Funny Disney World Attractions That’ll Have You Laughing

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Muppet Fountain (photo by Tom Bricker)

Muppet Fountain (photo by Tom Bricker)

What does Mickey call his home? A mouse pad. Who handles Br’er Rabbit’s money? Br’er Broker. How do you turn Epcot into the best park in Disney World? Turn 21. Now that I’ve clearly established my comedy expertise with these masterful jokes, I hope you’ll trust me to guide you through some of Walt Disney World’s Funniest Attractions. One of the words most often associated with Walt Disney World is “magical” but don’t be fooled. Disney World is host to a bevy of attractions that’ll have you laughing out loud. Of course, everyone has his own sense of humor, but if you’re a first time visitor or just happen to have never been on one of the following attractions, I hope this article will give you an idea of just what makes these attractions so funny. I may have only recently started doing stand-up but I’ve been laughing at Walt Disney World my entire life.

Jungle Cruise

If you love “dad” jokes, you’re going to love Jungle Cruise. The attraction features a guided tour through the “jungle” and while you’ll see a bunch of animatronic animals along the way, I think the real appeal of the attraction is your skipper who provides some hilariously corny jokes. Like any attraction with different guides, your enjoyment will definitely hinge on how into it your cast member is. Some of the better ones will have both kids and adults of all ages in stitches by the end of your “six month cruise.” Also be sure to ride it at night and you might be lucky enough to get some jokes that are a little too “edgy” for the day crowds. For a more official new experience, go during the holidays when the whole attraction is re-themed to the Jingle Cruise.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

The Laugh Floor is as close to a comedy club as you’re going to get at Disney World (RIP Comedy Warehouse). The basic premise is that Mike Wazowski has brought all the humans to Monstropolis to collect their laughter for energy. While the monsters appear on screen, comedic cast members actually provide the jokes and do an impromptu voiceover that’s always different to fit the current audience. It’s actually pretty clever and feels more live than most of the shows at Disney. The crowd work is always great. While audience members can answer monster’s questions, it’s the best when the comedians pick on certain audience members. It’s all in jest, of course, and never goes over the line. It’s Disney, not the Comedy Cellar. Just don’t be “that guy.”

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Admittedly, Journey Into Imagination is definitely more skewed towards the younger crowd. It’s whacky, loud and there’s even a fart joke so if you’re not a kid or a kid at heart, you probably won’t find it funny. Judging from my not-at-all sophisticated jokes up top, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see Journey Into Imagination on my list. For you Monty Python fans, however, Figment does feature Eric Idle as the “straight man” to Figment’s zany antics. It’s almost always no wait too so that’s a plus. If that doesn’t get you smiling and laughing, I don’t know what will.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure

C’mon! Who doesn’t love Ellen? Before she got her talk show and danced with millions of moms from around the country, she was a stand-up comedian with her own sitcom on ABC. Ellen’s Energy Adventure features both filmed sequences and an actual moving ride. The films are the funnier parts however. With a couple of celebrity cameos throughout (Bill Nye and Alex Trebek to name two), they feature Ellen’s trademark sense of humor. This is another ride that almost has no wait ever but I think a lot of that has to do with the length of the attraction (45 minutes!) as opposed to the quality of it. If you think Ellen is funny, you’ll laugh during Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Simple as that.

Muppet*Vision 3D

I’ve seen Muppet*Vision 3D so many times, I know every joke by heart and yet I still see it on every Disney trip. Think of it like that one funny movie that you can watch over and over again and still laugh everytime. I truly think the Muppets comedy appeal is universal. It’s part of the reason they’re still going strong half a century later. Because of this, I have no problem recommending Muppet*Vision to every Disney park guest. I guarantee you’ll laugh out loud during the show. If you don’t, you can come find me (Please don’t come find me). The only guys that don’t think the Muppets are funny are Statler and Waldorf. (Side note: I’ve never been heckled but I would give my life savings to have them come watch me perform and make fun of me. Can we make that happen, Disney?) They say if you try to please everyone, you’ll please no one. Muppet*Vision 3D is the exception to the rule.


Like I said earlier, “funny” is subjective. Maybe your favorite funny attraction didn’t make my list. Maybe you’re the kind of person that just keels over from laughing during Living with the Land. Not my thing but who am I to judge. Let me know below the hardest you’ve ever laughed on a Walt Disney World attraction.

Posted on August 10, 2014

14 Responses to “Funny Disney World Attractions That’ll Have You Laughing”

  • If you don’t have young children, you’ll miss some of the funniest, most entertaining experiences you can have at WDW – the character meet-and-greets. Not all characters are equally entertaining, and the “face characters” obviously have more opportunity than the “atmosphere characters,” but many of them have great opportunities to provide memorable laughs (to the point that even now that my children are in their “tweens,” we still like to get character autographs.)

    Examples: King Louie at Animal Kingdom – he can’t talk or sign, but he still stole my son’s Donald Duck cap and wore it for the photos, because he wanted to be “just like you.”

    Wendy Darling at Magic Kingdom – she enthusiasticly went through our kids’ entire custom autograph book to look at the pictures on the page they had made specifically for each character, commenting on each one (and no doubt annoying the other guests waiting for the delay), until she got to Tinkerbell’s page. “Tinkerbell! Oh, dear, you should be careful with her. She’s dangerous.” “We have a page for her friend Terrence in there as well,” my daughter proclaimed proudly. Wendy looked shocked. “Tinkerbell has… friends? Oh, well, that’s good. Everyone should have people.”

    Tinkerbell at Magic Kingdom – later that same day, enthusiasticly flips through the same autograph book. “Great! Wow – I want to meet her! Ha! Oh I love Peter Pan! Wait… WENDY?!? Why would you want HER autograph? She’s so BORING!”

    Then there was the time Mulan (China Pavillion, Epcot) gave my 8 year old son a surprise kiss on the cheek just before a picture. He was mortified, and proclaimed so loudly. (Although I think the guests in line were laughing more at my improvised response, “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why mommy doesn’t let daddy meet the princesses.”)

    • Ha, yes! We were waiting in line for Cinderella and the teenage boy in front of us was mortified because she kept trying to set him up with her sisters.

      He skipped Rapunzel.

    • by T.J. Van Fechtmann on August 10, 2014, at 10:55 pm EST

      This is a great point. Even if you don’t have kids, character interactions can be hilarious.

  • “I find this story Moving….”, “Yeah, I wish they’d move it to Pittsburg!” Love M3D!

  • No love for Sonny Eclipse?

    • by T.J. Van Fechtmann on August 10, 2014, at 10:58 pm EST

      Oh I got love for Sonny. I figured he’s too big for one portion of an article. Don’t be surprised to see a full feature on his greatness sometime in the future.

  • Turtle Talk with Crush – Its not ‘billed’ as a comedy, but every time I’ve watched it I’ve always nearly split my sides laughing and had tears running down my face – its the little kids talking to crush – a must see, even if you don’t have little kids!

    • I agree completely! I was surprised that Turtle Talk wasn’t included. My husband and I were in stitches. We actually saw it before Monsters Inc. and were disappointed with the Laugh Floor. We thought Crush was way funnier.

  • Glad you mentioned turtle talk, dude. I thought of it after my own post. Love that attraction, and it always leaves me laughing.

  • Mickey’s Philharmagic cracked me up the first time I saw it… especially the surprise ending!

  • I completely agree that Crush needs to be on there but we also laughed incredibly hard at Bugs Life. I know lots of people are scared of it but after you are “stung” (we had no idea to expect that) we cracked up (including my 3 and 6 year olds) and when the bugs exit – Priceless. Also – don’t underestimate the Country Bear Jamboree – the soundtrack is hysterical.

    • One of my funniest memories was when the Country Bears got laryngitis- all the bears were moving, singing, playing their instruments but no noise was coming out. The curtains started randomly opening and closing, and then a CM came out and said the bears “weren’t feeling well and needed to take a break”. Hilarious

  • One of the attractions we both find most funny is…. Stitch’s Great Escape! I know, I know, everybody hates it. We don’t actually go for the show, but to watch the hilarity that ensues when someone who thinks everything at Disney is appropriate for all ages brings in young kids and cast members end up having to escort them out halfway through because the kids are going ballistic. Warped sense of humor, I know, but you really have to wonder what these people are thinking… Disney has apparently raised the height limit a couple of times to prevent this from happening, all to no avail.