Online Check-In Now Available on the My Disney Experience App

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Online Check-inOne of my favorite things to do prior to a Walt Disney World vacation is to do online check-in.  Well, now Disney is allowing me to be able to participate in the online check-in process right from my smart phone!

Today, a new update was pushed out to the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices and it allows Guests to check-in for their resort stay up to 60 days in advance of their vacation.

The process will therefore expedite the Guest’s arrival and will provide them with additional convenience nd flexibility. Guests who complete the online check-in process will be able to bypass the front desk when they arrive at the hotel, because they will be texted their resort room number. Guests who know which room they are staying in as soon as they arrive to their hotel will complete their check-in by unlocking their room, when it is ready, simply by using the MagicBands that sent to them prior to their arrival.

Don’t worry, if you have special room requests, you can still make them here. (Though, shameless plug, may I suggest that instead you consider using our Automatic Room Request to make your room requests instead. ;)) Ed.- If you plan to use TouringPlans’ room request tool, do not make requests through MyDisneyExperience. MDE will override a request made through TouringPlans.


When completing online check-in, you can also add your credit card information and authorize charges, submit your estimated arrival time, and sign up to receive notifications that your room is ready.

If you’re curious to learn more about this update, make sure you watch this video!

Will you use the Online Check-In via the My Disney Experience app going forward?

Posted on July 27, 2017

12 Responses to “Online Check-In Now Available on the My Disney Experience App”

  • If we want to use the Automatic Room Request feature on this site, are these our steps to follow? 1) do online check in and don’t request any rooms 2) make sure the room requests are set up through the site and the request will happen for me.

  • If you use the Automatic Room Request, is there any advantage or disadvantage to using this on the app?

  • Seems like this could be helpful to maximize park time on a split stay, if you do luggage transfer hotel to hotel. Do you think it’d work to check-in online, head to the parks from hotel #1, then arrive to hotel #2 later in the day, without needing to do an extra trip to hotel #2 to check in?

  • So should we go ahead and use this online check-in now and then follow up with the room request feature on I understand this could trump the room request feature after the fact, but what about before. Im thinking of doing online check-in now (59 days out) and then submitting my room request through feature (5 days out). Is this the best way to do this?

  • Wait, I’ve been able to do this for awhile via the website. Is the new thing being able to do it on the app?