In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of March 31, 2017

Please tell me how it’s already the end of March?! (Maybe it’s because I just recently took a much needed weekend trip down to Orlando to catch some rays, experience springtime excitement, and just get away. I am recharged and energized once again!) No matter, it is in fact the last day of the month, and the excitement of spring is now upon us! Who else is taking a vacay down to Florida for a little getaway?

This week, we learn about pricing for Volcano Bay, updates for Disney Cruise Line, and just who really did break the internet?

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors


Bob Iger is staying on as Disney CEO for at least one more year.

Disney Parks won’t be going the way of virtual reality, according to Bob Iger. That certainly makes this Disney fan happy.

Disneyland’s Autopia saw a nice little update. What do you think of this additional story line?

Want to know some of the unique options you used to be able to purchase at the Disney theme parks? Take a look. Which is most intriguing to you?

Disney Cruise Line appears to have made some changes to the online check-in process. Take a look! What do you think of these updates?

Also, speaking of DCL, The Disney Cruise Line Blog also found out some of the proposed additional changes for the Disney Fantasy’s dry dock refurbishment.

This week, the rumor train is hopping again for potential new countries for Epcot. Find out which two are currently being discussed

Do you love Kingdom Keepers? Ridley Pearson announced there is going to be a new series to read!

Get ready to get your nostalgia on. Take a look at some of the films coming to Netflix this month! (Oh and see which recent releases you may have missed will also be available too!)

Fans of Duffy should rejoice! There’s a new friend in town! A bunny named Stella Lou. Only problem? Right now, she’s just a Tokyo Disneyland! (Another reason I need to get out there!)

Get ready for the new Pixar film Coco by watching this new short where you meet Coco’s dog, Dante.

Is Ralph ready to break the internet? We”ll find out next year, it would seem during Wreck-It Ralph 2.

According to early reports, the recent Pirates of the Caribbean film is much closer to being like the original than the last few films.

We now know what the pricing will be for Volcano Bay. Not too terrible. Are you looking forward to visiting?

The Rock the Universe Christian music event is returning this fall. See which artists will be performing.

The first house has been announced for Halloween Horror Nights. Do you think this was a good pick? What did you think of the similar house from last year?

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