Thank you very much! I’ll add it to my shopping list. 🙂

      • We made a mini figure game out of our Star Wars mini figures when waiting for meals at ADR’s. Each person picks their figures and places them around the table (standing atop drink lids, hiding behind pepper shakers, etc. then take turns choosing a guy and “attacking” by picking another player’s figure to target and play Rock Paper Scissors to see if your guy knocks the target figure out of the game. If attacker wins, they’re out. If defender wins, they survive again. Last one with a character left wins.

        Seems dorky but it was incredible how well it kept the boys having fun during long waits during sit down meals.

  • Where is the photo booth located? Are their more than one location for photo booths? thanks!

    • There are photo booths in several locations. They sometimes move them around, but you can almost always find one in the Dinoland area of Animal Kingdom near the games, in the Imagiantion pavilion at Epcot in the post-ride store, and at the store at the exit to Space Mountian. Some resort arcades have them as well. You can choose to have the photos printed with a Disney logo border.

  • Where do you find the Minnie’s Bake Shop sprinkles? My youngest daughter goes crazy over these. We have had a few waiters go above and beyond and bring her out a small bowl of just those sprinkles. Thanks!

    • I found those in the confectionery shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I’ve also seen them at Mouse Gear at Epcot, near the housewares.

  • Thanks for choosing some great and unique souvenir ideas! Sometimes the stores can just be so visually overwhelming that you don’t know where to look so it’s nice to see some of the items that you may normally miss.

    Are those “Charmed in the Park” charms the same ones that are usually in the gift shops on those tables? They look similar, but I’ve never seen them on display like that. Is that something new?

    • In looking at some old photos, yes I do believe that the Charmed in the Parks charms had previously been displayed loose in bins on tables. They’re now on individual cards displayed on spinner stands with other jewelry.

  • Erin, great article. Thank you. One great tip I learned many years ago from Unofficial Guide (when my now grown children were small). To give them some dollars- say $50. to spend on souvenirs anyway they wish. They loved choosing their own presents, and amazingly prevented any hissy fits over expensive, or constant, requests. Planning to use same technique this trip, with 4yr 2yr grands, though probably needed only for the 4yr old at this time.