Photo - Angela DahlgrenWhile five months pregnant with our baby girl, my husband and I decided to celebrate with a “baby moon” at Walt Disney World in July 2013. I was nervous at first, but quickly realized there are so many ways to enjoy Disney with a baby bump!

Note: Make sure you check with your doctor before embarking on your Disney vacation. Ask about any restrictions and advice they may have. Your health and safety comes first!

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

I can’t stress this one enough. Florida, especially in the Summer, is HOT (well, hot for this Minnesota native), so it is imperative to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Whenever you see a water fountain, take a drink! Carry a water bottle with you at all times. Ask your wonderful husband or partner to “spring” (pun intended) for a cold bottle of water available all around the parks. Getting enough H2O is crucial for you and your little one.

Take your time

Listen to your body. This is not a time to push hard all day as you normally would. If your feet or back ache, take a rest. Disney World is awesome for people watching, so take advantage of those benches, walls and quick service seating. If you’re sitting close to a food cart, grab a yummy snack, such as popcorn or a Mickey bar. You’re on vacation, after all! There is no rush to see and do everything. Think of it this way, missing out on a few experiences this trip will give you the excuse to come back again.

Enjoy a Siesta (Yes, here I go talking about siestas again)Photo - Angela Dahlgren

Growing a human is hard work! I remember being completely exhausted after walking around for only a few hours in the hot sun. Michael (the husband) knew that if I wanted to be lucid for the fireworks (my favorite part!), I would have to leave the parks to rest. So every afternoon, we would retreat back to Port Orleans – French Quarter for a few hours. We would cool off, I would nap and we would head back to the parks that evening. Seriously, please take the time to nap. Your body will thank you!

Head over to Downtown Disney for some “retail therapy”

The Disney Springs renovation will be completed before you know it! Take advantage of the amazing shopping opportunities and purchase an adorable outfit for your future Mickey or Minnie. There are great places to eat too, particularly if you’re eating for two. After catching a flick at the AMC Movie Theatre (Big Hero 6 anyone?), you can satisfy the ice cream and pickle cravings by stopping at Ghiradelli or Haagen-Dazs – but BYOP (bring your own pickle).

Cool off on the attractions

There are so many baby bump-friendly attractions to cool down on. My favorite was the Carousel of Progress.  It was the perfect length of time to rest and bask in the heavenly air conditioning. (Insider’s Tip: Sit in the back so you have something to lean your head on!) Other honorable mentions include Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth and Mickey’s PhiharMagic. That was really Magic Kingdom heavy, wasn’t it? Comment on your favorite pregnancy-approved attractions from the other parks! Also, consider purchasing a cooling mist fan. It’s essentially a spray bottle with a fan at the spout. It will definitely come in handy while waiting in line outdoors!

Lounge by the pool

Make sure you pack that maternity swimsuit! We had only bought a three-day park hopper, so our last day was spent at the pool. We sat in the shade and read, enjoyed a swim, relaxed in the hot tub (feet ONLY all you mommies to be!) and listened to the relaxing sound of Jazz music playing through the overhead speakers. Oh, and if you stay at French Quarter like we did, don’t forget to grab a beignet or two.  The baby (and your stomach) will beg you for more!

Photo - Angela DahlgrenTake a trip around the world!

We made good use of Epcot while we were there. Though limited on some attractions, such as Soarin’ and Test Track, there is much to see and do when you have 12 countries to explore. We ate pizza at Via Napoli and had a romantic dinner at Les Chefs de France. (I was obviously pregnant as all I focused on was the food!) Epcot was a life saver because I never once felt deprived of the thrill attractions. Each country had plenty to keep me busy.


IllumiNations, Wishes, Fantasmic. Nothing compares to a day ending in a show of fireworks, especially during this holiday season. I tear up every time I watch IllumiNations. Being with child during this trip, I was downright sobbing. Silly hormones. Get there early, find a seat and cozy up to your partner while enjoying the exciting and romantic thrills of the fireworks. Mom tested, belly approved.

Enjoy the atmosphere

The biggest reason I go to Disney World is the atmosphere. There was no better feeling than the moment I walked into Magic Kingdom. Those familiar butterflies fluttered in my stomach (competing with the baby kicks of course) as I inhaled the scent of sweet delicacies featured along Main Street, U.S.A., and witnessed the true majesty that is Cinderella Castle. Appreciating my surroundings erased my pregnancy jitters and allowed me to live in the moment at the happiest place on earth.

Every woman is a Princess at Disney

Just because you’re a mommy/to-be doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be treated like royalty. Don’t hesitate to spoil yourself a little. Book a pedicure (let’s face it, we can’t exactly do it ourselves at 7-8 months along) or massage at one of the spas on Disney property. Buy yourself a special pair of Mickey earrings. Splurge on a fancy dinner with the love of your life. This is an incredibly special time in your life. Enjoy it at Walt Disney World.

Have you traveled to Disney while pregnant? What tips do you have for us? Share them in the comments!


  1. One observation that my wife and I made was that she was basically able to ride the same rides pregnant as the baby could ride once it emerged. The pace of traveling while pregnant was also similar to our pace with a baby. So in some ways visiting while pregnant was good preparation from visiting Disney World with a baby in tow.

    • David,

      That is a good rule of thumb and completely true! Now that I think about, I brought our 11-week-old daughter on all the same attractions I experienced while pregnant.

      Thank you for the comment. 🙂


  2. My husband and I already had a trip planned with a few friends when we found out we were pregnant. We went anyway and had an amazing time! Sure Space Mountain was out, but I shopped, ate, and rested while they rode the thrill rides. It let me experience Disney World in a whole new way! I also picked up a “First Visit” button for Baby Hall and wore it proudly on my bump…everyone loved it and it is a great first souvenir for our little guy!

    • Amy,

      I LOVE that you wore a button for the baby. That is so cute and is something I will definitely do should I visit while pregnant again.

      Such a great idea!

      Thanks for reading!


  3. This is a good place to remind new commers that ice water is free any place fountain drinks are sold. Just ask for a glass of ice water. They will also give you ice in a cup for your filtered water bottle.

    • Sam,

      I completely forgot you could do that! Thank you for letting me and everyone else know.

      Thanks for the comment!


  4. Good tips! I went to Disneyland (solo) three weeks before my due date and just want to say that Finding Nemo Subs was probably not the best idea (but I managed to squeeze down and up).

    • Wendy,

      You get two Mickey bars and unlimited praise for visiting so close to your due date! I hope everything went well for you and you weren’t too uncomfortable. Have you brought the little one yet?


  5. I was 7 months pregnant when my husband and 5 year old visited disney world. This trip was our last visit as a family of 3. I whole heartedly agree with all of these suggestions, I did all of these and had a wonderful time. However I just wanted to add that it is perfectly ok to get some assistance by renting a wheel chair while visiting. The first day was fine but after the second day my feet were so swollen I had a hard time walking so my husband rented me a wheel chair the third day and I was so thankful. That day we visited Epcot and I know I would not have made it without the assistance of the wheelchair so please keep that in mind as another option. I was so thankful for this since it allowed me to stay with my family and enjoy our vacation together.

    • Amber,

      I’m glad you pointed that out. I think us pregnant women feel we need to do it all and keep up with everyone else. It’s perfectly okay to ask for assistance or even a long nap back at the room.

      Thanks for reading!


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