Park Vue Inn: One of Disneyland’s Best

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I should start by saying I didn’t set out to write a love letter to the Park Vue Inn. I didn’t expect to even like the place that much. I mean, it’s an exterior corridor motel. What could be so special about that? Well, it ends up that a lot is special! Before we jump into things, I want to make sure everyone knows that I paid for my stay, and the hotel staff didn’t know that I’d be blogging about my stay. Sometimes I read reviews from other bloggers and wonder what things would really be like if they didn’t get treated like royalty. Rest assured, I was totally under the radar on my trip!


CaptureYou’d be hard pressed to find a hotel with a shorter walk to Disneyland. Stepping outside the lobby of the Park Vue Inn you can see the pedestrian entrance to Disneyland just across the road. The photo to the left I took while standing under the Disneyland sign, waiting to cross the street. Of course, your room location could make your walk a bit longer than we experienced. (We were in room 123 if you’d like to request it.) But even at the back of the hotel you’d be closer than at some of the Disney owned properties. One thing to note is that we didn’t see an elevator, so you’ll be lugging your bags up the stairs if you’re on the second floor. Of course, we didn’t take our bags to our room at all. We arrived early in the morning and left our bags with the desk while we visited the parks. When we picked up our keys later in the day, they informed us that our bags were already in the room. It was a nice touch and a service I haven’t received at “nicer” hotels in the area.


IMG_3984When I was first looking at this hotel, it seemed too good to be true: free Internet access, free breakfast, free parking, and more. But upon arrival it was all there and better than we expected. We’ve both worked with hotels for most of our careers and have come to expect a “hot” continental breakfast to pretty much mean they have toast. Imagine how impressed we were to see waffles, eggs, potatoes, and sausage? Now, the waffle was an inedible, gummy mess. However, everything else was edible, and the potatoes were downright yummy! There was also yogurt, fresh fruit, toast, bagels, and more. The breakfast was more than sufficient to keep a family fueled for a morning in the parks. The Internet was also speedy enough to get caught up with my favorite YouTubers during our midday breaks. We didn’t use the parking or the pool, but both were what I expected for the area. Starting the very first day I wished I’d packed our bathing suits. That pool looked mighty inviting after being in the heat all day! 🙂

The Room

Remember when I said we’d both spent most of our careers working in hotels? Well, that included my hubby spending a few years as a Director of Housekeeping at a prestigious, high-end, boutique hotel. I normally go to the pool while he inspects our room. (Old habits die hard.) This room was no exception. He gave it a stem to stern inspection and came up with… nothing. Our room was clean as a whistle! That would have been enough for me, but there were also comfortable beds with nice linens and fluffy pillows. The TV was wall mounted and had plenty of channels. The thing that I might have been most excited about was the number of power outlets in the room! I always pack a power strip because I have so many camera batteries in addition to the normal slew of electronics. I didn’t have to use it this trip; they had me covered with multiple outlets and even a couple USB chargers in the room. They’re ready for families and all their gadgets! Lastly, there was a microwave, coffee maker, and mini fridge. Working in hotels I never, ever use the coffee makers (you don’t want to know why), but it was so nice to have the fridge to keep drinks cold.

The Bathroom

I’m a fan of having the sink outside the bathroom in hotel rooms. But if you’re not, be warned that is the setup here. It leaves the bathroom spacious. Our shower was great with high water pressure and a nice shower head. They also weren’t stingy with towels, leaving enough for a family. Ladies be warned: there is no conditioner!!

Here’s a look at the room and bathroom: 


This is where Park Vue really won me over. There’s a difference between service and hospitality. It’s a faint difference, but it matters. It’s in the simple act of people caring. I really felt cared for during my stay. All the employees I encountered went out of their way for us.

Have you stayed at Park Vue Inn? What was your stay like? Do you have any questions about Park Vue? What’s your favorite Disneyland area hotel? Please let us know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!

Posted on August 1, 2014

14 Responses to “Park Vue Inn: One of Disneyland’s Best”

  • NO!! This is our hidden gem…..don’t tell everyone about it!! Seriously…..agree with everything you said! It was a GREAT hotel (how could you not like the waffle?!!? You must not have cooked it long enough!!) Close to the parks doesn’t even describe this hotel…..It was so great being able to not dread the walk back at the end of the day….or how easy it was to run back to the hotel for a jacket rather than spend $40 on sweatshirts for everyone! The room was clean and comfortable….and it has BUNK BEDS!! The kids loved it! We will definatly be returning.

  • We stayed in June 2013 and thought it was great. Don’t forget the cookies in the lobby! They weren’t always in stock, but when they were, they tasted awesome (chocolate chip with caramel!). The pool was good too. Yes, it’s in the middle of a parking lot, but the fence and foliage cover that.

    I’m pretty sure we had conditioner in our room then…my only complaint about the bathroom was the shower curtain had a clear strip at chest height. If it had been solid, then it would have worked for somebody to run in and use the toilet while someone else was in the shower and both still have privacy, but the clear strip messed that up. I see in your video that your room did not have this.

    Breakfast was excellent too, would be nice if they would open it up just a bit earlier in case you want to be first in line at the turnstiles. It opened at 7.

  • by John (Elaineh's worse half) on August 1, 2014, at 9:26 am EST

    Only stayed there once but agree totally with the review. We prefer candy cane in for better ambience but this is a great place for families. Our room had a spa tub in the bedroom! Privacy is not an issue for this family of four that has always stayed in one room!

  • Completely agree with this and the previous comments (especially Jennifer’s – shhhh…we need to keep this on the DL about DL hotels so I can still get a reservation whenever I need it!) We stayed here in 2011 and it was fantastic for our family of 4. The location can NOT be beat & it’s a nice, clean, comfortable place to stay with all the necessary amenities. Oh, & it’s very fairly priced! Very excited that we have secured a week long reservation here over the 2015 Star Wars 1/2 Marathon weekend!

  • Very excited to read this review. Researching DL hotels now and can’t stomach paying the DL resort prices!

  • What might the reasons be for this not being a “Good Neighbor” hotel?

    • My guess is that they can regularly fill enough rooms without giving Disney a cut, ditto expedia. Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites only books directly as well. Both are decent places at reasonable prices, so they won’t lack demand.

  • “Treat Yourself to More at our Disney Neighborhood Hotel
    We look forward to welcoming you warmly with free parking, and our exceptional staff is here to help exceed your expectations. We encourage you enjoy a Free Hot Breakfast served daily to begin your Anaheim adventures on a nourishing note. As a Disney® Good Neighbor, we’re here to help you make the most of your visit to this vacation hotspot.”
    I was just looking at the homepage and this was at the bottom. Am I correct that I have the same hotel featured in this blog post?

  • How long did it take to walk to the entrance of DL? I only ask because so many hotels advertise a 5 min or 10 min walk and since I have never been it is hard to gauge what really is far away! Also, how is the noise level? Do you hear the traffic?

    • It really is directly across the street from the entance (where the Disneyland shuttles pick up and drop off). We always are in the back of the hotel so can’t speak to traffic noise. I will say the fireworks sound like they are happening in the parking lot, but I would imagine that’s true for any of the nearby hotels.

  • We love this hotel! The Park Vue Inn has been our go-to hotel for more than a decade. You just can’t beat the price and location. And as you said, the service is on par with the best expensive hotels. When I did the Disneyland Half, they had a little welcome basket and note waiting in my room when I arrived. I’ve never had anything but fantastic service there. And my daughter loves the bunk beds!

  • Haha, we always worry about this secret getting out too.

  • Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and helping each other with answers. I had a family member end up in the hospital and it took me offline for a while. I’m very happy to be back! 🙂 I just didn’t want anyone to think I ignored your comments.