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Welcome to this week’s edition of Disney Cruise Line Preview for the week of July 22nd! In case you missed last week’s debut, my name is Brand Glover and I’m stepping out from behind the camera to bring our readers a weekly look into the happenings of the Disney Cruise Line. It has been an exciting week for Disney fans with major news coming out of Anaheim and the D23 Expo regarding the future of the theme parks and beyond. Along with the reveals of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Epcot, Disney Cruise Line had a couple major announcements of its own. Before we reveal the news out of D23, lets take a look at where in the world the Disney Cruise Line ships are headed this week…

Ports of Call (High/Low Temperature, Chance of Rain)

Animators Palate (Photo Adrian Rowda)

Disney Magic

  • 22 July – Le Havre (66/58, 80%)
  • 23 July – Sea Day
  • 24 July – Sea Day
  • 25 July – Lisbon (83/62, 10%)
  • 26 July – Cadiz (83/71, 10%)
  • 27 July – Sea Day
  • 28 July – Barcelona (87/72, 0%)

Disney Wonder

  • 22 July – Ketchikan (58/51, 100%)
  • 23 July – Sea Day
  • 24 July – Vancouver (77/59, 0%)
  • 25 July – Sea Day
  • 26 July – Ketchikan (63/54, 70%)
  • 27 July – Icy Strait Point (61/53, 50%)
  • 28 July – Hubbard Glacier (59/52, 50%)

Disney Wonder
(Photo Adrian Rowda)

Disney Dream

  • 22 July – Nassau (92/82, 20%)
  • 23 July – Castaway Cay (90/82, 20%)
  • 24 July – Port Canaveral (90/77, 20%)
  • 25 July – Nassau (89/82, 80%)
  • 26 July – Castaway Cay (90/82, 60%)
  • 27 July – Sea Day
  • 28 July – Port Canaveral (90/77, 60%)

Disney Fantasy

  • 22 July – Port Canaveral (89/77, 40%)
  • 23 July – Sea Day
  • 24 July – Cozumel (89/78, 50%)
  • 25 July – Grand Cayman (87/82, 20%)
  • 26 July – Falmouth (90/79, 40%)
  • 27 July – Sea Day
  • 28 July – Castaway Cay (90/82, 10%)

Disney Cruise Line: In The News

Image Copyright Disney

The biennial D23 Expo fan event has become a stage for the Walt Disney Company to announce future attractions and concepts that will debut across their theme park and entertainment venues in the coming years. While the theme parks generate much of the fan speculation and anticipation, Disney Cruise Line brought two blockbuster announcements to this year’s event. Back in 2016, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger revealed during the annual Walt Disney Company shareholders meeting that Disney Cruise Line would be adding two more ships to its fleet in 2021 and 2023 with few details given at the time. In an unexpected move, it was announced during the Expo that Disney Cruise Line would be adding its seventh ship in 2022, nearly doubling its fleet in size! According to Disney, details regarding the new ships have yet to be finalized. However, it was revealed that each of the three new ships will contain roughly 1,250 rooms (which would make them slightly larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy) and they will be powered by clean-burning liquefied natural gas. While I was more absorbed with the details of the Star Wars announcements, it dawned on me that the new ships could open up new ports of call as well as more opportunities for Star Wars, Marvel, or Halloween cruises, or other specially themed voyages than are currently available. The next few years will surely bring much excitement for fans of the Disney Cruise Line!

That was not the only announcement for Disney Cruise Line coming out of Anaheim last weekend. Fans of Beauty and the Beast rejoice as a brand-new Broadway-style production based on the live-action film of the same name will premiere on board the Disney Dream this November. USA Today has posted a sneak peak behind the scenes of the Disney production featuring an interview with the show’s creator, Sara Wordsworth, as well as a video giving a glimpse into rehearsals and set design for the classic story. One of the highlights of every cruise for me is watching the shows at the Walt Disney Theatre. The productions sustain the high quality of Disney Theatrical with magnificent sets and brilliant performances by the cast. Featuring timeless songs and iconic scenes, Beauty and the Beast is sure to be a smash hit aboard the Disney Dream.

Speaking of Broadway productions, if you missed the story last week, the Stars Set Sail concert series featuring Disney on Broadway musical talent will be performing on select itineraries from now through the fall. For guests sailing on the Disney Magic this week, Heidi Blickenstaff of “The Little Mermaid” cast will be performing at the Walt Disney Theatre on July 28th.

Sweets. (photo by Julia Mascardo)

Disney Cruise Line is known for its scrumptious desserts including the Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows, which can now be cooked at home thanks to this post on the Disney Parks Blog. This decadent delight can be found on the Disney Fantasy’s new Sweet on You sweet shop. The recipe is simple enough that the entire family can create the dish together – and for me it will give the local fire department the night off.

A sampling of some of the sweet treats on board. (photo by Julia Mascardo)


The Disney Wonder, which is currently servicing Alaskan itineraries, made its first call to Icy Strait Point last week in the city of Hoonah, Alaska. The DCL Blog has a detailed look into the history and excursions available for the port, which we highly recommend to anyone traveling aboard the Disney Wonder in the upcoming months.

Captain’s Log: Important Tips and Information

(Photo: Adrian Rowda)

Families have their traditions when it comes to traveling, whether it be visiting a certain restaurant each trip or singing along to ‘Rocky Top’ every time we cross over the Tennessee state line (that will never get old, by the way). One of the unique traditions for families on board the Disney ships is to decorate their stateroom doors. I have noticed some very creative decorations while roaming the ships, but have never participated until now. My sweetheart and I will be setting sail on the Disney Dream in a few months and we’ve already made a run to the local Disney Outlets to search for things we could decorate our door with (we probably could’ve pre-planned for that as well if we had read the Outlet Report from Derek and Julia). Our theme will be Halloween as we’ll be on the Halloween cruise. But this could be a nice way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary and show off your creativity at the same time. It is recommended to use magnets as a means of attaching items to stateroom doors in order to prevent damage from adhesive materials.

Another family-friendly activity available on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy is the Midship Detective Agency. Fans of the interactive experiences like Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure or A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas in the Magic Kingdom will enjoy this game that takes place throughout the ship. Missions include Mickey and the gang or The Muppets depending on which you choose. This would be a great family activity during a sea day or while waiting around for a meal. If sports are more your style, Goofy’s Sports Deck on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy has a nine hole mini-golf course with obstacles that personify all things Goofy. (Pro Tip: Make this nine-hole course into an 18-hole course by playing the course twice. There are different starting places, suggested shot lines, and feet positions for Max and Goofy. Play through the first nine from the easier Max position and then ramp up the challenge on the second run through the course from the more challenging Goofy position.) Foosball and basketball are also available on the deck to enjoy during the day.

The “Goofy” shots and the “Max” shots provide very different experiences. (Photo by Julia Mascardo)

Doctor Strange
(Photo: Nikki Riblett)

One of the wonderful things about the Disney Cruise Line is that most entertainment offerings are able to be enjoyed by the entire family together. Whether its riding on the Aqua Duck or seeing Believe at the Walt Disney Theatre, experiencing them with your family creates memories to be shared for a lifetime. But sometimes families want to branch out to experience different things, and that is where our next tip comes in handy. While adults might want an afternoon at the pool or peaceful retreat to the Senses Spa, the kids will want to visit the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab for a day full of games, movies, and appearances from their favorite Disney characters. Recently all four ships have added characters from the Marvel Universe and Star Wars films to an all-star caliber roster featuring Mickey and the gang, plus princesses, Toy Story characters, and the fairies of Pixie Hollow. For itineraries with Marvel at Sea days, guests may meet Captain America, Thor, or Doctor Strange, to name a few. The Disney Cruise Line Twitter posted a reminder that Spider-Man will be swinging by select itineraries this fall! And have I mentioned that the Disney Dream has a Star Wars Millennium Falcon experience in their Oceaneer Club?!?! I know what you’re thinking. We all are saying to ourselves “I wish they had this when I was a kid!” Well you’re in luck adults, because while the ships are in port during the first day of the cruise, adults can explore the club too! Just make sure you leave Thor’s hammer behind when you go. Rikki Niblett has provided us with a video of Doctor Strange’s appearance from the Disney Fantasy.


La Piazza on the Disney Fantasy (Photo: Brand Glover)

Have you been thinking about taking a Disney Cruise but are having a tough time deciding which ship fits all of your desires? Well our own Laurel Stewart has put together a chart that makes it easy to compare all of the options in one place. Also available as a valuable planning and companion guide from authors Len Testa, Erin Foster, and Laurel Stewart is The Unofficial Guide to the Disney Cruise Line. The companion guide contains a complete overview of each Disney ship as well as Castaway Cay and includes valuable tips on how to save time and money during your cruise!

Wouldn’t the adult pool on the Disney Dream be a great place to spend this weekend? (Photo by Julia Mascardo)

That concludes this week’s preview of the Disney Cruise Line. Join us next Friday as we take a look at what happens in the world of Disney Cruise Line over the next week. In the meantime, check out the photos in the latest edition of The Saturday Six, because everyone just looks at it for the photos, right? Special thanks to Derek, my better half Adrian Rowda, Julia of Best Week Ever fame, Rikki Niblett and Scott Sanders of the DCL Blog for their assistance on this article. You can follow Scott on Twitter @TheDCLBlog for daily updates on the cruise line. Tune in to the Be Our Guest WDW Podcast to hear Rikki discuss topics covering all things Walt Disney World.

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