New Look for Dashboard – Plus Interactive Checklists!

by on July 4, 2016 11 Comments

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Castle (12)You may have already noticed, but this past week we revamped your trip dashboard! The snazzy new look is more streamlined with better ways of presenting the information you need — for example, we added visual “crowd gauges” to give you at a glance crowd level info for your upcoming trip days.

We’ve also added a new interactive checklist feature to Walt Disney World trips that are based off of the master timeline in The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. These include lots of helpful links throughout to make planning your trip easier than ever. You can view planning steps by sections — broken up into months or days before your trip — so you have easy to manage chunks of to-dos and you can quickly look ahead to see what’s coming up next.

Don’t forget that our alert system will also help you keep track of important dates (such as when to make dining reservations), and we can even do the work of faxing a room request automatically! The trip planning system keeps getting better!

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Posted on July 4, 2016

11 Responses to “New Look for Dashboard – Plus Interactive Checklists!”

  • Love the changes. Especially now that it’s more mobile friendly. Are there any plans in the near future to update the look port there app?

    • by Sarah Kelleth on July 5, 2016, at 3:10 pm EST

      Thanks! That’s something we’re looking at right now, though it’ll probably be a while before we can get the whole site done.

  • How does the checklist work? I can see my trip on the dashboard, but I can’t click on anything in the checklist.

  • I like the new look — very nice! My request is for new way to display the notes I add for each day. As it is, my notes are always squeezed into a narrow column and can be hard to read. And because my notes are often about restaurant reservations, if there was a way to add those in a structured way for each day, that would be fantastic!!

  • I like the new look. One thing that I was looking for that I thought I had seen previously, but I couldn’t find was a countdown to the milestones like 180 days and 60 days. I thought somewhere before I could quickly log in to check what day the 180 mark was for me. Am I missing this somewhere?

    • by Sarah Kelleth on July 5, 2016, at 3:13 pm EST

      Thank you! Yup that’s still there – check out the upper left corner in your dashboard and you’ll see your trip countdown by your trip’s name. 🙂

      • There is a countdown to my trip, but is there somewhere that tells me the date my 180 day reservation window opens? Or the date I’m eligible to start making fast pass reservations?

        • by Sarah Kelleth on July 5, 2016, at 5:06 pm EST

          Yup, you’ll get an alert to remind you shortly before those dates. This will be in the upper right corner of your dashboard, and will be emailed to you as well if you don’t see it within a day or so.

  • by SecretAgentMinnie on July 5, 2016, at 10:39 pm EST

    I love the direction of the improvements, but my custom TP names are now truncated on my dashboard, and I can’t tell what’s what because I named them all Epcot Day 1, Epcot Day 2, etc. All I see is “Epcot Day…” etc (repeat for each park/plan). Of course, I could rename them with a number or other identifier right at the beginning of the name, but I thought I’d mention it. Thank you for ALL you do! TouringPlans subscription is so worth it at thrice the price!