Send Your Hotel Room Request to Disney – Automatically!

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Today we’re announcing the launch of our Automatic Room Request feature for Walt Disney World. Starting now, your specific room request can be automatically sent to your Disney resort, a few days before you arrive. This increases your chances of getting exactly the room you want.

Our Automatic Room Request feature works with our Hotel Room Views – our collection of more than 30,000 photos showing the view from every Disney hotel room. (Here’s an example from room 4063 at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.) Once you find the room you want, click the link in the upper right corner to choose it for your trip:


Finally, add in any special celebrations, such as birthdays or anniversaries, along with your name and reservation number for the fax:


That’s it. We’ll automatically send the request to your Disney hotel, 5 days before you check in. This means that you don’t have to remember to do it on exactly the right morning. And if Disney’s systems are down, we’ll automatically keep trying until it’s sent. We’ll also send you a notification when your request has been received.

More than 2,500 families have already tried the Automatic Room Request feature, and it’s working even better than we expected. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get a specific room (and neither can Disney), we’re confident that this greatly increases your chance of having a fantastic hotel room.

Currently Automatic Room Request is only available to those with a Walt Disney World subscription to, and you must have a future “trip” to Disney World defined on your dashboard prior to making the request.

Posted on April 27, 2015

71 Responses to “Send Your Hotel Room Request to Disney – Automatically!”

  • Thanks for posting this and making this available. Just signed up for our upcoming trip in June, I am excited to see how close we come to our preferred room. Thanks again.

  • That is so awesome! Great job guys!

  • We used this service last month at the Poly Villas. Exact room was assigned! What a cool benefit of being a Liner!

    • Did you specify one room only or a range? We are going in June and I am specified 2 I would prefer and said “or” any of the automatically generated ones. I was afraid if I put one only I might not even get in the building.

  • If we do this, should we also make room requests on online check-in? I have an upcoming trip to Coronado Springs in June and I want to be in Cabanas 9A, so I’d been planning on requesting the Cabanas section during online check-in. Is this redundant?

    • You can still do on-line check-in, but do not do a room request. Disney’s on-line room requests are less specific that what Touringplans will fax. The on-line and fax requests might confuse the person doing the room assignment.

  • Hello, are people required to buy a membership to your site to use this feature?

    • by David Davies on April 27, 2015, at 2:21 pm EST

      At this time, the Automatic Room Request feature is only available to those with a Walt Disney World subscription to

  • Hi Len,

    Can we still use this feature even if we booked using a TA? Thanks-what a great idea!

  • I am so excited about this feature! This alone is worth the cost of my subscription. I am checking in this Sunday so I’m anxious to see how close to my requests I get! GREAT IDEA!!!!

  • by Barbara Whitlock on April 27, 2015, at 12:28 pm EST

    What am I doing wrong? I found the room I want but there is no link at the top right that says “Click here to make a request for this room”. At the top right of the picture I am looking at, it just has a link to “Mouse Fan Travel”. Thanks so much for the help. I love all the help you have given. Worth every cent!

    • I am having the same issue. It’s just the advertisement at the top.

    • Sounds like a great feature, but I’m having a similar (if not the same) problem. I’ve tried several different resorts and have gotten the same result each time that Barbara W did. Hope this is corrected for all soon. BTW – I tried using both Firefox and Explorer and got the Small World Travel banner/link.

    • Before you can select a hotel room you need these three items:
      1. Be logged in to the website.
      2. Have an active Walt Disney World subscription.
      3. Have a future “trip” defined on your dashboard.

      • I’ve done all 3, no link todo this for Contemporary Garden Wing.

        It is also not accurate to state that you have photos from “every” room; this is simply not true. The view from room 5139 may approximate the view from room 5333, but obviously you only have an actual photo of one of those rooms.

  • What a great feature! I tried to put in for two rooms–I have two reservations numbers and we’ve already requested adjoining rooms (it’s for me, my DH and my two teenage daughters). I click on the request for both rooms, but was not directed to put in information about my reservation at all. Did I mess something up, Len? Thank you for continuing to improve the Disney experience for Liners!

    • by David Davies on April 27, 2015, at 2:18 pm EST

      After “clicking here” to request the room, you need to edit the request from your dashboard to add information like the reservation number. If you’re making requests for two reservations over the same dates, I’d note both room reservation numbers in your request. There’s a large “Additional special requests” area where you can type whatever you’d like.

  • Will this work if we are doing a split stay? We are spending seven days at POR and then three at AKL.

  • The fax feature has been in testing since January. If you want to see users’ experience check out this forum thread:

  • Is there way to clear out requests made through the My Disney Experience site? It looks like those are locked in and cannot be changed or deleted. However, I chose the same in both places. Will this be an issue (per the earlier comment regarding it causing confusion when assigning rooms)? Thanks!

    • I tried to look at my reservation at My Disney Experience, but I get the message: “We’re sorry. We encountered a problem retrieving one or more of your reservations. Please try again later.”

      If you cannot clear room the request, add a comment to the fax request that you also made an on-line room request. Do what you can and hope it works out.

  • I can tell you that the MDE website is acting all wonky today because of the influx of people looking to get a free dining upgrade. I had the same issue and refreshed a few times, and eventually got into my reservation. The site just can’t handle that type of traffic very well.

    • Get a Free dining plan when you purchase a non-discounted 6-night/7-day Magic Your Way package that includes a room at a select Disney Resort hotel and tickets with Park Hopper or Water Park Fun & More Option.
      Book by July 10, 2015.
      Offer valid at select Disney Resort hotels for the following arrival dates:

      August 28 – October 2, 2015
      October 25 – October 31, 2015
      November 8 – November 19, 2015
      December 15 – December 21, 2015 Figures, we are going in June :/

  • Wow – what a cool feature! I already loved all the room views, can’t wait to see how this works for September. Thanks for all the work you guys do!

  • by Rach Mooville on April 27, 2015, at 3:49 pm EST

    Len – I love you.

  • by Barbara Whitlock on April 27, 2015, at 6:57 pm EST

    You rock Steve Bloom! I had not done Step 3–that was the trick!
    Thank-you SO much!

  • this is a great feature! and perfectly timed for me–we’ll be traveling to WDW in exactly 5 days. I filled out the automatic room request this morning and it is showing up on my trip plans. my question: should I get confirmation, either from touring plans or disney, that my request has been sent/received? Thanks again for the great feature.

    • Sam, we’ll send you a confirmation when it has been sent. If it cannot be received, we’ll retry automatically for 24 hours and confirm again when sent. In the unlikely event we can’t send a fax (hasn’t happened yet), we’ll send you an email with directions on how to do it manually, with links to a free fax service.

  • Does this work with DVC reservations as well? Either way keep up the awesome work.

  • I can’t find the option to do this. (I am a subscriber and have my trip registered on the website.)

    • Nevermind, I got it working. Question though – several of the “rooms like these” in a set will have lousy views, while others will have good views. How granular is this request? Is there a way I could request one of several specific rooms in several different buildings in a resort?

      For instance, we have “water view” (not my choice, it’s all we could get) at the nice newly renovated Caribbean Beach for our trip during Free Dining. (Riverside and Coronado Springs were booked solid within minutes of the deal coming out today.) Since I’ve GOT water view, I wan’t one of the nicer views you’ve shown us, but the same grouping of rooms when selected will put some of your favorite views with some of your worst views.

      • You can modify the fax content to be as specific as you want. We will populate the fax form with a specific building, floor, room number, and similar room numbers.

        • I’m a bit confused how to do that. For instance, my room request shows only one building and floor. If I found rooms at 2 or three buildings/floors acceptable, how can I add those to the request string?

  • This is a really unique, useful feature and is exactly the thing that is having this Orlando local finally purchase a TP subscription. Thank you!

  • I’ve read in a couple places that in recent years most resorts no longer accept/read room request faxes because the volume had grown so high. Is that incorrect? Do we know for sure that these faxes are being read?

    • “More than 2,500 families have already tried the Automatic Room Request feature, and it’s working even better than we expected.”

      Many users have told us that they got the room they request or close to what they requested. Not all users requests were granted but that does not mean the fax was not read.

      If you are interested in real examples, read the forum thread:

      • Steve, the icing on the cake is Len’s comment below that this whole process was set up in cooperation with WDW. So even if faxes from the general public are no longer read, it certainly sounds like faxes from Len are.
        On the other hand, if I put “Matt Hochberg” on my fax, they may assign my Grand Floridian room somewhere out on 192!

  • Hello, Len. Love you, too. Any chance this new feature included for Dolphin/Swan as well?

    • Not yet for Swan or Dolphin. We got a lot of help from Disney to do this. Don’t yet have the right contacts at S/D to do it. But maybe eventually. 🙂

  • I’ve never used a fax to make a room request, but always called Disney directly and had them add my room requests directly to my reservation. Do faxes work better than calling Disney directly?

    • We’ve not compared the success rate of faxing vs calling. If you’ve been successful doing that, though, keep doing it! My concern with calling – and I admit I’m a control freak – is that I can’t see exactly what’s being typed. 🙂

  • I have 2 separate stays (split stay – 2 separate hotels)…it will only allow me to choose a room for the first stay. It’s not giving me the option for the 2nd trip.

  • Will you have a cage match feature for duplicate room requests? 🙂

    I just made reservations, but my full payment isn’t due for months. Do I need to pay in full before I can find my reservation number? I don’t seem to have a clickable link to my hotel reservation.

  • Do you have to be within the check-in time frame to have a reservation number because my URL does not show a number?

    • I inquired of my travel agent and was told because I was booked in a package, then my confirmation number is my reservation number. That is what I was told, so I will wait for someone to confirm or deny this info.

    • Try clicking the “Make a payment” or “modify reservation” link. (Thanks Brian!) In the URL you should see the 12 digit reservation number.

      • I just received this response below from my travel agent. So, I guess I will enter my package number and see if that works. If it doesn’t, then it is not a big deal.

        -Per Agent:
        I am not sure as to what the 12 digit number the Touring Plans site is referring to; it could be the number for room only reservations as Disney uses a 12 digit number for these.

        Disney assigns an 8 digit number and letter combination to all package reservations which is what you have.

    • I am a travel agent and my experience is that when a package is initially booked you get a long, possible 12 digit, confirmation number with no letters in it. Once it is processed you get a booking number that is shorter and contains letters and numbers. We are booked for May and I received my booking number within a day of booking. That was in January Usually my clients never see the confirmation number because I wait until I get the invoice with the booking number before passing it along to them. And no, they aren’t usually inside the checkin
      window. You have a booking number before final payment as well. Hope that helps.

  • Am I correct in thinking this won’t work when renting DVC points?

  • I can’t believe a founding member of the Kinks is helping me get my room request!

    Life is good.

  • Also wondering if we can do this when renting DVC points. Thanks!!

  • What a great feature. Can you please tell me what the scale of the sound level is? For example, the room I am looking at is a sounds level of 3. Is that 3 out of 10?

  • We greatly appreciate the room request fax service! We wanted to share our experience (you don’t always get what you request…especially when there is renovation going on that wasn’t announced.) We stayed at Wilderness Lodge April 26-May 1. We booked a courtyard view and even tried to extend our stay by one day, but were told there were no more rooms available in our category (really? during a relatively slow season? This should have been our first clue.) Based on the wonderful information on this site, we requested “Bldg 1,Flr 5,SE-facing room. Example: 5011, 5013 5015, 5017”. High enough up that the sound of pool and courtyard wouldn’t bother us, and gorgeous views of courtyard, pool and bay lake area. Unfortunately, we were assigned room 3168, which was on the other side of the resort about as far as you can possibly get from the lobby and bus stop. We quickly learned they were painting the exterior of the building we requested, so that section was unavailable to guests. There was scaffolding and painters working by the pool area on the exterior of the building the entire duration of our visit. Knowing this information in advance would have made a world of difference in our room request and possibly resort preference! Yet there was no mention of renovation/painting on Disney’s Wilderness Lodge page or by any of the Disney travel planners during the many times we called about trip. The room we were assigned was not a good choice for a family with a young child. It was low to the ground facing the beach area. Every night when the beach movie played, loud sound and music could be heard very clearly in our room (even with a sound machine). Also, we heard the music of the electric parade nightly as well as large groups enjoyed the evening beach fire pit. It made it difficult for young children to sleep as the sound traveled right to our room. Due to the fact half the resort was closed off, we didn’t have options for changing rooms because everything that remained in our room category was booked (so they would have had to arrange a series of available rooms requiring us to move several times during our stay. No thanks!) Though the room situation was disappointing, we still had a wonderful vacation despite our child’s lack of sleep! We have learned a valuable lesson. Ask specific questions of Disney travel planners about resort conditions when booking future trips so that our future room requests can be more accurate. Hope this helps any future travelers!