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The results are in! Last week we asked you:

Which Disney Parade Would You Bring Back?

Disney fans love their parades, and there were a couple write-in suggestions as well, including bringing back the Main Street Electrical Parade (currently showing at Disneyland), or bringing back Paint the Night (which I would love to see come to Walt Disney World), or bringing back Block Party Bash, and even votes for Celebrate a Dream Come True and Mickey Mania. And of course the ever popular “Just bring back something to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and to the nighttime hours at Magic Kingdom. But in the end, there was one clear favorite among the choices. With more than 1,500 votes cast, here are the results.

Disney’s Stars and Motorcars Parade

Every time I think about this parade, I wonder if it actually existed or it was a bad flashback. In essence, it was characters in specially themed cars that reflected their movie. For instance, there was a Mary Poppins car with carousel horses coming out the back, or Snow White in a car designed to look like her dress. There even was a holiday version of the parade. But the one I remember the most was the Aladdin car, which looked like what you would expect if you had Genie change into a car–complete with a gigantic Genie face on the front. Some people say cool. Those people probably like the creepy clown waterslide over at the Boardwalk, too.


Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade

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In some ways, this parade was the clue for the handful of people at Animal Kingdom at 3:45 that it was time to exit the park. Compared with other parades, it was a very simple one, but it had great interaction with characters and a fun soundtrack. The parade vehicles were colorful safari truck-type vehicles with a sense of whimsy. Because Animal Kingdom was decently empty at this time of day, you didn’t have to line up much in advance of the parade for a good viewing spot.


Tapestry of Nations/Dreams

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Many years ago, Epcot secretly stood for “Eisner’s Polyester Costumes Of Terror” thanks to this parade. It was beautiful, moving, inspiring, and amazing to see, but unfortunately the giant puppet costumes were very sensitive to gusts of wind. Tapestry of Nations was introduced as part of the Millennium Celebration, led by the Sage of Time and featuring huge rotating drum floats in addition to the different puppet characters, such as Angel Girl and Bird Man. Later, when it was changed to the Tapestry of Dreams parade, Dreamseekers joined the parade to collect small dream coins from children (made at Kidcot stations) and the soundtrack was modified for this new theme.



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It was probably an interesting pitch session — let’s take the beloved Main Street Electrical Parade, and we’ll replace it by a nighttime parade hosted by these things that look like a cross between aliens and mimes. People will love it! It will be just as popular as the Main Street Electrical Parade! And the thing is….it was. With improved lighting effects, an equally catchy soundtrack, and updated characters, Spectromagic quickly became a fan favorite. There’s just something magical about parades of lights in the Magic Kingdom, and with its long run, there is no surprise that this is the parade you would bring back.

Next week’s poll is active on Twitter and here.

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts about parades that have disappeared into the mists of time. Do you have any special memories about one of these parades or another parade that no longer appears at a Disney park? Let us know in the comments.


Posted on April 12, 2017

2 Responses to “Ask It Results: Bring Back a Parade”

  • “Tapestry of Nations” might be THE thing I would like to bring back no matter the category (e.g. shows, parades, attractions)….that was one impressive parade and a fantastic score

  • I’d love to see them bring back the full Easter parade and not just the short pre-parade they do now.