In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of October 30, 2015

ICYMIBoo! To you and you and you! Happy Halloween! Good! Now you have that song stuck in your head too. It’s been stuck in mine for at least a month.

I hope you have a great Halloween and stay safe out there tomorrow evening.

This week a lot of Universal news came out, with a new attraction starring Jimmy Fallon, a look at Skull Island, plus there may be a new Tower of Terror movie, a full update of the cast of Zootopia and more!

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors


Do these first permits indicated the scope of the upcoming Star Wars and Toy Story Lands for Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

One of the original Voices of Liberty members is retiring. Debbie Johnson has been with the popular group since Epcot’s opening. Her final performance is Saturday.

Hocus Pocus really is a cult classic and it’s been over 20 years since the film was released. Take a look at where some of the cast is now and yes…Bette Midler does say that the cast would be game for a sequel. That sounds A-OK by me!

Robert Downey Jr. gives a smile to a little boy with cystic fibrosis by dressing like Tigger. This story will warm your heart.

The question that everyone was asking after seeing The Force Awakens trailer is, where is Luke? He’s hasn’t officially been seen. This article takes a peek at what may have become of Luke, however, due to it being speculation, know that it could potentially contain spoilers, if their guesses are right. So, if you don’t want to have any preconceived notions going into the film…avoid this article.

Zootopia is coming! This week the cast of the film was revealed. It’s certainly in an eclectic mix.

Wow! Toy Story is 20 years old! Time flies, right? Pixar celebrated the milestone with a unique presentation.

Could Tower of Terror potentially be the next Disney attraction to get a film based off of it? (That is if you forget that Steve Guttenberg/Kirsten Dunst one…)

Remember, when you attend events like Halloween Horror Nights, to keep your hands and feet to yourself.

News 6 shares a sneak peek of the upcoming Skull Island: Reign of Kong. This ride is going to be massive.

What’s the next attraction that’s headed to Universal? It celebrates the late night talk show. Are you excited about this?

Comcast reported their recent earnings for Universal and guess what? Attendance was up, yet again.

In Case We Missed It


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    Congratulations to Debbie. I’ve spent a lot of time with her over the years at the Rotunda, and she is just a great example of what terrific people the Voices are. She’ll be missed.

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