As PotterWatch construction updates wind down, our Kongstruction coverage will begin increasing to keep pace with progress on Project 340, the yet-unannounced King Kong attraction going into the area behind Thunder Falls Terrace in Islands of Adventure‘s Jurassic Park. This week, let’s check out the newly relocated T-Rex photo op, as well as some earth moving on the construction site.

Project 340 Earthmoving

First, here are a few photos of the current state of the Project 340 lands, located between the Thunder Falls Terrace restaurant and Toon Lagoon:

Kongstruction project 340
Photos by Seth Kubersky


T-Rex Photo Op Relocated

As reported in our last Kongstruction update, the T-Rex photo op long located near Thunder Falls Terrace was recently removed, and temporarily stored backstage.

Kongstruction T-Rex photo op relocated


Now, the T-Rex and accompanying vehicle have been relocated to a new spot near the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, outside Burger Digs.


At the time these photos were taken, the automated camera system has not yet been reinstalled.


With apologies to Dr. Hammond, it appears they “spared every expense” in relocating the T-Rex, and left the dino’s absent back half badly exposed. Hopefully some additional camouflage will be added to obscure these supports by the time this update is published.




  1. It’s good to see Kong making a comeback of sorts at Universal. I’m a little surprised about it, as I always thought the main reason for the end of Kongfrontation was its unreliable operation. Maybe the improvement in computing power over the past 20+ years means that this problem has mostly gone away.

  2. From what is being written, it definitely looks as though this is going to be an entirely new attraction and nothing like the old Kongfrontation ride that used to be located inside Universal Studios.
    I wonder how long it takes before Universal let us know more?

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