Minnie Van Ridesharing Service Now Available at Walt Disney World

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Minnie Van


One of the things that was announced at the D23 Expo is already in use at Walt Disney World! The Minnie Van ridesharing service has officially rolled out!

Wait…what is the Minnie Van Service anyway?  It is a brand new transportation option that will provide Guests with transportation throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, giving them a seamless way to get from point to point. The idea behind it is similar to common ridesharing apps, Uber and Lyft. Speaking of Lyft, it appears as though Disney has officially partnered with the company. Guests will be able to arrange their own private Disney vehicle right from the Lyft app on their smartphone.

The name, Minnie Van Service, comes from the theme of the vehicles (otherwise known as Chevy Traverses), that are patterned after the one-and-only Minnie Mouse.

The Minnie Van Service can accommodate up to six guests. There are even two car seats that will be available for anyone who has little ones in their family.  For those who need accessible vehicles, those will be available as well, however, those only fit four Guests.

Currently, this new transportation service is now available for Guests staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort and at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. Once fully rolled out, the system will be available across the Walt Disney World Resort. This does mean though that the service is not available for Guests who are looking to go off property, say to go on something like a grocery store run.

The Minnie Van Service will be available for Guests between 6:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. This makes it the perfect option for those who have early morning dining reservations! The cost of rides appear to be $20 each way, no matter how many Guests take a ride.

For those with questions, you will need to make a visit to Bell Services for more information.

Posted on August 1, 2017

17 Responses to “Minnie Van Ridesharing Service Now Available at Walt Disney World”

  • I’m curious if this service will be available to/from The Swan & Dolphin?

  • Oof. Twenty bucks each way is a lot more than a regular Lyft or Uber right might be for some–maybe even most?–on-property trips. I thought these would be metered, like a regular ride share ride. I wonder who the market is for this? I mean, I love my WDW experience to be as Disney-branded as possible, but if the Uber app on my phone is going to save me ten bucks, that’s what I would want to use first.

    • Other reports are that the difference is access. The Minnie Vans will have door to door access to the parks, resorts and bus lanes. They will pick up and drop off in the bus areas of the parks. That is certainly preferable than the Ticket and Transportation area if going to Magic Kingdom. After that, Who knows what other “quicker” access Minnie Vans would have over regular Uber or Lyft. So $10 bucks different, Ehh. I would have to see what other advantages it has.

  • Could these be take to Universal Studios? We will be staying onsite at Port Orleans but want to go to Universal 2 day’s?

  • Is Disney Springs considered on property for this service? Is tip expected as well? Trying to calculate cost vs taxi. So darn cute! TIA

    • Yes, they will take you to Disney Springs and can drop you off places Uber can’t. Officially there is no tipping allowed, though word is some cast members are accepting tips.

    • I heard tips are included in the $20, making it a bit more palatable of a price, especially for MK.

  • Just as I suspected this is highly overpriced, but then again it’s Disney branded so why am I surprised? I’ll stick to uber and lyft. I don’t care if they don’t offer door to door service, that $10 I save each way can buy me a cold drink and a delicious snack to relax with when I do arrive at my destination.

    • it isnt overpriced.
      The vehicle and its number of seats(and child seats) mean its equivalent to Uber XL which is a very similar price(some routes cheaper and some more).

      you may be able to get a different service that disney dont offer cheaper but for what you get price is very good.

  • In today’s market…unless they ban lyft and uber from resorts. That price is stupid. Make part of bundle of a hotel/park ticket/package as a bundle or add on…with a summoning app… Then it might be a thing.

  • What if you wanted it to pick you up at Magic Kingdom and take you to Animal Kingdom, instead of going to a hotel? Is that possible or is it just from hotel to park and then from park to hotel?

  • Any word yet on whether the vans can take you to the Bonnet Creek Hotels? I’m guessing “no” but hoping for “yes” for an upcoming dinner at La Luce.