New MagicBands Shipping to Walt Disney World Resort Guests

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I have some exciting news to share today! The new MagicBands are shipping to Guests! How do I know? Well, today, in my mailbox, I received two brand new MagicBand 2 bands.

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Now, let me preface this news with a couple of things. First, I literally booked my resort room stay within this past week. I will be down at Walt Disney World for marathon weekend and found myself needing a room for an extra night. So last Thursday, I booked a room only reservation for Pop Century. I immediately placed my order for my MagicBands that same afternoon, fully expecting to get the older version. I was notified by email that my MagicBands were shipped out to me on December 31.

I say all this as a warning because I have been hearing from people that they are still receiving the older version of MagicBand.  So, I believe that currently which MagicBand you are shipped is still up in the air. You may get the new version, you may get the older version. One thing is for sure and that’s that the new versions are hitting people’s mailboxes for their upcoming Walt Disney World vacations.

With that information now out there, I can tell you that the new MagicBand 2 is much lighter than the previous version. I also find that the band itself is much more flexible.

The MagicBand 2 does feature the Mickey puck in the middle that can be removed and placed in other items such as key chains, as well as other MagicBands. (Don’t worry, it isn’t easily removable. You will have to have a tiny screwdriver to remove the puck.) Overall, I find that the puck is pretty large. I have a very small wrist and as you can see, compared to my Apple Watch, it’s pretty big.

©Rikki Niblett


Also, as you can clearly see, it’s a much bigger band than the original MagicBand was.


©Rikki Niblett


Don’t fret if you have the older version of MagicBand, as it will continue to work on your Walt Disney World vacation. I know I plan to use both versions this weekend.  What do you think of these new MagicBands?

Posted on January 5, 2017

28 Responses to “New MagicBands Shipping to Walt Disney World Resort Guests”

  • We received our new ones in the mail today also. All 9 of us!

  • Are the new bands still shipping with luggage tags?

  • We got our bands last week for our trip later this month. The old version. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course I want the newest one. On the other hand, (hand!) the new ones look pretty bulky. Might be kind of cumbersome on my preschoolers.

  • I received the new bands as well for an annual pass. These are bigger than the other bands as well. I was able to take off the gray part and have the band still fit.

  • Besides the removable puck, how is the new MagicBand better or an upgrade over the old version?

    • I can’t speak to the new bands, but I did experience a couple improvements during my last trip (just before Christmas). The resort parking gates opened without having to lower my window. That wasn’t the case last April.

    • As of right now, it just seems like it’s main upgrade is the puck and the material of the band overall. Oh and an update in the technology overall.

  • Interesting! Our MagicBands for our upcoming trip arrived on Tuesday and we still received the old version.

  • So how does the shipping of magic bands work. We are not sure when we are going to Disney World but just bought our non expiring Canadian tickets. We received an exchange certificate by fed x a couple days ago. Do we get the magic bands after we decide what dates we are going and book our Disney hotel. Any info would be wonderful

    • You won’t get them until a few weeks before your arrival. Magic bands are linked to your Disney hotel reservation, as people who are staying off property do not get magic bands. If you have a Disney resort reservation without park tickets at all you would still get magic bands for that stay. Hope that helps!

      • I thought, while there was an added cost for magic bands if staying off site, they were still available for day guests.

    • Canadians don’t get magic bands shipped in advance. You pick them up when you arrive at your Walt Disney Resort.

  • by Ruth Woodhouse on January 6, 2017, at 5:55 pm EST

    We have our old bands from last time we went and hoped to use them when we go to WDW in September- we understand that they will still work unless Disney decide to switch the old ones off. Any news on when or if this will happen?

    • The old bands will still work. They will not be “switched off”. Depending on how old they are, the long range features may not work (such as automatically linking your ride photos). Any touch points will still work, as in entrance tapstyles and FP touch points.

  • We got new ones today. Going at the end of the month. Ours have luggage tags in the left side of the box.

  • I just bought my park hopper tickets and will be staying off site. I know we will not be receiving magic-bands. I recall reading that we can purchase magic-bands and then link them to the tickets. Is this true? It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been to WDW and I’m so excited to return. So much has changed and yet so much remains the same.

  • Our Bands shipped yesterday for a Jan31-Feb5 trip we booked last week. Wasn’t even aware these were rollin’ out already… thank you Rikki for the update ^.^
    Hope we get v2, already have a bunch of v1s. I know DH will enjoy having the interchangeable keychain option. He usually had to take his band off and hold it flat on the sensor to lift the gate when arriving at resort checkpoints. Hope v2 fixed that!

  • When the bands arrive at your house, do they arrive in a plain brown box to hide the contents?

    • Hi Kim, yes, it’s a plain, rectangular box that doesn’t shout “Disney!”. There won’t be any spoilers. 🙂

  • I wish someone would post photos of these new bands on the wrist of a preschooler. They just appear so much larger than the older version, and it looks like less of the gray outer band peels away. I want to trust that disney is in the business of serving children, but these have me less enthusiastic as of late… maybe I can be proven wrong…?