Are you a fan of the Fantasmic! Dining Package at Walt Disney World? For many, the package can be a great deal, but head’s up, because in 2018, there will be a change that you will want to be aware of.

Guests who have the Fantasmic! Dining Package booked beginning January 1, 2018 will have the option when dining at Mama Melrose or The Hollywood Brown Derby of selecting one entrée, one dessert, and one non-alcoholic beverage in addition to VIP seating at the show as part of their dining package. This is a change from the 2017 version, where Guests also received an appetizer as part of the package.

With that change, there has been a decrease in the pricing. 2018 pricing will now be as follows:

Hollywood Brown Derby

Lunch/dinner: $62 adults (ages 10 and up) $22 children (ages 3-9). Price does not include tax and gratuity. (In 2017, pricing for lunch/dinner was $65 adults; $22 children. Price does not include tax and gratuity.)

Mama Melrose

Lunch/dinner: $42 adults (ages 10 and up) $18 children (ages 3-9). Price does not include tax and gratuity. (In 2017, pricing for lunch/dinner was $45 adults; $18 children. Price does not include tax and gratuity.)

It appears that Hollywood & Vine will not see a change in pricing, due to the fact that it is a buffet and does not have a specific appetizer option.

For those who are unaware, Fantasmic! is a nighttime spectacular that stars Mickey Mouse and uses lasers, water projections, fireworks, lighting effects, and music combined into an incredible show that pits good versus evil.


Will these new updates change your mind about using the Fantasmic! Dining Package?



  1. Just another way for Disney to rip us off a little at a time. Yes the price went down for people paying out of pocket,(Which Disney wants you to take notice of) but for all of us on the dinning plan, we still have to pay the same amount and now we are getting less. When will it stop.

  2. Where other companies are trying to offer more for the buck to their clients Disney is cutting down. And as I am not much of a dessert person the package become a lot less interesting. You should at least have the possibility to choose either starter or dessert. We had the Derby Brown package last time visiting, this will make us choose otherwise.

  3. So unless you get the steak or the tenderloin dish, your paying an extra $10 (approx) for the reserved fantasmic seating. Hardly worth it now.

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