In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of September 4, 2015

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ICYMIIs the Force with you today? Did you pick up some great Star Wars stuff this Force Friday? Were you one of those people who went out at midnight to get that perfect toy for your child (or yourself)?

This week, there’s more great Star Wars goodies, including a look at merchandise from 1978, a tribute to Dean Jones, and more! Dig in to all the great content!

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors


Maybe this person has the right idea – what the TSA could learn from Disney.

Is this just the complaining of a non-planner or is MyMagic+ really the nightmare this writer thinks it is? What do you think? And what does it say when the average park goer (IE the one that Disney is attempting to target with MyMagic+, claiming that the innovation takes out all the stress of a Disney vacation) thinks that the system is too stressful? I’m curious about your take on this article, for sure!

If you remember that deadly crash that occurred at the Richard Petty Driving Experience earlier this year, then you will know that there was an investigation into what exactly happened. That report is now out and as it turns out, the direction the car was going did play a role in the crash.

The Motley Fool once again takes a look at the competition between Disney and Universal, now that Universal has announced its upcoming Fast and Furious attraction.

This week, the world lost another Disney great – Dean Jones. Which was your favorite film?

Here are some very interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Cars. Or did you?

Do you want your own BB-8? If you didn’t get this droid already, make sure you get one now.  Run, don’t walk, to the nearest store selling toys! (That is if it isn’t already sold out.)

While today may be Force Friday, get a glimpse at some of the cool toys that were released when the first movies hit theaters! Did you have any of these?

Oh wow! We caught a glimpse of the short that will air before The Good Dinosaur this week, called “Borrowed Time.” This looks like it will be another great and heart-wrenching short from Pixar.

Kevin Feige who is in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now has a new boss to report to. See why this change may have occurred.

Dreamworks is leaving Disney, could it be headed to Universal instead?

Going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal? If you are a big horror fan, you should consider taking part in the scareactor dining experience. It sounds like it will be a frightfully good time!

Disney does it and now Universal is doing it to. Universal is now offering an airport shuttle service. Granted, it’s a little different than Disney’s version, but it is nice that there is now the option.

In Case We Missed It

What did we miss? Attach your ideas to this awesome R2-D2 measuring cup set and send it to with the words “In Case You Missed It” in the subject line.

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13 Responses to “In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of September 4, 2015”

  • Responding to the article about MyMagic+, no one has to use it. It’s completely optional. If you want to not have a schedule, you can just go to the standby lines and wait there. I’d much rather know that my kids will be able to get on their favorite rides, than get to the park and find out all of the FPs were gone. We had that wonderful experience at Toy Story a few years back, and waiting in line for an hour with three small kids is no fun. I also think the writer makes way too big of a deal about staying up until midnight to get the good FP+ reservations. It’s one night for goodness sake. It’s not like you have to do that for days at a time. Yes, in a perfect world everyone could meander around WDW, ride whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, and never have to stand in a long line. Unfortunately, that’s not our reality when visiting the parks. I like the new system. No, there’s no early morning cardio workout of making the mad dash to the old FP machines, but I like it better that way. It gives us time to enjoy the park, instead of having to run all over the place. 🙂

    • “I also think the writer makes way too big of a deal about staying up until midnight to get the good FP+ reservations. It’s one night for goodness sake. It’s not like you have to do that for days at a time.”

      Not true. If you are staying offsite, you get to start making FP+s 30 days out. But only for the day that is 30 days away from the day you are making the reservations. Disney limits you to making only 7 successive days of FP+ reservations at a time. If you are going to be in the parks 10 days, you get to stay up for 7 nights in a row to get the first seven days, then another 3 nights while you are at WDW, in order to get FP+ for the last 3 days of your trip. In theory anyway.

      I never stay up till midnight. Since we only go at slow times of the year, the only FP+ I’ve never been able to get is 7 dwarfs mine train. No big loss in our case, as my wife won’t ride it and it’s way too short for me.

  • I for one am very glad that Fastpass+ has not been implemented at Disneyland yet and hope it never is (or at least not for a very, very, very long time.) We’ve been going to Disneyland for a long time now and the fastpass system works just fine as it is in my opinion. My kids change their minds about what they want to do between the front gate and the castle. Thirty days out!?! Are you kidding me? Thanks but no thanks.

  • I received that R2D2 measuring cup set for Christmas. It’s a cool idea, but it’s really more for display than for actual usage. It’s not dishwasher safe. Plus, if you give it more than the lightest tap, one or more pieces come off and you have to reassemble it.

  • Regarding the MyMagic+ article, the author has some fair points about your vacation being less spontaneous if you use the system (which, as Neula mentioned, is optional), but the price of spontaneity in Disney World is one long line after another.

    And I’m sorry he couldn’t find a mealtime in Cinderella’s castle, but it’s a limited resource. There are only so many people who may eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table each day, and the way that Disney has chosen to manage this resource seems pretty fair to me: everybody has the same poor chance. What’s the alternative? Another long line with a forlorn hope at the end of it? I’d much rather be ready to make the reservation at the appropriate time and know ahead of time that I need a Plan B if I don’t get it.

    • Cinderella’s Castle was probably the worst example to use, because almost any other place really shows how badly Disney’s current system is “bad show” for a lot of guests. Between unscrupulous people making ADRs to sell and others making phantom ones they will never use, an average guest who just wants to have dinner with their family is often finding nothing is available despite restaurants nowhere near filled to capacity. There’s other issues involved too, including Disney seemingly would rather want empty tables if they can manage their server headcount better rather than possibly having an extra server or two on the clock with no tables to wait on. It’s one thing not to get Cinderella’s Castle, but it shouldn’t be near impossible to get Via Napoli, Rose & Crown or Mama Melrose.

  • Every so called innovation Disney implements is for the benefit of Disney, not the guest. They want stepford customers who will pay what they want, go where they want, when they want them to. I love visiting the world but each time I do it loses a little more of it’s charm.

  • +1 for MyMagic+ for the same reasons mentioned. In fact, my wife and I were down on a quick weekend visit in July without our son and were just going to the water parks but on a Saturday night decided we wanted to do one day at Magic Kingdom. Bought tickets at our hotel, linked them to our existing Magic Bands, booked a breakfast at Be Our Guest (9:15am), made ride reservations all before going to bed. Got up early for rope drop, ate breakfast, rode rides (with a few other rides in between), ate lunch, went back to hotel for a quick nap around 2pm. Ate a snack, added another ride reservation, went back to park at about 5pm, and continued until park closed. Watched a parade also.

    We did just as much as our first trip in 2005 with our son (8yo at the time) and 6 months of planning. I don’t know how to characterize what happened. A perfectly planned spontaneous day?

    • +1 for me too. I love My Magic. I have some rides or restaurants that are really important to our family, and it’s good to know if I have a reservation or FP+ for those. It’s just 3 rides in a day, the rest of the day is still spontaneous. If I want to I could still wait on lines for the rides I really want like I do at six flags or Cedar point, but I’m not sure how that’s more spontaneous than getting 3 FP+ and saving 3 hours to do whatever I want with. They do still have standby if you want it. I don’t understand why everyone gets upset that Disney offers a free option for you not to wait on line.

  • Love the link to the Cars info – my kids love the movie and I have a hard time getting into it – so now I can think about these fun facts while I’m watching 🙂

  • Regarding the FP+ article, it’s funny that he says fastpasses “go on sale” 60 days out. He is complaining that he has to put any effort into obtaining FREE fastpasses. This guy must not visit theme parks much. Maybe he’d have a little room to complain if he was used to the old fastpass system, but it seems he has little knowledge of the World in general. This system does require more effort and planning but it does ensure at least three fastpasses a day. I’m thinking he probably won’t be feeling the magic while he’s there. Hope his 5-year-old kiddo does though.

  • Sounds to me like he should have chose Yellowstone or Glacier for low tech vacation. Instead of complaining about how much he has to do, working for Fortune, would think he would appreciate the marketing, organization and tech innovation of Disney. Instead of reading maps, people are using apps, moving quickly through lines and not having to wait hours for dinner. Sounded like a curmudgeon to me, oh, the good old days. Bet he doesn’t leave home without his IPhone or IPad though.

  • In regards to the TSA article, they state that “Disney knows how long its wait is and tells customers what to expect. The government has no idea how long its wait is and asks customers to help it find out.”

    Disney has no idea what the wait time is until they do (essentially) exactly what the TSA does: they hand random guests a card on a lanyard when they enter the queue, which are then turned in when the guest gets to the ride. This is how Disney knows how long the wait is.