Innoventions West at Epcot to See Massive Changes

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InnoventionsUpdated on 3/21/15 with additional information.

The rumors had been floating around this week and the Orlando Sentinel has confirmed it — Epcot is making massive changes to Innoventions West beginning this spring.

So what does this all mean? Well it means that we can say goodbye to the THINK exhibit, Where’s the Fire, and The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. (Nooo!!!  Save the piggies!!!) All three are slated to be leaving and will be replaced.

To make way for this massive overhaul of Innoventions West, the area’s last day of operation will be on April 29.

It does appear that the Disney Visa Cardmember character meet and greet will be staying, though no word on if it will be moved to a different location during the closure of the space or if it will also temporarily close while work is being done.

In addition, another attraction is closing in Innoventions East — the Vision House, which will no longer be available starting April 22.

Innoventions has always been a place where Guests could learn and discover amazing technologies and how those technologies are making life better through hands-on, walk-through exhibits that are sponsored by corporations. The various exhibits found inside the pavilion have been known to rotate periodically.

There is no word on what exactly will replace these exhibits. Innoventions East (which houses Sum of All Thrills, StormStruck, and Habit Heroes) will remain open.

Posted on March 20, 2015

10 Responses to “Innoventions West at Epcot to See Massive Changes”

  • The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is actually my son’s favorite attraction in all of Epcot. We did it three times in one day last visit! He will not be happy next visit . . . .

  • Loved the Piggy Bank! So sad it is leaving!

  • How will my kids learn to save for their next Disney vacation if they Great Piggy Bank is gone. 🙁

  • Any word when the renovations will be completed?

  • Ditto! Our 10 year old daughter’s favorite attraction at EPCOT is that piggy bank. We even went on their web site and bought her one. We will be there April 23 for our yearly trip – just in time to say one last goodbye. Thank you for keeping us up to date on all the changes at Disney–there seem to be so many lately!!

  • Oh man! My kids adore the piggy game. It was the only attraction at Epcot that my kids always ask to do again. Hopefully they bring something equally engaging for small children.

  • We’re really sad about the piggy bank too. It’s a favorite and something we make time for every trip. I talked to cast members last visit and they had heard it was going and were sad as well because of its popularity. We won’t be back again before it’s gone and it will be missed

  • I am sad to hear The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is going to be leaving. My kids will really miss this attraction. I think they did this 3 times on our last visit. This is the first I am hearing of this rumor….I hope the replacement is something equally as engaging.