Pictures: Olaf Meet and Greet Premieres at Disney California Adventure

Before he was just a cartoon character, a digitally created image on the screens of our TVs, phones, and computers. Not any more! Now you can meet Olaf the snowman in the flesh, er snow, at Disney California Adventure. It’s part of the Frozen Fun promotion going on now until May. Later in January he’ll have a dedicated meet and greet spot inside Olaf’s Snow Fest, but for now he’s meeting and greeting outside under the sun. I hope he doesn’t melt! (Ahem, is this thing on?) Today I braved a brutally cold Southern California winter morning, where temperatures hovered around 60 degrees, to bring you these pictures. You’re welcome, Internet.


There he is! As you can see, Olaf has a wide range of motions. He can hold his arms out!


He can cross his arms!


He can hold out his arms again! It’s Olaf the snowman!


Olaf currently is meeting and greeting outside of this building. It’s to the left of Monsters Inc. Mike & Sully to the Rescue.

IMG_2919Be sure to take a selfie with him like I did. He loves it.


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