2014-02-15 22.33.39Changes are a taking place! If you have a trip to Walt Disney World scheduled from starting anywhere from July 13 through the remainder of the year, you may want to double check park hours and Extra Magic Hour offerings, as both of these will be changing at most the the theme parks. Here’s what you need to know:

Magic Kingdom: On many days, the park’s operating hours have been extended. In addition, Evening Extra Magic Hours have been moved to different days. (Most of the time, the change is that Evening Extra Magic Hours have been added on Saturday evenings; they will no longer take place on Sunday or Monday evenings.) Also, additional Main Street Electrical Parade performances have been added.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: On many days, the park’s operating hours have been extended. There are also changes to Extra Magic Hour days. Plus, additional Fantasmic! shows have been added.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: On many days, the park’s operating hours have been extended. In addition, Morning Extra Magic Hours have changed; they will now take place for the most part on Sundays, with a few exceptions.

Epcot: Has seen no changes. Its park hours will remain consistent with before.

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in the next six months, be sure to check out the Crowd Calendar for the latest updates.


  1. lost 2 hours from MK schedule one night of my trip, which kind of blows my plan for a comprehensive no criss-crossing MK day. ah well…

    • first thing I had to cut from my schedule was souvenir shopping time. It just won’t happen this trip.

  2. Definitely not pleased about this. When you have to make ADRs 180 days out and FP+ reservations 60 days out, it sucks to have the rug pulled out from under you like this.

    We have our MK visit planned for a date that was originally supposed to have evening EMH. We made a later dinner reservation because of that, and intentionally left the following day open so that the kids could sleep in after being at the park until 12 or 1am the night before.

    If Disney wants people to plan their vacations so far in advance, then they need to think about not screwing around with schedules at basically what amounts to be the “last minute” for most people.

  3. All our days didn’t change for oct, just got bonus time at MK for Saturday night! Which is awesome.

  4. The parks we are scheduled to be at don’t appear to have changed for our November trip, however, other parks have shorter hours and no shows/fireworks scheduled. I’m wondering if something is happening at HS when they close at 4pm, although we’ll be attending MVMCP that night 🙂

  5. Where do we see these new changes? Between this site, Disney’s official site, and the wdwinfo site, I’m seeing different times. We scheduled our entire week this fall and all of our ADR’s around when the Main St. Electrical Parade and Wishes were going to be at MK. Now one site says it’s not going to be the night we planned for and two others’, including this one, say it is. I’m so confused by this. Where can I find the most up-to-date information?

  6. I’ll wait a week before making changes to my plans maybe by then everything will be updated.

  7. Has the crowd calendar already been updated with this information? If not when can we expect to see the changes reflected there? Currently, I don’t see any changes to my dates in November.

    As an aside, I completely agree with Rich. Making very advanced plans based on changing schedule information is a serious bummer and very frustrating.

  8. Has all the data on here been updated yet? I’m trying to rearrange my AK personal plan for the earlier hour, and Pangani Trail is not showing as open at 8. I kinda need to update this because it affects my dining reservation. Thanks

    • Doesn’t look like the crownd estimates & recommendations have changed in response to change in hours yet. Is this in the works?

  9. I’m surprised there does not appear to be more outrage about this. The schedule change leaves a span of 12 days with no evening EMH at MK (between July 6 and July 19). So potentially, there are thousands of families checking in the second week of July, staying for say a week (+/- a day or two) that will not have the opportunity to experience evening EMH at the Magic Kingdom at all! Personally, when choosing travel dates and deciding whether to stay on or off property, I weigh the availability of EMH heavily in my decision. This really stinks for those who planned trips during that time span!

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